10 Tidbits

I have just a few updates to share this quarter. Andrew Cavanagh was awarded his PhD in psychology by Fordham U in July. Andrew started a post-doctoral fellowship at Yale in September. Carolyn (McCarthy) and Matthew Logie welcomed their first son, Peter Matthew, on Nov. 24. Jennifer (Valencia) and Joshua Flores welcomed their first son, Knox Matthew, on Jan. 22. Congratulations to the happy parents and their future Domers. Remember to send your updates. Go Irish. — Matt Molloy; ndclass2010@gmail.com

10MBA Trifecta to Triplets

Kicking off this update is a trifecta of goodness. Brian Milligan and his wife, Jen, are expecting their second son in early May. Secondly, Brian earned the CFA charter which is perfect timing so he can trade weekends studying for some sleepless nights. Wrapping up the trifecta, Brian was promoted to portfolio manager of the Ave Maria Growth Fund, which targets clients interested in financially sound investments in companies that do not violate religious principles of the Catholic Church. Brian, Jen and son Brady live in Plymouth MI. For Greg Setser, 2015 was an eventful year. In July, Greg left Accenture to join Coupa Software as a senior manager. Coupa is a cloud-based spend management software company that has been one of North America’s fastest-growing technology companies. This is exciting news, although even more exciting is that on Dec. 19, Greg and Cassy traded in their silent nights to become parents to their first bundle of joy, Liliana Rose. I bet Greg is getting less sleep due to the little one and the new gig, but the family looks great in the photo he shared. Ted Kwartler recently accepted a job as assistant vice president of innovation at Liberty Mutual. He will be advising their venture capital fund and leading the organization’s expertise for next generation vehicles to understand the technology and encourage partnerships with startups. He is also under contract to write a book with a technical publisher concerning text mining. It is due out in late summer. Ted is hoping to see all of our class members at a game next year; that will give us time to check out his book in the meantime. I close with our first ever triplet news that I’m aware of. Betsy ’10, ’11MSA and Garrett Busch ’09, ’10MBA welcomed triplets on Jan. 12: sons Jameson Joseph Busch and Remington Stephan Busch and daughter Reagan Elizabeth Busch. All are healthy and happy. Just when I thought the growing family would have no time, they also helped launch the Notre Dame Wine Academy with Trinitas Cellars and created the first official Notre Dame wine under their Trinitas label. Garrett said it has been a fun adventure and an exciting project. He is looking forward to growing and expanding the program in the future. Patricia and I ordered a bottle of the 2014 Notre Dame Mysteriama and cannot wait to open it up. Thanks for continuing to share your great news. Cheers to a great 2016. Go Irish. — John Gerberich; cell 847-331-4707; jgerberi@alumni.nd.edu

10JD Babies Aplenty

This quarter, we are happy to feature several B.O.U.S.es (Babies of Unusual Size). Take a break from trying to memorize Hamilton and congratulate your classmates on their offspring. All children are presented below in ascending order of birth weight. It was a happy Thanksgiving for Bernie Nguyen and Tom Florip, who welcomed baby Mary Ann Nguyen Florip the day before. The baby weighed in at 6 pounds, 8 ounces and, according to Bernie, often lies around like a meatloaf. Congratulations to the Jennifer and Ashon McKenzie family on the birth of baby Jaxon James on Jan. 18. Weighing in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces, baby Jaxon has nearly limitless nickname possibilities, with “JJ McK” being my favorite. Making the Maria and Michael Korson family a party of five is little Helena Regina (Queen Helen, for those who don’t loquimur Latin). She weighed 9 pounds, 5 ounces at birth. Baby Queen Helen joins big brother Michael and big sister Bonnie who have, in Papa Michael’s words, “taken turns holding and poking her in the face in an attempt to get her to be more interesting.” Siblings are so fun. As Selma Bouvier’s put it, “the older they get, the cuter they ain’t.” Congratulations to Margaret (Azhar) and Dennis Czuchaj on the birth of baby Colin Alexander. He was 10 pounds, 1 ounce at birth. Impressive work, Czuchaj family. Big sister Nora likes him a lot, though Margaret speculates that it’s because he sleeps so much and does not yet play with her toys. These births make me very excited to attend our 10-Year Reunion, where hopefully these kids will be screaming like banshees during the dean’s address. — Susie Wine ’03, ’10JD; 102 E. 69th Terrace, Kansas City MO 64113; 574-514-3746

11 Updates and More

Love is all around, but sorry boys, Francie Love is off the market. This OKC beauty and her fiancé, Joey Koop, are ready to shake down the thunder at their wedding this summer. You can just see the surge of love between these two, who are all set for a windfall of great times ahead. Mary Kelly is recently betrothed to William Kelly ’08, her boyfriend of nearly five years. The Kelly-Kellys plan to make their union legal next year in Chicago. No word yet on whether Uncle Brian Kelly will be in attendance. However, fantastic engagement photos from these semi-pro Irish models have been confirmed. Tara McAndrews and Andrew Kelly: Long Beach meets Long Island; David Bowie meets David Bowie. From Paris nights to tailgate days, these two are meant to be together. Raise a glass (or tailgate safe plastic cup) because these two sandy island lovers are getting married beachside this summer. William (Billy) Teschke and Rose Sheen became engaged on Nov. 1, 2014, and will be married Memorial Day weekend. Kyle Maierhofer and Carrie Altick ’12SMC became engaged on Oct. 3 after their final training run for the Chicago marathon. The couple finished the Chicago marathon on Oct. 11; it was their first marathon. Ryan Belock and Michelle Letourneau ’12, ’15JD were engaged on March 21, 2015 in Chicago and will be married in Michelle’s hometown of Topeka. They are alumni of the Band of the Fighting Irish Drumline. Patrick and Jessica Brown welcomed Theodore Francis Brown on Aug. 4. “Teddy” made his national TV debut when he was shown on CNN sleeping during Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia. Ellen and Paul Duncan ’09 welcomed their daughter, Dillon Marie, on Aug. 18. Little Dillon has already met some of her Notre Dame family; she went to her first ND game at Temple in Philadelphia. Everyone is doing well in Atlanta. Ellen is the director of marketing technology at Coca-Cola. Melissa and Nathaniel Bloodworth welcomed their first child, Penelope Tresna Bloodworth, on July 19 in Nashville. Maureen Goetz is excited to announce the birth of her son, John Lawrence Goetz. She also received her MA and became a board certified behavior analyst this year. Hannah Ha and Neal Jordan (a Rutgers graduate) were expecting a baby girl on Mardi Gras day. She’s to be named Kateri after the patron saint of Welsh Fam’s dorm chapel. Zachary Townsend will graduate from the Ohio U Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine in May and plans to pursue residency in family medicine. Stephanie DePrez became head of the drama program at Xavier College Prep in Palm Desert CA last year and was awarded the Rotary Club of Palm Desert Spirit of Rotary in Education Award in April 2015. She was also nominated for Outstanding Musical Director – Youth Theatre by the Desert Theatre League for Xavier’s production of Godspell. Inspired by her students, Stephanie put her teaching career on hold and moved to Los Angeles in July to pursue a performance career of her own. She’s the music director at St. Timothy’s in West LA and a Universal Studios tour guide. Kathleen Stanley moved to LaGrange IL and is working for Ingredion.Justin Schneider is the founder of Wolf & Shepherd, a luxury performance dress shoe company that sold $60,000 worth of dress shoes in the first three weeks of their beta launch, won a business plan competition at Notre Dame and has started partnerships with executive stylists and NFL athletes. We’d like to applaud Justin’s success. Abbey Moon ’11, in a startling twist of fate, and despite her legendary feline affinity, adopted a dog. However, said canine’s name, Nora, is a reassuringly less unexpected homage to everyone’s favorite soft rock goddess. Abbey’s doggy-daddy and fellow medical practitioner, Drew Schoenling, has announced his intentions to make an honest woman out of her. Drew popped the question last summer. Our five-year class reunion will take place June 2-5. We hope to see you all there. Please submit updates. — Evan James; ndclass2011@gmail.com

11MBA Baptism at ND

James Brennan had his daughter baptized at Notre Dame in January. Several classmates attended. David Knudsen spoke his mind. Rick Aznar-Beane continues to actively apologize to his girlfriend. Nate Burns slept through brunch. Chris Wiesehan lambasted James’ investing strategies. Landon Spitalnik forgot to comb his hair. Paul Ragos, on the other hand, did something fierce with his hair. Patrick Corr was served the same amount as he always has been served at Bleachers. Karén Mkrtchyan finally taught us how to pronounce his name correctly. Finally, I sang a very fun song at karaoke. On a different note, Pedro Freyre found out that his wife was a model in a past life. It turns out that her military picture is being used in advertising for 3M. Quick hits: Cindy Chiow is still kicking butt and trying to figure out what’s for dinner in Asia. She is also wondering why none of you have visited her yet despite the fact that James Brennan visited last year. Tim Frahme did not win Powerball. He instead went to work the next day.* Chad Elkins* told everyone that, “We should hang out soon.” Israel Peck founded a meat shipment company, IPO’d, bought an island in the Maldives, then woke up and went to work. — Chris Orenchuk; chris.orenchuk@gmail.com

11JD More Fun for 2016

Samantha Winter and Greg McAlpin ’07 got engaged on Jan. 17. The proposal, which recreated the bar crawl of their first date, was well planned, well executed and completely adorable. The couple met through the Notre Dame Alumni Club of San Diego. They should be featured on this magazine cover. Brian Osterman married Jessica Bresnan on March 5, 2016. Carrying on the matrimonial news, Andrew Wheeler got engaged to Shannon White. Likewise the coolest cat across the pond,Shari Taylor got affianced (a fancy British word for engaged) to James Malloy. Jean Bak married Mike Cho in January, with several NDLS representatives in attendance, including Jenn Kwon, Jina Jang, Lakwame Anyane-Yeboa, Annie (Huang) Knuth and Nyeri (Ahmed) Adesokan. Meanwhile in the law, Tom Dudash was nominated for the Lon O. Hocker Award for top young trial advocates in Missouri. Lastly, Erin Rogozinski ’08, ’11JD, Annie Weir, Samantha Winter (she was busy), Kaitlin Dinapoli and this secretary reunited in Charleston in January. While there was general confusion on whether they were in Charlotte or Savannah, once that was determined, the weekend was filled with laughter, hugs and reminiscing about our youth and all the wise decisions we made back then. Send me updates or random tidbits. — Lauren Sharkey; lksharkey@gmail.com

12 Wedding, Birth, and Professional Updates

Maureen Vigland and Jon Miller tied the knot Sept. 19 with Father Foster, CSC, presiding over the ceremony at the Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii in Chicago. The bridal party included Kaitlyn Uhl (maid of honor), Joel Graczyk (best man), Erik Helgesen and Tim O’Brien ’13. A large contingent of Domers could be found on the dance floor, including: Dr. J. Vince Redington ’53, Dr. Jim Redington III ’82, Pat Redington ’81JD, Randy Mariani ’81JD, Dick Ebersol, Charlie Ebersol ’05, Brian Kremzier, Jim Hrdlicka ’10, Courtney McVey ’11, Drew Parysz ’14MBA, Laura Godlewski ’09, Wyatt Verplaetse, Mike Carter ’11, Bobby Niehaus, Dana DeVlieger, Michael Schwind, Hannah Miller, Nick Imgrund ’13MBA, Andy Thomas ’11 and Marissa Henry ’11. Stephanie M. Ruas and Lee M. Haggenjos were married on July 4 in St. Paul MN. In other news, on Sept. 3, 2013, Lee Hagenjos was featured on the NBC Nightly News in an interview with Maria Shriver. As a medical student at Northwestern U Feinberg School of Medicine, Lee was part of the buddy program that helps medical students learn about the effects of Alzheimer’s disease from mentors coping with the disease. Mary (Buechler) and Daniel McGiffin welcomed their third son on Nov. 17. Matthew Augustine joined his brothers Brendan, 3, and David, 1. We hope everyone else in the Class of 2012 starts to send in more updates. Using birth announcements alone, we’ve provided about half of the 2012 updates over the last four years. And we’re starting to look like narcissists. Help us out here. — Tyler Harmsen; Ricardo Lyon 361, Santiago de Chile; tharmsen@alumni.nd.edu

12MBA Springtime Is Upon Us

By the time you read this, spring will be right around the corner. Flowers are blossoming, birds are chirping and our class continues to have babies and get married. Congratulations to Karla and Antonio Espinosa on the birth of their second child, Rodrigo. Congratulations also to Pat Ryan on his engagement, and Ben Edger on his engagement, as well. To all of you classmates who may not be engaged or having children yet, you deserve a shout out too, so congratulations to you on all of the endeavors in your life. In unrelated news, the infamous Chris Villani will be taking over these Class Notes from me for a while, so get ready for them to become a lot funnier come summertime. Go Irish, beat winter. — Jenna Palumbo; irishmba2012@gmail.com

12JD All the News That’s Fit to Forward

Hello, classmates. To start, several of our classmates got engaged or married or got cool new jobs, but without an explicit thumbs-up, I don’t wanna name names. But here are some names I can and will name: Andrew Doyle is in year three of his job as a deputy public defender in Bend OR. In addition to trying nearly a dozen DUII cases to a jury, Andrew is perhaps most proud that he was able to get his golf handicap down to a 5 this year; clearly he’s spending too much time on the links (again). Carter Mills Isham wed Rob Isham ’14JD on Jan. 16 in Chicago. The wedding was attended by a bunch of NDLS folk, but in my wintry near-hibernative state, I failed to ask for a list, which Carter generously offered to provide if I needed it. Let’s just assume everyone cool was there, including Charles Dance ’11JD. The couple is happily honeymooning in Bhutan and Thailand as of press time. Wendy Tran recently got engaged to Anthony Novotne. Anthony comes from a long line of Notre Dame fans and has been cheering on the Irish much longer than Wendy has. Wendy assures me that, most importantly, Sana Din is a fan. For her part, Sana says that while she’s totally on board, Mango is still on the fence. For my part, I say that Anthony seems like a cool dude, and Mango is being a real birdbrain. (Get it?) I have been busying myself by watching British TV on Netflix, missing Class Notes column deadlines and writing the “Our Story” and “Our Engagement” sections of my wedding website. The most important thing I’ve learned from the experience is that I have the most patient fiancée in the world. And finally, Alvin Adjei has been oddly quiet the past few months. Back in early November he told me that had “some things to look into,” and was about to begin rereading the Harry Potter series. He said he would keep going until he “unravels the whole thing” and “shows everyone the real truth.” He hasn’t come back up for air yet, but I look forward to hearing his wild theories and reading his original fan fiction. That’s all. Go ahead and keep sending news and updates my way. — James Champlin; james.c.champlin@gmail.com

13 Rings, Baby Slings, Professional Things

Hello fellow thirteen-agers, thanks for choosing to read at least the first sentence of another update. I’d like to thank everyone who sent in updates. I get a few more every issue; it really fills my heart with joy and my ego with hot gas. We’ll start off like one of my favorite childhood rhymes: first comes love. I’m happy to announce that Kevin Kelly and Greta Hurlbut got engaged in September. Brian Mitchell, my falls-off-the-balance-beam grade school classmate, got engaged to Katie Corg in December. Here’s hoping he can balance the married life better than the playground life. Finally, Kevin “Fabio” Soriano somehow convinced Julianne Crimmins to marry him. I guess sometimes a blind squirrel can find love. Next comes marriage: Mairin Talerico reached out to let me know that she got married to Joseph Querciagrossa on Nov. 6 in Saint Louis. Here’s to hoping their love and happiness can fill the void that the Rams left behind. Ben Foster married Kathleen Arens ’13 SMC at the Basilica on Oct. 24, which was fortunately a bye week. Another couple who thought ahead was Paul Babiak and his high school sweetheart, Colleen ’13UVA, who also married Oct. 24. He told me she planned the wedding on a bye week so the groomsmen wouldn’t be on their phones during the ceremony. I’m thinking that in the end, though, she’s just glad they didn’t schedule during the ND-UVA game. Then comes a baby in a baby carriage, as Kathy Streiff welcomed her first child, James Michael Streiff, on Nov. 19. I also received some professional updates about our classmates. According to Matt Cavanaugh ’74, Erin Cavanaugh has been working at Abercrombie & Fitch in Columbus OH and was spotted at the Navy game with a bedazzled ND wrestling championship belt. I look forward to seeing those on shelves soon. Dominic Lucero recently found his way to South Sudan to work with the Carter Institution to eradicate the guinea worm. Much to his surprise, however, it is not related to the guinea pig, and he can’t “bring one home as a pet.” Danny Mullhall was recently assigned to transplant medicine in Omaha and says he’s never felt better in his life. He also gets a bunch of empty coolers as an office perk. Finally, Claire George wanted me to include that she’s begun making her own pastas, and plans on eventually selling them at local farmer’s markets. Her specialty is angel claire pasta in a basil pesto sauce. Thanks again for all the updates; please make sure to keep sending more. Cheers. — Chris Champlin; The Cannery Apartments, Dayton OH 45402; nd2013updates@gmail.com

13MBA Keep On Keeping On

Charly and Matt Goodson moved from Omaha to Wichita in February after Matt accepted a new position at Cargill as innovation lead, turkey and cooked meats. Matt said if you’ve been holding off on that trip to Wichita until you knew someone there, be sure to let them know when you head their way. Michelle and Joe Alvarado were married at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on campus in May 2015. They live in Chicago and are expecting their first child in June. Bailey and Zack Olsen welcomed their second child, Brody Michael, in November. Brody joins sister Rylie. Zack works for Chrysler in Auburn Hills MI, and the family lives nearby. Also welcoming a second child were Carolyn and Brian Esplin. Adeline Claire was born in January. The family, which includes big sister Emmy, lives in St. Joseph MI, where Brian works for Whirlpool. The next deadline for notes is April 30. I am not good about remembering what I saw on Facebook and when, so you’re better off telling me what’s going on in your life than hoping I’ll include it. Email or text me updates. — Nick Imgrund; 314-775-7364; daimgrund@yahoo.com

13JD Lupine Legal Theory

Have you ever read the Class Notes at the front of this section? It’s amazing. Kudos to centenarian John Norton ’36, who is still holding down his post as class secretary. I miss my classmates, but I don’t know if I miss everyone enough to be writing notes 70 years from now. Anyway, Mr. Norton inspired me to reach out to some people I haven’t heard from in a while. These rare Pokemon, along with the usual suspects, have combined to make this our largest column yet. Take that, Champlin. Jack Miller will wed Ann Kubricky, his college sweetheart, in May. The couple also locked down the domain jackandann.com for their nuptials, like true Palo Altonians. Jack recently escaped the pressures of big law and joined Palantir Technologies, “a company that is so straight from the HBO show Silicon Valley that their lawyers are called ‘Ninjas.’” Congratulations, Jack and Ann. May you ride your meeting bike into the sunset while enjoying your paleo wedding cake. Jessica Corona works for Kids In Need of Defense in Los Angeles, where she helps unaccompanied minors secure counsel for asylum hearings. Monica Willian recently started a position with the San Diego City Attorney’s office. When prompted for more information, Monica stated that she has “had chicken wings 10 days out of the 32 days of 2016.” It’s no Florczak v. Landino at the Mishawaka Red Lobster, but congrats to Monica on her accomplishments, both legal and gastronomical. Megan Olmstead braved several days as a “blizzard snowpocalypse castaway” in Washington DC, where she works for the House Natural Resources Committee. Never say Notre Dame doesn’t prepare you for the real world. Meg enjoys her work because “it’s the committee that deals with wolves.” Anyone who read Meg’s untitled-but-epic directed reading with Professor Nagle on lupine issues knows how perfectly cast Meg is for the role. Michelle Stinnett and her husband, Isaac, welcomed their first child, Lillian Victoria Stinnett, in March of 2015. The Stinnett clan lives in Fayetteville NC, where Michelle practices with the Hutchens Law Firm, focusing on creditor’s rights, litigation and real estate. Emily Nickles recently informed me that I’ve had Michelle’s last name spelled wrong in my phone for years. Samantha Stauffer lives in Phoenix, where she works as a financial intelligence analyst for American Express in their anti-money-laundering department. Pay no attention to all my charges for KazooWorld.biz, Sam, they’re totally legit. Breanna Houghton reports that she and Dax Contreras got engaged “on winter solstice,” which Google reveals to have been Dec. 22. I assume the various solstices and equinoxes are much bigger deals in Santa Fe, where Breanna is an associate at Bardacke Allison, LLP. Speaking of the most recent Mexico, Liz Farrington accepted an associate attorney position with Paul Kennedy Associates in Albuquerque. Joe Wyss and his wife, Nancy, welcomed their second son, Thomas James Wyss, on Nov. 28. Joe is staying busy at Sidley Austin in Chicago but enjoyed some time off to stay home with his family. Joe also conspicuously failed to invite me to participate in his annual summer kickball league after I neglected to appear in a single game in 2014. Joe is a tough but fair kickball master. Joanne Nachio is serving as a teaching fellow at the U of Miami School of Law, where she teaches sports law. John Gerardi and his wife, beloved Kresge Law Librarian Emeritus Holly Gerardi, welcomed their daughter Madeleine Christine Gerardi on Feb. 15, 2015. “Her interests are reading Sandra Boynton books, pointing at ceiling fans and stubbornly refusing to walk even though we’re pretty sure she knows how,” John writes. John and Holly recently relocated from Massachusetts to Clovis CA, where John is communications director and legal analyst for the California Family Council and the California Family Alliance, which focuses on education and advocacy “in defense of the right to life, the traditional family and religious liberty, particularly at the state level.” John is also well pleased at being able to enjoy good Mexican food. The Land of Dunkin offers many pleasures, none of which involve a decent burrito. I reached out to Anthony Rooney for an update, and he reports that things “could be better, could be worse.” Send me news and notes. — Alex Blair; ¬ apblair@gmail.com

14 Class Secretary — Michael Nichols;


14MBA Snowball in New York

December didn’t bring much snow but it did bring Snowball, a holiday party and toy drive to celebrate friendship and our ND tradition of giving and sharing. Krick Cahill hosted about 25 alumni from the #bestclassever at this intimate Battery Park gathering, including at least seven classmates who traveled from North Carolina, Ohio and Chicago. The mood was warm, and many people remarked how being together felt so natural, as if no time had passed. But what else is new for the class of 2014? Some friendships never fade. Other than the gratuitous bonding, the highlight of Snowball was our Toys for Tots toy drive, in which we collected about four giant bags of toys around Krick’s tiny, 2-foot Christmas tree. Thanks to those who donated, and special shout out to Christina and Ben Miller, who went out of their way to mail a donation. You guys make us all proud. Speaking of proud, we couldn’t be prouder to learn that one of our own has infiltrated the ranks of Mendoza leadership. Jim Cunningham ’13MBA has accepted a new position as assistant director of corporate recruiting, where he’ll be responsible for developing new relationships with companies interested in recruiting from the MBA, MSA and MSM programs. Congratulations Jim, we know you’ll bring your signature work ethic and unwavering passion for Our Lady’s University and make a meaningful impact on the graduate business programs. And, as one beloved friend joins the Mendoza staff, another has made her exit. Our beloved Terry Borich retired from her role as senior staff assistant for graduate business programs on Feb. 5, leaving behind a legacy of kindness and many fond memories. Thanks to all who contributed to our collection, the MBA Class of 2014 congratulated Terry on her final day with a lovely bouquet of flowers to thank her for all she has meant to us. On Dec. 19, Steve Danford married longtime girlfriend and attorney Emily Myers at St. John the Evangelist Church in Cleveland. The couple had a blast, thanks in part to what Steve described as awesome MBA attendance. Word is, they had so much fun that folks heard about it all the way in New York City. The Danford wedding announcement was featured in the New York Times. Meanwhile, halfway around the world, Nikhil Singh was wed near Mumbai, India to the beautiful Dr. Chandani Joshi of Melton Mobray, England. The couple was joined by nearly a dozen Notre Dame friends, who donned traditional Indian garb and learned the true meaning of hospitality as guests of the Singh family for the nonstop, three-day celebration that began on Dec. 27. Congratulations to the new Danford and Singh families. We can’t subsist on Facebook pictures and magazine updates forever, so don’t forget to mark your calendars for the reunion tailgate at the first home game of the 2016 season. We expect to see your smiling faces on the weekend of Sept. 10 and will have lots of fun activities planned. Meanwhile, as great things happen in your lives, please remember to send your updates to us so we can share your joy with your ND family. We wish you many blessings for a beautiful 2016. And of course, go Irish. — Jessica Bonanno; 407-808-7148; jbonanno@alumni.nd.edu; Krick Cahill; 518-598-4222; kcahill1@alumni.nd.edu

14JD Congratulations

Real talk: I have great gifs and memes for this update but all I get is text. I’m considering taking it back to the 1990s and posting pics, chatroom style. Stay tuned. As for updates, congratulations to Rob and Carter Isham (formerly, Carter Mills) on their marriage. They threw a great party and then posted pics from their honeymoon that made us all hate our winter. Well done guys but, seriously, congratulations. Special congratulations to Kristen and Nathan Catanese on the birth of their son, Theodore Nathan Catanese, on Nov. 7. This little guy is lucky to have such fantastic parents. I can’t wait to see him grow. Beyond this, the Blairs bought a fixer-upper, turning their Facebook into something more like an HGTV special. Libby is basically the star of South Bend Civic Theatre’s production of Music Man. Finally, Nick Ryan got a new job with Dellenbusch and is moving to Grand Rapids. Congrats, Nick. — Rachel Hanley; rachelrhanley@gmail.com

15 Stay Connected

We’ve done it. We’ve graduated from school and have entered the real world. But those tearful goodbyes in May do not have to be our final memories of classmates. Here, in the Notre Dame Magazine, we have the opportunity to reconnect with the Class of 2015. As your class secretary, I will be compiling our updates in this beautiful little column, like a less composed Carrie Bradshaw. Let’s get started, shall we? Fiona Wilkie and Natalie Wozniak have been employed by 84.51º in Cincinnati. Fiona is responsible for utilizing data to consult brands and drive business growth. Natalie is an associate research analyst. Chris Giesting, Jade Barber and Patrick Feeney ’14 will be running in the 2016 Olympics and are training hard. They require donations to help them achieve their dreams and the dreams of our nation. If you are interested in donating to their pursuit of the gold, you can do so on their GoFundMe page: gofundme.com/goirish. Lisa Raaf has committed to Marquette U, and Alyssa Kane has committed to Cornell U, both are pursuing careers as PAs. Colleen Furey, Steph Winsch, Claire Shadid and Caroline Chang are living together in Chicago. Their apartment is much cleaner than their quad in PW. Your senior class council, Martin Walsh, Briggs Hoyt, Devin Nagendran and I, had a board meeting/reunion at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. They send their best. Love has been in the post-grad air for several alumni. Ann Bodien is studying to get her doctorate in physical therapy at Wayne State U. She is engaged to John Brahier ’14. Claire Bedalov and Connor Brutocao are also engaged. Marie Cole and Xander Hathaway will be getting married in the Basilica this July. Meg Townsend-Washenberger and Dane Washenberger were married in beautiful Sioux Falls. Marybeth and Ryan McDonough have also tied the knot. Have you stopped listening to music because nothing can ever top the Finni’s set list? Well Ellie Reynolds and I have begun compiling an amazing Spotify playlist, “Cool Underground Pop,” that we could not recommend more strongly. So this is the end. Please send me any and every update from your lives so that we can continue to pretend that we never graduated. — Robert Reed; 1559 Elm Ave., Northbrook IL 60062; cell 847-691-0666; rreed1@alumni.nd.edu

15JD Snow Day

Kyle Chen braved the recent blizzard in Washington DC by staying home from work. He says it was “cancelled.” Kyle is an associate with Sughrue Mion PLLC focusing on IP work. Aside from watching his Purdue Boilermakers basketball team, Kyle has been up to quite a bit. Recently he was photographed next to a champagne glass pyramid, on multiple roller coasters at Disneyland, holding a giant Hershey bar, outside the White House in a beach hat and in front of several varieties of dessert. Speaking of dessert, I am not sure what Matt Barloh had at his wedding reception in November since I wasn’t invited. It looked like a beautiful ceremony at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Matt and his new wife, Jessica, were able to get photos at the Grotto and on the football field. (That was Matt’s idea, I am sure). The couple resides in Indianapolis after a brief jaunt to San Francisco post-wedding. Allison Burke is representing Notre Dame Law School proudly in the great state of Washington. She is an associate with Lukins & Annis, P.S. and focuses on corporate and real estate matters. Here are some interesting facts about Spokane you didn’t know: It is the smallest city to ever host a World’s Fair, and it has the second largest urban waterfall in the US. She made it back to ND this year for a game and a law school formal. She also continues to run so as to make all non-runners feel terrible. Julie Kadish works as an associate with Dykama Gossett PLLC in Chicago. She is a litigator focusing on electronic security, so be careful when you exchange email addresses. Julie was excited to see the recent profile of everyone’s favorite bartender “Murf” in Notre Dame Magazine recently and suggests that everyone look it up and read it if you haven’t. For those that don’t know, Sienna White with Jones Day in Cleveland was recently awarded two very prestigious prizes. She took first place in the 2015 Tannenwald Writing Competition and first prize in the 2015 International Fiscal Association USA Writing Competition. Look them up for more information, but congrats to Sienna. I am always looking for updates on weddings, kids and other big news, so reach out or you may suffer the consequences of random inclusion. — Matt Wine; mwine@alumni.nd.edu