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45 Blessed

“I wake up in a new world every morning … and feel so blessed.” This simple statement seems to be shared by the gentlemen from ’45. I spoke with Jim Griffin in January. Jim and Jane have decided to give up their NYC apartment. They held onto it through the years because of all the memories: kids, friends, social activities, work, the Friday night commute to Lyme CT for the weekend, and more. The two often have humorous discussions about the memories that come into play: “Did we take the train, or did we drive?” “Remember when…?” They lovingly decided that NYC is for a younger couple’s energy. Jim Griffin and Robert (Bob) Thomas, whom I also spoke with, wondered about William (Bill) Glass, Jack Hasten, Dennis (Denny) Scully and John Knorr. If possible, they would love to chat. Bill Glass was Jim Griffin’s roommate, and all were in the Navy program together. Capt. Bob Thomas is still in Monterey CA and comments that aging is not for the meek and mild, but he does have a snazzy electric wheelchair. After getting most of his health issues under control, his chief concern now is neuropathy. He participates in many activities in his home, a seven-story building for 250 residents and 30-40 cottages. His two daughters visit frequently. As we write this, he plans to celebrate his 97th birthday on March 31. William (Bill) Wrape returned my call. He is a fun and funny gentleman to talk with. Bill loves and appreciates every aspect of his beautiful life. He misses his “little mama” every day. Even after 62 years of a wonderful marriage, he wanted more. As he explained, “we are pigs about things,” always wanting more and for them to last longer. But, Bill is ready to join his wife, mother, and Navy buddies whenever. Bill told me about his brothers. Aloysius (Al) Wrape was a year older, but Bill was just as tall, so when Bill entered grade school, the nuns put him in the same grade as Al. And so it was throughout their education. They were together until after ND when the military sent Al to an amphibious assault ship and placed Bill on a different battleship. At the end of the war, they reunited in Okinawa Bay and spent the night together on one of those ships. Al passed away at 90. Theirs is a family blessed with longevity. A younger brother, Jarrell (Jerry) Wrape ’50, graduated in time for the Korean War. By using connections, Bill was able to have Jerry join him for over two years on both the USS New Jersey and USS Iowa. Bill said their father, who was in trenches in WWI, coached the boys to look at life and choose the good decision, not the bad. Bill feels his experiences have been a blessing and have shaped his life. He always gives thanks to his “little girl on the dome” for guiding him. — Melissa Erkins Rackish ’77; 1224 Campbell St., Williamsport PA 17701; 570-971-2296; mrackish@comcast.net


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47 Sons of Notre Dame

As you read this short note, I hope that all the ’47 readers and their family and friends are enjoying a warm(er) spring. In my household it means we are one season closer to football season. My only news of note is that I am saddened to report the recent passing of Paul L. Roise on Sept 10. May Paul rest in peace. God bless you all. Go Irish. — Eileen Z. Surprenant ’09, ’15; emzander@gmail.com 


48 Farewell to a Loyal Son 

I received some very sad news right before Thanksgiving from Mike Brauwiler ’74 that his father, Jean R. Brauweiler, passed away on Nov. 18 at his home in Arlington Heights IL. Born in Chicago, Jean served in the Navy during WWII as “Skipper” of LCT 996 stationed off Saipan in the South Pacific. Jean graduated from ND in mechanical engineering and received his MBA from the U of Chicago. He was a lifetime devotee of the Irish. Jean had a long career in operations research for several companies: 10 years at Standard Oil in Indiana, 10 years at Kraft Foods in Glenview IL, and 10 years at Northwest Industries in Chicago. After retirement, he volunteered as a small business mentor for International Executive Service Corps and went (along with his wife, Joan) to Zimbabwe for four months. He also volunteered at the A.H. Senior Center as the woodworking shop supervisor, at PADS, at St. James Church, and at Escorted Transportation Service in Arlington Heights. Jean was a master woodworker and produced many handmade creations, including cradles for his grandchildren, bookcases, dressers, and wooden toys. I had the opportunity to chat with Jean on the phone last year during the height of (another) COVID winter surge. It was such a pleasure to hear Jean’s ND memories as well as his resilience and positive attitude in the face of the limitations imposed by COVID. I could see that he exemplified the virtues extolled in his obituary: he was a good husband and father who was “present, engaged, exemplary, affectionate, fair, playful, respectful, authoritative, patient, supportive, decent and sober” and always put Joan first. May Jean rest in peace, now reunited with Joan. I hope the ’48 readers and their family and friends are enjoying a beautiful spring, wherever this message finds you. God bless you all. Go Irish. — Eileen Z. Surprenant ’09, ’15; emzander@gmail.com 


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