10 Happy News

We have a short but happy update this quarter for the class of 2010. Kylynn Fontaine and Pat Bruen welcomed their first child, Julia Ann Bruen, on April 2. They are slowly working their way through their collection of ND onesies. Congratulations to the happy family! Let your classmates know what you’re up to—weddings, children, new jobs, moves. Send your updates to NDClass2010@gmail.com. Wishing you all a happy holiday season and healthy new year. — Matt Molloy; ndclass2010@gmail.com


10MBA Thank You for Being You

Balki Rangan and his wife, Devikaa, welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Niyantaa, into their lives this September. Balki continues his 12-plus years at RBS, currently as the director of financial control and reporting. After more than 10 years working in clean energy, Andy Mitchell has made a career shift to academia and started as the assistant vice chancellor and director of sustainability at U of Illinois Chicago. He has been calling on his ND experience with Net Impact, finance, and organizational behavior. Go Flames! Please keep the news coming. If you do not receive my quarterly requests—please email me to let me know. Go Irish. — John Gerberich; cell 847-331-4707; jgerberi@alumni.nd.edu


10JD Class SecretaryJennifer (Hernandez) Laffitte; 10310 Southwest 128th Ave., Miami FL 33186; res 305-322-7154; bus 786-762-3815; jherna11@alumni.nd.edu


11 Casually Sliding into 2023

Phew! Not sure about you, but I am still recovering from a fabulous reunion weekend. Thank you again to those who helped make it a success, especially Emily Murphy, Caitlin Burke, Jackie Thomas, Tiz Shadley, Erica (Severson) Cook, Josh Flynt, Vinnie Macri, and all the humans who helped grill, grabbed extra beer, and supported in so many ways! Thank you! On to the updates: Katherine (Gruenberg) and Don Lemire welcomed their first child, Milo Peter Lemire, on June 12. Krissy and Ricky Gonzalez were excited to welcome Emilia “Emmy” Susanne Gonzalez on June 26. Emmy has been an absolute blessing, and mom and dad have had a ton of fun spending time with her during their respective parental leaves from Microsoft and Starbucks. Emmy was baptized in November at St. James Cathedral in Seattle with godfather John Engel-Kemnetz ’13. While the Gonzalezes miss friends, family, and proximity to South Bend from Chicago, they are enjoying what the Pacific NW has had to offer, and are excited for this next chapter as a family of four. Kaitlin and John Lalor had a baby boy, John Ryan Lalor, on Sept. 12. His three older sisters are very excited to have a baby brother. Amy Bilek married Kevin Buchheit with many Domers in attendance! The wedding party included Laura (Schramm) Alcide, Erin (Doyle) Lastowka, Elise (Gerspach) Burton, Morgan (Vieth) Marsh, Kelly (Taylor) Suhajda ’13, Kelsey Taylor ’13, Chris Smith, Mark Pomerenke, and Ted Heilbron. The Papal Foundation announced Ian Rangel as vice president of steward development. In his new role he will work to invite Catholic philanthropists across the country to become Stewards of St. Peter, a select group committed to supporting projects and initiatives prioritized by the Holy Father around the world, including the building of churches, schools, and hospitals, as well as comforting those experiencing issues such as hunger, abuse, hopelessness, and trafficking. Wow! Congrats to all. And as for myself, I decided to take three weeks off to travel around Chile and Argentina with my two brothers, Cedric and David. It’s our first official siblings trip. Fingers crossed we make it back ;-). That’s it for now. Wherever you are in the world, take a quick pause, breathe, and know that you are crushing it. — Kate Clitheroe; class president; class11@nd.edu


11MBA Class SecretaryMimi Wilfong;

903-714-4988; mimitwilfong@gmail.com


11JD New Babies

Happy fall y’all—great to be back. I have had a few months to be nap trapped and very on social media and emails so here are the updates for our class. Chrissi (Mark) Mercado and husband Carl welcomed Ethan on May 27. DJ Ward and wife Abbey welcomed Lilly Mae Ward on Sept. 12. On Sept. 14, Joe Schuessler and wife Rachel welcomed Nathan Joseph Schuessler, 8 lbs 10 oz, 21 inches. On Sept. 24, Amber (Gussin) Hwang married Dr. George Hwang at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. This fall, Annie Weir took on the role of first lady of Servite High School, a leading Catholic preparatory high school in SoCal, as spouse Chris Weir became president. In this role she has wined, dined, and wore Spanx successfully three days in a row. This author, Lauren (Sharkey) Byam ’08, ’11JD, hugged and snugged friend Kaitlin DiNapoli for several days, when the pair enjoyed multiple treat deliveries, 9:00 p.m. bedtimes, and no lost children or phones. Blake Rambo and male model Sean Cullen ’08 visited Croatia and did not respond to this writer’s texts in a timely fashion. Send me updates, everyone; if you can’t tell the bar is low! — Lauren Sharkey ’08; lksharkey@gmail.com


12 Birth Announcements

Congratulations to Olivia (Colangelo) and Benjamin Mall, who welcomed their second daughter in June of this year. Her big brother and sister love to sing the alma mater to her and can’t wait to take her to a football game! Congrats to the growing family! Please continue to send any class updates that you may have to tharmsen@alumni.nd.edu — Tyler Harmsen; tharmsen@alumni.nd.edu


12MBA Class SecretaryJennafer Palumbo;



12JD Lots of News in the Baby Round-up

Hello and thanks for tuning in! As the weather starts to turn a bit colder (but not really that cold here in Atlanta), I am happy to report that I’m about to warm your hearts with a bucketful of good news. First, our mandatory baby round-up is solid this quarter! Erin (Myers) Nell and husband Ryan joined the parent club back in August with Holden Alexander. Erin reports that Holden is happy, healthy, and wonderfully chunky, and wanted to thank Brigette Dutra and Emily (Martin) Felder for swinging by with some much-needed supplies. Claire Leatherwood Slebonick and husband Patrick also had their first, a baby boy in August named Slade Colt. Claire reports that they’re overjoyed, and also reports that she’s shifted out of the Notre Dame Athletics Department to a position with a program called ND Innovates, which is an internal consultancy group that helps out different departments back at ND. She and Pat (and now Slade) are always happy to see anyone coming into town, so feel free to reach out if you’re back in the Bend! Catherine Zung Schroeder and JH Schroeder had their second this summer, a boy named Henry William. Henry William joins older brother George in rounding out the family and keeping Catherine and JH busy. Danielle Ligenza and husband Wayne also welcomed baby number two into the world, Leo William, in October. Danielle reports that kid number two is a game changer, and this year for Thanksgiving she is most grateful for coffee. Megan (Monaco) Starr and husband Christopher welcomed Everett James, their third, back in July. Everett is joined by older sister Ellington and older brother Lincoln, and everyone is doing great. Jenna and Brian Boyle have skipped straight from two kids to four, as identical twin boys Theo and Curtis made their debut in August. Never one to let me forget a past typo, Brian assures me that Bryan Bond is not the father, but did note that Bryan is Theo’s godfather. And in non-baby news, Katie Hammond passed along some great photos—one is of herself with Sean Ashburn, Manasi Raveendran, and Maira Sheikh during their recent reunion in Arizona for some glamping, hiking, beekeeping lessons, and general fun-having. The second photo was of a goat they befriended. The goat has kind eyes. I recently caught up with Sharon Lim, Jimmy Mitchell, and Caitlin (Shetter) Mitchell at a murder-mystery party. My character had a bitter feud with Sharon’s, which is probably not too far from the truth. And last but not least, I was supposed to have a reunion with Alvin Adjei in September at a wedding in Cape Cod, but Alvin canceled last-minute. He said he was sick, but I don’t believe him. His whole attitude changed once I told him that Cape Cod is well-known for lobster—Alvin asked me if I was aware that scientists don’t know the maximum lifespan of a lobster, or that they theoretically keep growing forever as long as they don’t get caught, which means the smartest ones are huge, old, and “never forget a slight.” He sent me a bunch of drawings, which I’m pretty sure he drew himself, of giant lobsters with speech bubbles saying “We’re coming for you!” and “I’m over 100 years old but still strong enough to kill!” Next thing I know, Alvin’s telling me he’s not coming. Oh well. I’m sure my new lobster overlords and I will have a chance to see Alvin soon. Very soon . . . — Jimmy Champlin; james.c.champlin@gmail.com


13 See You All in June

Thanks everyone for turning again to the class notes section of the magazine. I’d like to start off by reminding people that our 10-year (yikes) reunion is coming up this next summer, June 1–4. You can check for information at reunion.nd.edu. For those who couldn’t make the five-year, it was an absolute blast. Let’s start off with some awards and achievements. Ana Kent (Hernández) was one of the Domer Dozen 2022 honorees this year, and was celebrated on the field during a home game. Domer Dozen is a YoungND award honoring outstanding graduates 32 and younger for significant contributions and dedication to faith, service, learning, and work. She was no doubt the highlight of that home game. . . I also heard that fellow Cincinnatian Brian Reynolds, after years of nomadic work-from-anywhere travel, has finally settled back in New York where he plans to launch his burgeoning influencer career. Speaking of pandemic-related work changes, I also recently heard from Adam Wisbrock, the OG of work-from-home attire. This guy wore lounge pants decades before the rest of us caught on. I once saw him walking from his off-campus research job in flannel PJ bottoms and a hoodie, clearly way ahead of his time. We had a couple classmates get married recently. Meggan Muller married Eric Guth in August. All of her roommates, whose love of cooking led to them calling their house senior year the “Broth Hotel,” were in attendance. Patrick Londergan married Nikita Khadloya in Napa CA. Ryan Lión, childhood friend of the bride, was in attendance. I feel like a Napa wedding is the wine equivalent of a farm-to-table restaurant. Mick Hammock, who buried his update in an email about his friends, married Jamie Mark with a plethora of fellow ’13’ers in attendance, such as Dylan Walter, Jake Murtha, Sam Dettman, Spencer Andrews, Eric Secviar, James Kaull, Caroline and Joe Beglane, and Mickey Gardella. Speaking of Spencer Andrews, he and his wife, Sarah ’12, recently had a baby girl, Leah. Mick Hammock tells me she’s a robust 6 feet and 200 pounds of lean muscle, which has made buying newborn clothes exceptionally difficult. We had some new future Domers come into the world. Nick Rowek and his wife, Kaylin, had their son Elias James Rowek on Oct. 14. It’s been admittedly hard to not spill the beans after he told me they were expecting at Melissa Hoshizaki’s wedding, but my journalistic integrity is ironclad. Except when it comes to lambasting that second-rate hack who writes the swill above mine. Ian Garrahy and his wife, Kelly, had their second baby boy (Jack Garrahy) at the end of June. Not to be outdone, his roommate Breck Ashdown and his wife, Kali, had a baby boy (Brooks Ashdown) in August. Thank you everyone for the updates, and keep sending more my way! Next column is due Jan. 20. Cheers. — Chris Champlin; nd2013updates@gmail.com


13MBA More Updates

Hard to believe we’re coming up on 10 years since graduation! Happy to pass along that Kasia Prouty married Michael Chambers in June. They live in Cleveland/Akron area. Otherwise, it was a quiet few months. Hope everyone had a good holiday season! Send me any updates you’ve got by Jan. 18. — Nick Imgrund; 314-775-7364; daimgrund@yahoo.com


13JD Class SecretaryAlex Blair;



14 Holiday Moments

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And what a gift it is to be able to stay connected with all of you and to be able to share our joys and celebrations with each other! With winter here, I’d like to reflect (if you’ll indulge me) on some of the things that make this season so beautiful. It’s not just the snow glistening on the ground, or the sun reflecting through icicles, or your hands wrapped around a warm mug as you huddle under a blanket and watch Saturday afternoon football. It’s also that shiver of relief you give as you walk in from outside. It’s how you warn strangers of black ice in a parking lot that you just almost slipped on, and how you become friends for a moment as you both complain that the store really should salt better. It’s how a snowflake lands on your eyelashes. It’s how children take a little longer to get off the school bus because they have to stop and make a snowball first. It’s how you slow down a little, stay on the phone with your parents or grandparents a little longer. It’s how you move through the world a little more gently, walk a little bit more carefully, smile a little bit more warmly, and cherish your time with your loved ones a little more mindfully. I think the beautiful thing about the holidays is that they remind us how rare and special they are, which in turn reminds us how rare and special the things we love are. So, this holiday season, let’s all take an extra second to treasure each moment. I’ll think of you in those moments, and wish you a merry and bright holiday season. And now, the thing you’ve all scrolled to the back of the magazine for: updates! I am pleased and delighted to report that, although he did not arrive, as promised, on a bye weekend, Archie Finan made his appearance in this world on Sept. 17. Maria (Fahs) Finan and Ben Finan are the proud parents of this adorable baby, and we are all so happy to welcome Archie to the family! Also proud new parents, Amber (Ballinger) and Drew Willenborg welcomed their son Milo to the family on July 26! Milo, we are so happy you are here, and are so excited for you and your parents! I am also thrilled to announce that Jane (McGuinness) Steele and Nate Steele are also new parents: They celebrated the birth of their daughter, Evangeline Rose, in August. Jane and Nate, we are so excited for you, and know that the three of you will have a wonderful and joyful holiday season! Finally, I am honored to share that Jennifer (Jones) Fennimore and her husband, Josh, welcomed Charlotte Josephine to the world on Sept. 28. Jennifer reports that she and the baby are doing well, and we couldn’t be prouder and more excited for them! Thank you, everyone, for sharing your little ones and your big news with me! This is, quite honestly, the best job ever, and I am so grateful to be able to share your lives with you! As always, keep the updates coming! All the best. — Lizzie Helpling; 513-470-9723; ehelplin@alumni.nd.edu


14MBA Class Secretary Jessica Bonanno;

407-808-7148; jbonanno@alumni.nd.edu; Krick Cahill; 518-598-4222; kcahill1@alumni.nd.edu


14JD Class SecretaryRachel Hanley;



15 Congratulations to All

John Groden ’15, ’17MEd married Bridgette McDermott ’17MEd at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. They held their reception at the Morris Inn, and most importantly, had their after-party at the Backer. They are thankful for their classmates TJ Groden, CSC, ’17, ’19MEd, Dr. Catherine Groden ’13, Robert Hann, Jack Lawson, Jack Stumpf, and Jack Weisenberger (to be fair, a high school friend originally) for serving in the wedding party. Rev. Joe Carey, CSC, ’62 presided over the ceremony, with Rev. Lou DelFra, CSC, ’92, ’03MDiv and Rev. Dan Groody, CSC, ’86 concelebrating. Alexander Beecham of Carroll Hall and Maria McMullen of Pasquerilla West got married Oct. 8. They first met at Domerfest in 2011 and look what happened 11 years later! Fellow classmates Anna McGinn, Dr. Kayla Woodlock, former freshman year roommates Amanda Bellomo, Alexandra Amorati (all four of them bridesmaids), Dr. Kaylee Calles, Lucy Hewitt, Sean Brady ’14, and Joseph Copp were all in attendance. The color theme was blue and gold and if you think the DJ played most of the Backer playlist, you’d be absolutely correct. Drago Dimitrov published a book, What Does This Company Do? Understanding a Business and its Risks. It is available on Amazon. — Emily Flores; eflores2@alumni.nd.edu


15MBA A Force for Good

Winter is a time of reflection and celebration. Our class notes for this issue highlight the accomplishments of the Class of 2015, and how it has become a Force for Good. Jourdan Reinheart married Alex Huggins this last September. Alex is an avid rock climber and takes Jourdan on adventures all over California and beyond. Ben Budish was recently promoted to senior equity research analyst at Barclays. He also launched coverage on Barclays’ U.S. Broker, Asset Managers & Exchanges sector, all while raising two beautiful kids, Olivia (6) and Aiden (3), with his wife, Ashley. Go Ben! Kimberly Greenberg just got back from her first international family trip. Her wonderful daughter Aurora—who is now 21 months old—got to meet her French grandma and other French family members for the first time. Kimberly is exploring roles as a strategy consultant to nonprofits and startups and traditional corporate roles. Our rockstar continues spreading love and impacting the communities she serves. Diana Mo has recently transitioned from SAP to NetApp as director of global SAP alliance. Baby Logan was recently seen in Oahu, spreading charm and giggles with her mom, dad, and grandparents. Christina Lowhorn is currently using her talents at JP Morgan Chase as a vice president of financial controls. In recent years, Christina launched Corporate Distillery, a Facebook page that provides straightforward, actionable, and fact-based content designed to help veterans understand corporate America and succeed post-placement. If you want to celebrate your or a classmate’s success, please send me a note. Wishing you all a fantastic holiday season! — Valeriano Lima; val@meridianx.com


15JD Class SecretaryAlisa Finelli Murphy;



16 Another Season, Another TS Album

It’s me, hi! Cheers to our recently engaged classmates: Rebecca Almeida and Carlos Jimenez, Emily Bedell and Bennett Levis, Natalie Boone and Adam Logeman, Claire Curran and Paul Hurley, Regina Engel and Chris Mergenthaler, Amanda Fava and Blase Capelli, Lizzie Gibbs and Sean Hynes, Molly Howell and Sam Lesem, Kelly Laco and Ben Steinhafel, Cara O’Brien and Jack Sheridan, Emmy Popovich and Luke Duffy, Mary Kate Ramker and Kevin Bond, Erin Richards and Jack Milliken, Danielle Rieger and Justin Robichaud, Jamie Shea and Tom Hite, Caroline Smith and Eddie Ryan, and Lisa Wuertz and Bobby McQuillan. Congratulations and many happy years to our recently married couples: Bianca Almada and Brandon Liebhaber, Xime Alverde and Andres Gutierrez, Nnedimma Ann Anosike and Emmanuel Bello-Oguno ’10, Katie Benz and Nick McCarty, Caitlin Bequette and Brendan Riordan, EJ Chaleff and Austin Nelson, Jenny Coble and Quentin Rivet, Maria Alejandra Contreras and Stefan Eckmann, Ryanne Corder and Pat Buckley, Molly DeTrempe and Michael Buono, Maread Dunne and James Stevenson, Veronica Feliz and Trevor Kruger, Ali Gibson and Chris Kozuch, Claire Haney and Keith Padgett, Racine Hansen and Jack Reilly, Miranda Herrera and Bobby Sylvester, Clare Kossler ’17 and Stephen Scobee, Catie Knoverek and Tyler Bick, Jennifer Liggio and Austin O’Brien, Isabelle Livigni and Mike Grasso, Hope Moon and Matt Borowiak, Darby Mountford and Blake Nelson ’15, Sarah Neuberger and Joe McNally ’15, Alexis Olson and Brendan Forte, Karishma Patel and Michael Scheid ’15, Wendy Perez and Mike Izzo, Stephanie Peterson and Patrick Mumm, Brigid Pikus and Michael Ropp, Colleen Pinkelman and Grant Weber, Courtney Ross and Alex Rizk, Melissa Rodgers and Alex Barre, Lizzy Sobotta and David Katter, Abbie Spica and Jacob Vandenbosch, Sarah Talamantes and David Reed, Julie Vrabel and Brad Gardner, and Nicole Zielinski and Matthew Stevens. Congratulations to our classmates with babies on the way or already in their arms: Christina (Gutierrez) and Jake Grefenstette, Sarah (Pryor) and Justin Hoffman, Katie (McCarty) and Daniel Huggins, Madeline (Lewis) ’17 and Michael Infantine, Jessica (Gubanich) and Patrick Krauss, Kaitlyn (Kennedy) and John McMackin, Abby (Downey) and Nick Mills, Ellen (Dahlby) and Cesar Salas, Annie (Mangano) and David Surine, and Audrey (Tatum) and Jake Wardach. Keep on shining, all of you. Mike Deasey is part of the MBA 24 class at U of Minnesota in the Carlson School of Management. Hunter McDaniel is an MBA candidate at Case Western in its health care management track. Madi (King) Prather started at Charleston Law. Dr. Katherine Wolfert successfully defended her thesis at Rutgers for her PhD in neuroscience. Alex Lawson made it to the second round of the US Open. Crystal Thomas plays for the Hibernian FC—they call her “the crown jewel in our attack.” Rohan Andresen works as a tech transactions and privacy associate at Perkins Coie. Timothy Bradley graduated from ND Law in ’20 and will spend the next year clerking for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett ’97JD; Giuliana (Carozza) Cipollone just finished her year doing the same. Curran Cross works as a world history teacher at Noble Schools, ITW David Speer Campus in Chicago. Lizzie Davis works as an associate attorney at Quarles and Brady. Deacon Andrew Fritz lives in Phoenix at St. John Vianney Catholic Church, a Holy Cross Parish, while preparing for priesthood in spring of next year. Grace Pettey is back in DC as a Master of Public Policy candidate at U of Maryland; she’s also a Robertson Fellow. Caroline Smith works as director of integration at Southern Orthodontic Partners and was named to Nashville’s 30 Under 30 list. Scott Terry works with Meta as a product manager and Kaley (McMullen) Terry works as a business manager; they live in the DC area. Ryan Tick recently joined the AWS Cloud Response team as a senior security engineer. Kevin Bond and Maddie Hahn ran the Chicago Marathon. Cooper Cohen came in first place in the U30 group in the Equinox Marathon in Fort Collins. Lauren Crawford ran the Cape Cod Half. Elyse Hight completed the Ironman Tri in Memphis and the World Championship in St George. Lucinda (Krahl) Musa and Marisa Thompson walked the Camino de Santiago. Jack Rooney ran a marathon and wrote a story about it; check it out in the Keene Sentinel. Congratulations to our classmates named to this year’s Domer Dozen—Ashley Murphy, DeJorie Monroe, and Dr. Adam Rene Rosenbaum. Ashley is a clinical psychology doctoral candidate at Northwestern, DeJorie is a Charles B. Rangel Fellow with the US Department of State, and Adam Rene is a pediatrics resident at U of Colorado School of Medicine. With a heavy heart we share that Steven Waller passed away—as the EE Class of ’16 shared so beautifully, we remember how his “kindness and warm smile made our many difficult classes a little bit easier.” Thank you to Tommy Allen, Megan Ferowich, and Caroline Scheid ’18MA, ’22 PhD for their reflections in the FaithND newsletter. Email me, I love hearing from you! Bridget (Doyle) Hanle; bdoyle3@alumni.nd.edu


16MBA Marriage and More

Lauren Russman and Ariston Lowe celebrated their marriage on July 30 in Hawaii. The couple currently resides in Los Angeles. Janet Yiu and Justin Chaudoin welcomed baby Jackson in September 2021. Sister Juliette (5) could not be more excited to have a brother! The family resides in San Jose CA where Justin serves as human resources manager at HD Supply. — Claire Kenney; ckenney2@alumni.nd.edu; Kelly Rubey; kelly.rubey@nd.edu


16JD Class SecretaryMack Watson;



17 Engagements and Promotions

Congratulations to our newly engaged couples: Amanda Harbrecht and Zach Bequette, Courtney Thompson and Justin St. Louis, Bridget Lee and Conor Kinasz, Kristen Zavertnik and Nate McKeon, Amanda Conklin and Luke DeTrempe, Mary Kate Nawalaniec and Shea Stine, Mary Kate Palmer and Alec Burgman, Jesse Bongiovi and Jesse Light, Catherine Lombardo and Colin Power, Jack Assaf and Katie Schneider, Darcie Marshall and Vincent Vangaever, Elizabeth House and Hugo Muñoz Rios, Mary Cate Watkins and Jason Maney, Haley Rosenbach and Aidan Dore, Danyelle Steichen and Alex Young, Laura Luchini and Steven Paula, Alex Joyce and Josh Deane, Sarah Juan and Oliver Harris, and Sara Ciavarella and Peter Hayes. After a Grotto engagement, Savanna Dinkel and Joey Ganyard were married at St. Ann Catholic Church in Coppell TX and reside in Dallas. Also married recently are Nicole Wardeberg and Connor Funk, Erik Klaus and Gina Pernesky ’18, Clare Kossler and Stephen Scobee ’16, Nicholas C. Jones and Sara Dugan ’18, Mary Howard and Drew Nikolai, John Rutkowski and Natalie Kay, Gretta and Adam Conrath, Anne Gandolfi and Alex Groesch, Jacqueline Wilson and Connor Williams, Vika Boentaram and Zach Weissenborn, Emma Richard and Kevin Reilly, Rachel Lombard and Dan Kelly, Moira Tripp married Junji, Monica McFadden and Andrew Hait, Leah Selmek and Thomas Bixby, Greg Gagliardi and Jillian Gonzales, Emily Seranko and Tom Plagge, and Katlyn Wartner and Patrick Regan. Congratulations to soon-to-be parents: Madeline (Lewis) and Michael Infantine ’16, Jackie (Johnson) and Luke Gasperlin, Lauren (Smith) and Jacob Hoyt, and Katie (Acosta) and Pat Hosinski. Congrats to those with recent career changes. Sophia Hooper started a new position as product manager at Havenly; Danielle Margheret is a senior manager at Vail Resorts; Courtney Wright is a systems scenario quality engineer at Apple; James Matakovich was promoted to manager at Grant Thornton; Grace Maxwell started a new position in assurance management at EY; Matt Barratt was promoted to manager at EY; Maura Eveld started her postdoctoral research at the University of Twente in the Wearable Robotics Lab; Peter McGrane is an associate product manager at WHOOP; Mary Howard is a senior marketing manager at Cardinal Health; Felipe Remolina was promoted to manager at PwC; Kaley Cohen is a senior manager at Legends; Ashley Knipp was promoted to capital solutions manager at KPMG; Noelle Gooding is a program manager at Booz Allen; Nicholas Burkhardt is a senior design engineer at Siemens Energy; Annette Sayre was promoted to manager at BrainStation; Kaitey Dages is a manager at McDonald’s; Kimmy Sullivan was promoted to associate manager at Stryker Interventional Spine; Sarah Linesch was promoted to product manager at Omada Health; Luis Alejandro Lazalde is an engineer at Samsung Austin Semiconductor; Kristen Loehle is an associate brand manager at Danone; Zach McCormick is a senior financial analyst at Petco; Mary Trainor started a new position as law clerk at Quinn Emanuel. Christina Kappil is working toward her MBA and MS in design innovation at Northwestern; Wai Yeng Wong started her MBA at Dartmouth; Melchior F.R. Perella Savarese IV is pursuing a master’s of international health care management, economics, and policy with SDA Bocconi in Milan; MaryBeth Carson is at Northwestern for her MBA; Amanda Harbrecht is pursuing her MBA at the University of Chicago; Nicolas Garcia PhD earned his doctorate in electrical engineering. Our sincerest condolences to the family and fiancé of Matthew Weyenberg and the family of Steven Waller Jr. who both recently passed away. To be included contact — Celanire Flagg; cflagg@alumni.nd.edu


17MBA Class SecretaryMary Tomasik;



17JD Class Secretary Lauren Nottoli;



18 Joys and Successes

Coming to you live from a dimly lit call room at Jewish Hospital in Louisville—hoping to type this up and share in your joys and successes between nonstop pages (yes, pagers are still a thing). Congratulations to our newly engaged or married couples! Lizzie Whiteman and David Connolly got engaged in Aspen CO in September. Clare (Scantling) Miller married Daniel Miller ’22MSF in Toledo OH on Sept. 2 at Rosary Cathedral. Peter Chiang got engaged to Hannah Swope ’20 at the Lincoln Zoo this August. Cailin Jerger and Joshua Meyers were married on Sept. 17. All friends of the groom from Morrissey, Joseph Wells, Andrew Dorritie, and Thomas Franceschi were groomsmen, and Darby Regan was best man. Shannon Kronenberger and Jordan Ryan, both from Lyons with the bride, were bridesmaids. Congratulations also to Caitlyn Peot (Booms) and her husband, Brad, who will be welcoming their first child, Kolbe Timothy, in late October. Georgi (Andrews) Gregory and her husband, Jeremy, welcomed their first child, Amelia Jane Gregory, on May 17 in Houston. Ben Robinson graduated from the U of Virginia School of Medicine in May and started internal medicine residency at UVA in June. Claire Danes received a master’s in international development policy from Georgetown U in May. Charlotte Hogan graduated from Duke Law School in May. Max Ujdak passed his state firefighter certifications. He is now a full member of the Waunakee Fire Department. Last, but certainly not least, shout-out to Liz Berndt who ran and finished the 2022 Chicago Marathon. Congratulations to everyone on your successes and accomplishments this year. May you all have a happy, healthy, and blessed Christmas and holiday season! — Matthew Peters; mgpeters96@gmail.com


18MBA Class Secretary — Patrick McHail;



19 Class SecretaryMichael Conlon, Dan Hopkinson, Jane Driano, and Eddie Griesedieck;



19JD Lots of News

Happy winter! A double-sized edition brought to you by the fact that my submission for the last issue apparently didn’t go through. Let’s start with career changes. Bill Green is now with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office joining classmate Olivia Ghiselli. Caitlin Canahai is now with Hodgson Russ in Buffalo. Emma Kelly headed south to become an assistant district attorney in Wake County NC. Lara Thiele is now associate legal counsel at Vineyard Offshore (I thought it was wine, but it looks like cool energy!). Adrian and Vienna Bottomley welcomed their second child, Alden David, and have moved back to the best place on earth: the greater South Bend area. Adrian is now at the Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Kendra Key is now general counsel at the South Bend Community School Corporation. Andrew Owens is at Notre Dame Office of Development and was recently promoted to gift planning program director. Tashi Stafford recently started as civil rights counsel at Meta, which sounds extremely cool; she was previously working in education law which also sounds extremely cool. Maggie Adams is now at Morrison Foerster in San Francisco. Olaniyi Solebo is now at Paul Hastings also in San Francisco. Kyle Tanzer recently moved to Sidley Austin in Miami. Lexi Woods is now general counsel at Great Lakes Commercial Finance. We had several big city proposals throughout the summer and fall. Congratulations to Katy Baum on her engagement to Travis James Pollitt in Chicago! Katy looked absolutely stunning in a Hill House Nap Dress (not an ad). Bridget Murphy also got engaged to Matthew Wholey on a beautiful pier in the Windy City. Dayle Comerford got engaged to Zachary Klingberg. Nicole Borczyk got engaged in New York City and then took a stunning celebratory trip in Italy. AJ Simonton proposed to Tyler Brooke Chaney in Washington DC. Paige Gilliard also got engaged in Washington DC to William Edward Leach III and on the opening day of the Supreme Court’s new term she was a part of an oral argument team. Go Paige! Our class also had some beautiful weddings recently. Margo Borders married Brian Fannon in Margo’s home state of Oklahoma. Colleen O’Connor married Kevin Hsu in gorgeous Woodstock VT. Jack Blais and Sarah Henderson celebrated their marriage in Grinnell IA in June where they received undergraduate degrees. Jack is also now an adjunct legal writing professor at Drake University School of Law in addition to his associate position at Shuttleworth & Ingersoll. Emma ’15, ’17MEd, ’22 and Michael Shakour welcomed twin girls Margaret Frances and Charlotte Marie in May. Brooke and Jack Fitzgerald also welcomed twins William James and Emma Rose. Kari Lorenston and Matt Razzano are expecting a baby soon! Please send any updates to miller.a.katherine@gmail.com and do not be frightened if you see that I checked your LinkedIn. Go Irish! — Katherine Miller; miller.a.katherine@gmail.com