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20MBA Memories in the Making

Olivia Feldpausch and her husband, Joel, welcomed their first child, Piper, in June. They’re enjoying every second of their little Fighting Irish lady! Jacob Mazurek has also been busy: he recently received a promotion and he and his family are hosting a French foreign exchange student. These past few months, he has also completed six paintings in which he has been exploring a looser, quicker style and scenic subject matter. Through the Notre Dame Club of Central New York, Jacob is headed to see the Fightin’ Irish beat Syracuse at the end of October. Kevin Gore married Genesis Hurtado in September and continues to enjoy his time at SLKone Consulting. Reading this and want to see your name in print? Send me a note at awalke10@alumni.nd.edu. — Audrey Walker; awalke10@alumni.nd.edu


21 The Spirit of Adventure

Hi everyone! As we round out our first full year away from Notre Dame, many of our classmates have been up to some exciting things! Br. John Draves, CSC, and Br. Jacob Gorman, CSC, both professed their first vows as religious brothers in the Congregation of Holy Cross on July 30 in Colorado Springs. Noelle Townsend recently moved to NYC to pursue gap years doing clinical research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx while studying for the MCAT in preparation for medical school applications. Ashley Decker has made a long trek back near Our Lady’s University, relocating from Denver to about an hour outside South Bend. Abigail and Matthew Donahue are pursuing their spirit of adventure and are moving to Iceland to be cave tour guides. Dessi Gomez has moved to Santa Monica. Susan Peters recently wrapped up her stint as a Fulbright English Teaching Fellow in Taiwan, but is now heading to Beijing for a two-year, fully funded research fellowship at the Yenching Academy of Peking University. She notes a special gratitude toward CUSE for advising her on her application. Noemi Toroczkai has moved to South Korea as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. On a similar front, Rachel Ingal has moved to Spain to pursue her own Fulbright English Teaching Assistant role. Jesse Bordallo has also begun pursuing international education, moving to Japan to teach English. Brendan Copp and Elizabeth Heidenreich were married on July 15 in the Basilica, as many of their Folk Choir classmates sang from the loft. Zach Pearson and Lily Polster got engaged in July. Hannah Thompson has moved to Hungary to play professional volleyball. Finally, Michelle Grady was promoted to program coordinator of physiology and biomedical engineering at the Mayo Clinic. Congratulations to everyone on these awesome developments in their lives. Please, if you have any updates at all that you feel like sharing, do not hesitate to reach out! We look forward to hearing from you and GO IRISH! — Ryan Mullin; rmullin77@gmail.com


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