50 Many Hats

Dave Angelotti ’85 sent me a photo of himself, Tim Angelotti ’85 (his twin brother), and Joe Pellissier ’85 at the Stanford game with a caption that read “Ever since dad (Nicolas Angelotti ’50) died in 2004, we wear his Class of 1950 hat at football games. It’s usually good for a strange look as most people think we look pretty good for being 94!! The cigar is a must, too, as Dad enjoyed a good one on football Saturdays.” The University notified me that James K. Steiner Sr. died on Aug. 4, 2022, in San Antonio TX. Henry F. Braden Jr. passed away in Oklahoma on Aug. 19, 2022, just one day before celebrating his 97th birthday. On the same day, classmate Paul Bodine, 98, died in Minot ND. Both Hank’s and Paul’s ND experiences were interrupted or delayed by World War II. Hank completed advanced fighter pilot training in the US Army Air Corps just before VJ Day; Paul enlisted at age 18 in 1942 and worked his way through basic training to become a ferry and glider pilot in the US Army Air Corps but didn’t reach combat. After graduation, Hank had a successful aviation career, working on the Apollo space program, Atlas missile silos, the 747, Space Shuttle, and B-1B. The Tulsa World reported that “His interests included watching Fighting Irish football, ‘fixing’ things (often with duct tape) and watching WWII movies. He also loved building model airplanes and tending to his roses.” Hank was preceded in death by his wife, Vesta, but is survived by five children, 13 grandchildren, and 23 great-grandchildren. Meanwhile, Paul remained in the reserves, returned to North Dakota, and enrolled at Minot State U before transferring to ND. The Waverly Democrat reported that Paul began employment at First National Bank in Minot. He later worked as an accountant at Firestone Tire Company and was employed at Reiten Television and Radio for 30 years (he retired as comptroller in February 1990). Also from the Democrat: “He loved to garden and work in his yard. He never met a tree branch too high for him to cut down, much to the dismay of his children. There was never a dull moment at the Bodine house as he was always surrounded by his large family and friends. He never missed sending out a birthday card to all of his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, each containing a personal message. He never missed a Notre Dame, Vikings, or Twins game and was excited to host the 2022 Super Bowl with his brothers at his home.” Paul’s wife, Deborah, preceded him in death but he is survived by 10 children, 26 grandchildren, and 26 great-grandchildren. Jarrell V. Wrape, 93, of Little Rock AR died on Oct. 4, 2022. After graduation, Jerry attended the U of Arkansas at Little Rock and earned a degree in mathematics. He served in the US Navy aboard the USS Iowa and USS New Jersey during the Korean conflict. Jerry later worked with his brothers at Wrape Forest Industries. Later, Jerry was a stockbroker and wealth manager at Prudential. His family reported that “Jerry loved the outdoors and enjoyed deer and elk hunting and took pride in his maintained yard. He loved playing cards. In his leisure time, he could often be found watching sports, especially the Fighting Irish. He discovered a passion for running during his 50s, running mid to long distances, and even completed the New York Marathon. Jerry was known for being a man of faith and a close friend and supporter of the Carmelite Sisters and Carmelite Friars. He contributed humor and lightness to all around.” Jerry is survived by his loving wife, Sue (they’d just celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary two days before he passed). Also surviving are four children and seven grandchildren. Lucy Friend Hutchison, daughter of Fred W. Friend, informed me that her dad passed away peacefully in Twinsburg OH on Nov. 2, 2022, at age of 95. From her email: “My dad led a vibrant life, with a successful law career and private practice on the side. He also taught business law and business ethics for 52 years at Cleveland State U and received a Lifetime Achievement Award, having taught and inspired thousands of students, many of whom are now practicing law in the Cleveland area. But, perhaps, my dad’s crowning achievement was raising nine successful children and putting all of us through college. He was also very proud of attending ND and requested that the alma mater be played at his funeral. That is exactly what we did and it was amazing how so many sang along! Dad attended many football and basketball games in South Bend and served as president for a term for the Cleveland ND Alumni Association. It seems like every picture we took of him includes his Class of ’50 ND hat, ND ring and/or ND windbreaker!!!” Fred was survived by his wife of over 70 years, Jacqueline (who subsequently died on Dec. 14), six children, 19 grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. If you would like to share news about the class or stories from your time at ND, please let me know. — Jim Coogan ’91; 4 Gile Drive Unit 2A, Hanover NH 03755; jcooganv@alumni.nd.edu


51 Getting Together

After our 1956 reunion, a bunch of us from the Chicago area decided five-year intervals were too long. So we got together – largely under the influence of Joe Rigali (whose Dad had a similar project back in the post-Rockne era) to have monthly meetings with cards and light libation. These were evening events at the outset – but as we aged, it moved into dinner (pizza), and later to lunch – at a tavern in River Grove, where a replica of John Lattner ’54’s Heisman was on display. Our gang was known as the TEBAPS –Thursday Evening Beer and Poker Session. This lasted about 65 years, but our numbers have diminished to three: Bob Clemency, Dick Garrity and I. Bob lives in Edina MN and has battled cancer but is doing fairly well. Dick has been in some illness and rehab but is back in his home in Arlington Heights IL. — Jim Jennings; jmj4703@gmail.com


52 Another Year

A couple of regrets: as mentioned before, my dad traveled the Midwest calling on newspapers and he was gone Dec. 7, 1941, and I never asked him where he was that day. Mom and I had been to 9 a.m. Mass, she was in the choir at the high Mass, and for some reason, the radio was on when we heard of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I ran out and got my bike and went over to see a classmate, David Van den Brook, and walked in and noticed the radio was not on and loudly proclaimed Pearl Harbor was attacked. Mr. Van den Brook turned on the radio and I’m yakking away, and he yelled at me to be quiet! First time I ever heard him raise his voice. The second was that I never asked dad or Uncle Sam where in Italy Uncle Sam was when he got shrapnel in his back and legs. I believe it was in the north of Rome, as Uncle Jack, an interpreter for the Army, was able to get to his brother, which helped Uncle Sam recover. After the war, they started the Messina Construction Company. I didn’t start this until Thanksgiving as I only had two messages from Pres. George: He and Alice are spending the holidays in Kansas with daughters Peggy ’75 and Ida ’82, both SMC, along with Ida’s husband, Perry Parker, from Southern Miss and their son Beau, his wife, Sarah—both grads of Ole Miss—and their son Harry ’16. Bill Osborne is spending Thanksgiving with son-in-law Dave at their favorite restaurant. George and Alice will be staying for the holidays and resting before going back home. Chuck Falkenberg after Mass will be going to the gravesite of his family members. About 30 attend each year as Mary Ann had 10 children. Most will be together Christmas Eve, others with recent marriages go to other “branches” of the family. And the 19th ND graduate in the family is attending DePaul law school in Chicago. The Messinas here in Southern CA will have 12 for dinner Thanksgiving with daughter, grandson, son-in-law and his brother, sister and their mates—and our financial adviser from Portland who was our son-in-law’s classmate back in NYC. So what were your plans for the holidays?? Richard Sheridan will be spending Thanksgiving with daughters Melanie, Jennifer, Deede, and in-laws. Eight grandchildren. Seven great-grandchildren. They will visit the grave of their blessed daughter Suzanne. “Historic Sheridan oyster dressing will stuff the bird.” George reported Bill Corbett had a stroke in early December but is now tooling around in a wheelchair. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Ed Krupps called earlier and was headed to Idaho for the holidays and would call me to set up a breakfast date. — Tony Messina, 8202 Drybank Dr. HB CA 92646; 626-695-4299; tonyandirene@gmail.com


53 Class SecretaryWilliam Berry;



53JD Class Secretary Bob Berry;

5806 Spaulding St., Omaha NE 68104; 402-457-4142; yokeemup@aol.com


54 The Holidays Are Over

Yes, they are over, and it’s time to pay the bills. I avoided bills and buying the wrong size of articles. Instead, I gave checks. If you traveled, I hope you had a safe and happy trip. My Christmas was chaotic. The flight to Newark was pleasant and then the trouble began. It took a half hour to exit the airport, and a 20-minute drive took nearly an hour. Instead of a restaurant dinner, my host whipped up a pasta dinner with salad in about 15 minutes. It was delicious! That was Thursday. Friday night I was to meet one son and his family, including my great-grandson, for dinner. That had to be canceled as the roads were beginning to get slick. All would have an hour-plus drive, and safety comes first. Our Christmas Eve dinner at the same son’s home was interrupted by a medical emergency. What else could happen? Well, something else did. A grandson was stuck at home with COVID. The rest of that family tested negative. On the return flight to Orlando, I got moved to first class. My cancer treatments are going fine with no after-effects. Assisted living is no problem as I can come and go as I please. The food is generally pretty good. Lent will be here soon, and let us make every effort to make it worthwhile. Easter and the Risen Christ. Remember He died for us that we might live. Have a blessed and happy Easter. The following were called home: Dan Hammer, John Semmens, Francis Sheahan, Richard Brill, and Richard Weiler. Remember them in your prayers. Please note the change of address. God Bless. — Jack Mertens; 550 Wilmette Ave., Ormond Beach FL 32174; 845-216-7251; jacknd54@gmail.com

55 Beware the Czar

I heard from Dave Scheele, who announced his 90th birthday as most of us have done or are about to do. Dave said he still plays pickleball three mornings a week and plays his glockenspiel in seven musical groups. Dave’s glockenspiel produced a unique and fine sound when the Marching Band played the “Notre Dame Victory March.” Emmet Root died on Sept. 15, 2022, in Omaha. His son, Mike Root ’81, provided an article stating that Emmet had served two years as an Air Force lieutenant and spent 62 years in furniture sales. Somewhere in that long career, he found time to shoot seven holes-in-one and one albatross (a two on a par five). Emmet is survived by Fran, his wife of 64 years, and four sons. Our classmate Joe Hayden has also died. May he and Emmet rest in peace. I was stationed at Marine Barracks Pearl Harbor in April 1958, when, as I was walking one day along the water on Waikiki Beach, I was assaulted from behind and knocked flat by Bengal Bouts Champion Joe Belfiore. Joe started with us in our class, left for a couple of years in the Holy Cross seminary, and then came back to Notre Dame and the NROTC. He was stationed on the USS Shangri-la as a naval officer when he dumped me on the Hawaiian sand. I heard from Jerry Hughes, the Pride of Patchogue. After he finished his time as the catcher on the same Zahm Hall baseball team where I played second base, he completed 30 years of service in the Air Force as a fighter aircraft pilot and retired as a colonel. He is twice a widower and a cancer survivor. For anyone passing through Kansas City and looking for a free meal, Jerry has an apartment there. My daughter, Carrie Gallagher ’95, and her husband, Greg Gallagher ’94, have a son, Quinn, (my grandson!), who is a freshman at Notre Dame. Los Angeles FC won this year’s Major League Soccer Cup and its general counsel is my son, Joe Connaughton ’08JD. Notre Dame Magazine gives me up to 600 words four times a year to spread the story of the glory of the Class of ’55. Help me to do that by sending me news about you and your family. Dominus vobiscum. — John Connaughton; 1516 Marquette Blvd., South Bend IN 46628; 574-289-1445; jcithaca37@yahoo.com


56 Classmates

Keep praying for us in western NY: Tops Market shooting, two blizzards at Thanksgiving and Christmas. One of the Bills trainers who saved Damar Hamlin lives across the street. The Bills lost to the Bengals in the AFC Divisional Round, two wins shy of a Super Bowl. Life goes on. Don McClear died Sept. 5, 2022, in Jackson MI. He was an electrical engineer at Consumer Energy, loved both families, and was a man of strong faith. Larry Kennedy died Nov. 17, 2022, in Stillwater MN. He was a lawyer banker and did more for his Class of ’56 than most. Suzy and Larry loved ND and their Roman Catholic faith, almost as much as they loved one another. Bob Drago died on Nov. 21, 2022, in Hamburg NY. He was a mechanical engineer. He and his brother Frank ’52 ran Bison Canning Co., inventors of machinery found throughout the food world. Tom Mullen died on Nov. 28, 2022, in Savannah GA. He was a Navy pilot before going to Ford Motor Co.. He enjoyed Niagara on the Lake and was loving and cheerful, always with family. Tom McNeil died on Dec. 6, 2022, in Chicago. He was the son of Don McNeil and a member of Breakfast Club, ND Law, great lawyer and great friend to all: Noland, Kalbas, Conte, Clark, Collins, Kegaly, Revord, Costello and Conway. Stay in touch with the rest. God Bless!! — Ed Cosgrove; 525 Delaware Ave., Buffalo NY 14202; bus 716-854-2211; eccosgrove@cosgrovelawfirm.com


56JD Dear Friend

Hi Class of ’56 alumni. I am sorry to report that Hon. Matthew Moran ’55, ’56JD, has passed. Matthew was a retired felony criminal court judge of Cook County IL. He was the beloved husband and best friend of Patricia for over 65 years, loving dad of Nancy (Jay) Broderick, Suzanne (Tom) Henry, Patricia (Tom) Kordas, Diane (Joe) Budz, Lawrence (Georgann), Linda Mora, Mary Ann (Jim) Eberhart, Lori (Tim) Quinn, and Michael (Katie), loving grandpa of the late Meghan Lynn Henry, Sister Mary of Joseph, Jason, Tim, Chris, Tricia, Kevin, Tommy, Dan, Amanda, Jamie, Nick, Sarah, Michael, Katie, Matt, Kelly, Timmy, Joe, Brittany, Christine, Jake, Jimmy, Emily, Will, Jack, Ryan, Timmy, Kaylie, Madeline, and Mary Kate, proud great-grandfather to Bernadette, Josephine, John Paul Lee, and Adeline and Jack Proctor, cherished son of the late Matt and Teresa Moran, dear brother to the late Rosemarie (Patrick) Ahern, brother-in-law of the late Frank Sutley, Bill Sutley, and the late Elaine Hayes, fond uncle and cousin of many, and missed by all. — Lauren Starkey ’08; 703-927-2089; lksharkey@gmail.com


57 Still Going Strong in Service

We received a nice note from Paschal Bernard Baute, who at the young age of 93 is still going strong in faith and service to others. He went by Bernie in his days at ND but chose the name of Paschal when he became a monk and kept it when he resigned. Pascal has held many positions in his expansive career, including boxer and athletic director, and he served in all four branches of the US military. He was a chaplain, monk, coach, priest, psychotherapist, community activist, educator, writer, and storyteller. He is currently living in Lexington KY, and although blind and disabled, he writes books and articles for his fellow veterans about hope, resilience, and gratitude. Paschal has over 30 titles of his work on Amazon. Thank you for your continued service. Richard L. Meinert, of River Ridge LA, passed away on Nov. 23, 2022. He is survived by his wife of 65 years, Choo Choo, and their five children, 11 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Timothy “Tim” Cohan passed away on July 2, 2022. He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Marilyn, and their six children. Tim spent his career as an architect and one of the highlights of that was working on a project at Princeton U. Thomas “Tom” Jacobs passed on Sept. 13, 2022. In the first week of college, Tom met his wife, Charlotte. They enjoyed 66 years together and she survives along with four children, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Upon graduation from Notre Dame, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Air Force and served three years at Robbins Air Force Base in Warner Robbins GA, where he received a commendation medal for his work in ultrasonic cleaning of military aircraft. Alfonso “Chito” Quintans passed away Aug. 29, 2022. Chito celebrated 60 years of marriage to his wife, Daisy, and his 90th birthday, just 11 days prior to his death. He is survived by Daisy, his son, and two daughters and their families. Chito enjoyed a career in electrical engineering and, as an avid traveler, visited or lived in 50 countries. James “Jim” Rowlands passed away on Oct. 1. Jim was an Army veteran and owner of Rebco Printing in Allentown PA. Jim is survived by his wife of 60 years, Amanda, and their four children. Tom Guilfoile wrote with the news of the passing of John Suttner, who died on Oct. 31, 2022. He is survived by his wife, Carole, and their eight children, 19 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. John served as an Army reservist before starting his accounting firm of 40 years, which is continued on by his sons. Dr. Frank “Fuller” McBride passed away Dec. 4, 2022. Fuller was a retired OB-GYN in Fond du Lac WI, and he brought into this world an estimated 7,500 babies during his career, both in and out of his service in the military. Thank you to his son Patrick McBride ’80 for sending the news. We received a Christmas card with the sad news from Terry Nieuwlandt, who lost his lovely wife of 66 years, Merle, on Sept. 10. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses, while we still can. Peace. — John A. Slevin; 6123 N. Mandalay Dr., Peoria, IL 61614; 309-453-8986; jslev57@gmail.com, cc:bridgettravels@gmail.com


58 Fondly Remembered

Dr. Mark E. Bradley passed away on Oct. 4, 2022. After graduation, Mark earned his medical degree from the U of Maryland School of Medicine and also earned graduate degrees from the U of Pennsylvania and Harvard U. He served 22 years with the US Navy, ultimately being promoted to the rank of captain. Specializing in deep-sea diving and submarine medicine, Mark served on two nuclear ballistic submarines and participated in pioneering research and advancements in deep-sea diving throughout his career. He received numerous awards including the Navy Commendation Medal from the secretary of the Navy and the Albert F. Behnke Jr. Award for outstanding scientific contributions in the undersea and hyperbolic biomedical field. Upon retiring from the Navy, he worked as a physician at the U of Maryland Shock Trauma Unit in Baltimore. He is survived by his daughter, Meghan, and one grandson. Rev. John William Birk passed away on Oct. 20, 2022. After graduation, he served in the US Army (’58–’64), ranked as Private First Class. He completed graduate studies at Indiana U, earning an MA in religious studies (1968). He was ordained as a priest on May 16, 1970. He served as pastor and associate pastor in various churches in the Louisville KY area, serving the Byzantine Catholic faithful in the Archdiocese of Louisville for over 40 years. In addition to celebrating Greek Divine Liturgies (Mass) primarily for Ukrainian Catholics, he also celebrated Mass in French for Haitians and other French-speaking Catholics. He is survived by his sister, Ellyn, six nieces and nephews, 14 great-nieces and -nephews, and two great-great-nieces. — Arthur L. Roule Jr.; 114 Sagamore Parkway, La Porte IN 46350;



58JD Class SecretaryJohn F. Murray;

2036 Cheltenham Court, Woodbridge VA 22192; 703-494-2482; johnandnell66@gmail.com


59 Prayers and Updates

Our virtual rosary is said every Saturday morning from 6:00 a.m. to noon, local time. Prayer requests are welcome. Please remember in your prayers fellow Domers and their friends who suffer and have suffered from the very difficult ALS. They also are remembered at the Annual Walk for ALS held on campus each fall. In addition, please pray specifically for the following: Leighton Young, husband of Joan, who has suffered from Alzheimer’s for nine years and is in an extended care facility in Houston, and George Raab, who died Oct. 14, 2022. George was a mechanical engineering graduate with an MS in management from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a member of the Irish Guard and an Alumni Board member who served the US in Germany and Vietnam and raised four children with wife Gail. Our class president, Joe Mulligan, has researched and listed all classmates’ names with their halls and room numbers by year. A huge and valuable project, which makes writing this news much easier for me. So as space allows, we plan to stir memories with this info. We begin with residents of Cavanaugh first-floor freshman year with the rector Fr. Bob Pelton, CSC, and Warren Albright, Bill Arnold, Joe Battle, Jim Bazany, Jerry Bechamps, Terry Bernard, John Boyce, Mike Brady, Lee Brand, Tony Bruno, Rusty Byrne, Mike Conlon, Al Cooke, Joe DeLuca, Bill Dixon, Charlie Fredrik, Dave Gerth, Bob Ghelardi, Tommy Hawkins (The Great), Tom Jablonski, Fritz Jelinek, Tom Joseph, Lou Kavanaugh, Tom Keefe, Joe King, Bob Klein, Chuck Krell, John Kroha, Neal Lamping, Duncan LaVigne, Bill Logsdon, Dan Lorenz, Jim Marchal, Bill McCaffery, Pete McCasland, John McDonald, Bill McNally, Joe Meinert, Larry Melody, Jesus Miguel, Fred Miller, Klaus Muller-Bergh, Don Murray, Frank Nacozy (a solo ocean sailor, who has made his final voyage; a Bengal Bouts guy, scientist, and fitness guru), Don O’Brien, Mike O’Neil, Jim Piowaty, Frank Prock, Ed Ricciuti (don’t miss his article on Sorin Hall in this or the next issue), Mike Rivas, Arnold Van Peteghem and Ed Weinheimer. Time to match names with faces. While we are on Cavanaugh Hall, Joe McMann passes on a story of our former class vice president, John Harron, who died Jan. 8, 2023: “A red-headed Irishman to the core, who once instigated a retaliatory raid on someone in the hall who dared to wear an orange sweater on St. Patrick’s Day, by decorating the miscreant’s posterior with green ink!” From Tony Berejka, because of the efforts of Fr. Hesburgh, our class was awarded five $2,000 GM scholarships and they went to the lucky dog recipients (the smart guys) Jim Short, John Uebbing, Jim Rose, Tom Banchoff and an unidentified smart guy. Evidently, these guys had something going for them that had not surfaced in the rest of us. Accordingly, while the non-intelligentsia were shelling out the enormous sum of $0.17 for a large milk and two glazed donuts at The Huddle, these lads paid (vernacularly) nada, zilch, squat for their refreshments. And rightfully so because they were on the brink of giving back to the University an aura of prestige not found at your average American college. Further kudos to them are well deserved. Our current smart guy is Harry Leinenweber, who has just completed 37 years as a judge on the US District Court in Chicago. You rappers and music fans will remember him as the judge on the R. Kelly trial. With 19 children and grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, Harry’s smart enough to leave the house for work each day. Another smart guy story features Phil Rotert, Tom Burke, Bob Geise, and Gary Lee McGrath, who joined our class after two years of humanities courses at St. Benedict College, Atchison KS, and went on to receive humanities degrees from St. B., and engineering degrees from ND. — Bob Brennan; 855 Clubhouse Drive, Ballwin MO; 314-807-1011; bobbrennan76@gmail.com