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21 Here with Good News

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday season, and are beginning to enjoy the first glimpses of spring! Just some quick updates on what our classmates have been up to for the last few months. Sammy Garcia started medical school at the Northwestern U Feinberg School of Medicine. Emily Albi is excited to announce that she is starting a podcast! She is planning to focus on all topics ranging from tech consulting to running in the high altitude of Denver. She has already secured some high-profile guests like Marcus Freeman and Jason Derulo. Give it a listen! Sarah Galbenski recently wrapped up her Fulbright year in Madrid, Spain, and graduated from the IE School of Global and Public Affairs with a master’s in international relations. She then moved to Washington DC in September to pursue a four-month fellowship at the Organization of American States. In January, she began working for Dr. Jill Biden in the Office of the First Lady at the White House. In her free time, she has enjoyed exploring the beautiful museums and neighborhoods that DC has to offer. Patrick Johnson was recently in a Broadway show! He is now doing stand-up comedy in NYC and starting to tour around the Northeast. Additionally, he and Charlie Donnelly created a health supplement brand called 8Bit Nutrition. Maggie Finger recently got married and is now officially Maggie Sullivan—congrats! Cindy Emenalo was accepted into medical school and will matriculate in the fall of 2023. Rob Brutvan has been busy as an entrepreneur lately, founding three startups. The first is the Chicago Seed Bank, and it is an agricultural startup dedicated to sustainable environmental practices and preserving heirloom/landrace genetics from extinction. The second is AIRosas and it is a prop fund that has beat the S&P three years in a row, since its founding during our senior year. The third is Pyrose, which is a boutique system integrator and OEM part designer. They are hoping to have their first custom case prototype ready soon! Paulina Camara got promoted in her first year at Microsoft and just got accepted into Notre Dame’s MS Business Analytics program. Congratulations to everyone on their updates, and for those of you reading along, don’t be shy! When we send out our quarterly emails asking for updates, let us know what you’ve been up to. Or, if you’re too eager to wait for that, you can DM us 24/7 on Instagram @class21nd. We look forward to hearing from you and GO IRISH! — Ryan Mullin; rmullin77@gmail.com


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