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I received a nice long letter and press clippings from Stephen F. Dragos ’61. He and wife Judith are enjoying a well-earned retirement in a home they both designed and built in St. James Plantation, Southport NC. Steve became known as “the catalyst — the agent that brought diverse and sometimes conflicting personalities together to turn the dream of major downtown renewal projects into realities” in Milwaukee, Phoenix, Camden NJ and Somerset County NJ. As an architect turned planning professional, he built a reputation “as a perceptive thinker on urban issues,” “a leader whose bold leadership and clear vision created a new spirit for revitalization.” His project received the Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence for Large-Scale Commercial/Retail Development, the National Council for Urban Economic Development Private Sector Initiative Award and an AIA Honor Award. While doing all that he still found time to also be an adjunct professor at the U of Wisconsin School of Architecture and Regional Urban Planning for 10 years and at the Arizona State U College of Architecture for six years. — Orlando T. Maione, FAIA Emeritus, FACHA Emeritus, NCARB; 27 Bucknell Lane, Stony Brook NY 11790-2521; 631-246-5660; fax 516-578-5320;


Biological Sciences

A number of alumni were in the spotlight last summer because of several cases of homegrown malaria in FL and two in TX. One is George F. O’Meara ’64, ’67MS, ’69Ph.D., professor emeritus, U Florida, who spent his career at the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory (FMEL), the university’s mosquito lab in Vero Beach and the tip of the spear in mosquito control in the Southeast. A recent article about the FMEL’s responsibilities and research activities is co-authored by L. Philip Lounibos ’69 and published in the autumn issue of Wing Beats (34:17-25, 2023), a publication of the American Mosquito Control Association. The FMEL has also been home to Donald Shroyer ’78Ph.D. and Cynthia Lord, a U Vermont and Princeton U alumna, who did her postdoctoral fellowship with ND’s late Professor George B. Craig. Following graduation, Don took a position at an NIH research facility in Honolulu, now part of the U Hawaii, and then joined O’Meara and Lounibos at the FMEL in 1985 before taking a leadership position at Indian River Mosquito Control District also located in Vero Beach. Like your correspondents, after his undergraduate years at Ball State U and a master’s at Purdue U, Don met his wife, Carol Jolly Shroyer ’75MS, a student of the late Professor Morton Fuchs, during their ND graduate student years. While malaria grabbed the headlines this past summer, the Vero Beach folks say that the malaria “outbreak” was overblown since such cases are rare. Other, more important and potentially fatal mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue present an annual challenge. Adding comment is Professor Manfred Dietrich, longtime friend of ND and senior members of its Holy Cross community. A malaria expert and retired director of the Tropeninstitüt in Hamburg (f. 1901), Dietrich states that there are “three conditions for autochthonous malaria: Anopheles (all over), temperature not below 18 centigrade for two weeks and humans hosting malaria parasites. This happened in the hot summer of 1947 in Berlin and Hamburg!!” He further writes that the many WWII bomb craters in those cities, having standing water, contributed to especially large populations of mosquitoes. Combine the large vector population with soldiers, both German and those of the Allied Occupation Force, who contracted malaria in the Africa campaign, and a perfect storm for malaria transmission would exist. Columbia University Press announced October 2023 as the release date for a new book titled The New City: How to Build Our Sustainable Urban Future by Dickson D. “Dick” Despommier, ’67Ph.D., Columbia U professor emeritus. (If you enjoy eating pork that isn’t overcooked, you can thank Dick for the diagnostic test he developed for trichinosis that saved American pork producers.) Dick, a regular on the weekly podcast This Week in Virology (TWiV), posing questions as a non-virologist, writes that his new book details real-world practical solutions showing how cities can help repair our fragmented ecosystems and at the same time address climate change head-on. Lastly, apologies to readers with military service for the editorial change in the magazine’s Autumn issue of the abbreviation of the rank of Colonel in the US Army (COL). The alumni mentioned in the article were retired Army officers, not Air Force nor Marine officers as might have been inferred by “Col.” — Joan Smith Carter ’71MS and Philip B. Carter ’67, ’71PhD; 12916 Barsanlaw Drive, Raleigh NC 27613-6400; res 919-848-2192;


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Master of Nonprofit Administration

Greetings to all MNA, EMNA and MSA alumni. It is with a heavy and grateful heart that I share the news that our beloved Tom Harvey died in September. Tom was the director of the MNA program and supported many of us through the program. He lived a large, happy life and valued the lasting friendships with his students. His storytelling, leadership, ability to charm the crowds and love for Notre Dame will be remembered. Congratulations to Kimberly Roland ’12SMC, ’22EMNA who was recently hired as the assistant vice president of corporate philanthropy at Arizona State U Foundation for a New American University where she will lead global philanthropic efforts for ASU and put her Mendoza degree to use to grow the good in business. All MNA, MSA and EMNA alumni are encouraged to submit your news for upcoming Class Notes. You may email me directly at the address below. — Betsy Quinn ’12; 2110 Brummel St, Evanston IL 60202; 847-733-0557;


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Graduate Degrees 

Badia Ahad, Ph.D. ’00, English, was named dean of Oxford College of Emory U as of Aug. 1. She is an award-winning teacher, innovative scholar and seasoned academic leader. Ahad has also served as vice provost for faculty affairs and professor of English at Loyola U Chicago. She is the author of Freud Upside Down: African American Literature and Psychoanalytic Culture. Hayden William Anderson ’00 Ph.D., philosophy, died at home on May 20 after a year-long battle with colon cancer. Hayden found his work roles in nonprofit development/administration to be meaningful at organizations such as Camp Calumet in NH, Seattle University, The Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project and, most recently, as the executive director of the Maine Humanities Council in Portland. Hayden also served on the board of Mayo Street Arts and Maine Association of Nonprofits. Jamie Caporizo ’15, Master of Sacred Music, declared her intention to enter the Adrian Dominican Sisters as a candidate during the formal rite of entrance into candidacy on Sept. 8. Jamie will spend her candidacy year in ministry at the food pantry and dire needs office at the St. Mary Campus of Holy Family in Adrian MI. Marvin J. LaHood ’58MA, ’62PhD English; 93 Parkhaven Drive, Amherst NY 14228; 716-691-4648;