50 Generous Beyond Measure

William H. McGinley Jr. (age 93) died in Harrisburg PA on Feb. 5. The Allentown Morning Call reported that Bill joined the US Navy immediately after graduation, “serving during the Korean War as a pilot and patrol plane commander, the youngest aviator in his squad. Subsequently, he entered the business world and worked as a sales manager at JT Baker Chemical Company in Phillipsburg NJ. Eventually Bill rose to the role of vice president of Doe and Ingalls Inc. [located just outside Boston] from where he retired in 1993.” After moving around the country for many years (he lived in six different states during his working life), Bill chose to spend the rest of his life in the Lehigh Valley. The Morning Call described how he spent those years: “Sailing, photography, cars, reading, Notre Dame football and Philadelphia sports were among his many interests. [However,] Bill’s family was paramount, the subject of nearly all conversations and the complete focus of his abundant energies. He cherished his wife, children and grandchildren, dispensing love and advice—whether solicited or not—to an equal degree. To those near him, and to the Catholic parishes he patronized throughout his life, he was generous beyond measure. Possessed of a fine wit, Bill made fast friends throughout life. [He] loved adventure [and] lived with incredible zeal, love and grace.” After the passing of Bill’s wife of more than 60 years, Genevieve, his health began to suffer. He leaves behind four children, nine grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. David V. Steidl passed away at age 94 on Feb. 18 in Glenbrook IL. After leaving ND, he had a 35-year career in nuclear energy research at Argonne National Laboratory. The Joliet Herald-News reported that “David was an avid gardener, photographer, reader, opera lover, outdoorsman and sports fan. During his retirement, David, his brothers and family members enjoyed numerous bareboat sailing adventures in the waters of the Virgin Islands, Mediterranean and Kingdom of Tonga.” David is survived by his wife of 72 years, Shirley, and three children, two grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Joseph Reifel, 96, died on March 20 in Leo IN. Prior to graduation, Joseph served in the US Navy during World War II. After ND, he worked for 34 years in sales at General Foods, retiring in 1985. For the next 38 years, he enjoyed hunting, fishing, carpentry and spending time with his family. Joseph’s wife of 73 years, Doris, predeceased him; he is survived by three children (one son passed away earlier), four grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Kevin Hanifin ’78 emailed to say that his father, Patrick J. Hanifin, passed away in Anaheim CA on April 21 at age 94. Kevin described how his dad overcame financial challenges as a new student at ND: “Pulling double shifts at [his hometown’s] Borden dairy and with some financial assistance from a local Rotary Club member, Pat was able to afford his first semester. Thereafter, once in South Bend, Pat took several on-campus jobs including serving the training table in the dining hall where two Heisman trophy winners took their meals and working in the post office during semester breaks.” Following graduation, Pat began a 43-year career with North American Aviation; he started as a draftsman and retired in 1993 as a director in their space program. Kevin wrote, “Pat was a respected voice among his counterparts at NASA in the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs, often receiving personal notes from astronauts upon the completion of their missions. Pat would often cite the safe return of imperiled Apollo 13 astronauts as the most challenging and rewarding trial of his career.” The Orange County Register reported that “[In retirement,] Pat continued his daily jogging and reignited his passion for the game of golf. Forever a sports fan, there was never a time in the home where you wouldn’t be greeted with Vin Scully on the radio broadcasting the latest triumph of his beloved Dodgers or the storied notes of the ‘Notre Dame Victory March’ signaling the most recent Saturday conquest by the Fighting Irish.” Pat’s wife of 63 years, Mary Jane, died in 2016, but he is survived by four children (one daughter predeceased him), 11 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. If you would like to share news about the class or stories from your time at ND, please let me know. Jim Coogan ’91; 4 Gile Drive Unit 2A, Hanover NH 03755; jcooganv@alumni.nd.edu


51 Class SecretaryJim Jennings;



52 Tornadoes

On June 14, Justin Perticone celebrated his 65th wedding anniversary. He and his wife, Jean, have seven kids, 18 grandkids and 28 great-grandkids. Justin also celebrated his 95th birthday on June 25. To this day, he remains active mowing his lawn, planting flowers, maintaining his garden and pitching horseshoes in the Jackson County MI Horseshoe Club, which he helped create in 1972. A high school basketball coach in the state of MI for 38 years, he came out of retirement at age 93 to assist his son in coaching three inner-city youth basketball teams in Atlanta, where he lives in the winter months. Jim Graham has been enjoying retirement with his wife, Irene, living at Tallgrass Creek Retirement Community in Overland Park KS for the last 14 years. They have done quite a bit of traveling both in the USA and abroad. However, their suitcases are now in storage. Three of their children live close by, with one son in CO. During his tenure with the FBI, Jim had a chance to have a personal visit with J. Edgar Hoover. They discussed tornadoes for about 20 minutes. Apparently, J. Edgar liked tornadoes. Rosemary and Bob Dougherty recently celebrated 68 years of marriage with their five children, 13 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren in attendance. Jim and Bob are both longtime members of the Cure de Ars church in Leawood KS. Turns out that I am now a member of that church as well. At one early morning Mass all the priests had been called away. Bob went to the sacristy. Found directions. Held a Communion service. The parishioners were grateful. Jim, Bob and I recently had a great lunch together catching up on our lives since graduation. Tony Messina writes that his brand-new great-grandson was born on his birthday, June 25, about 560 miles from where he was born and at the same time, four a.m. Archie Morse Rollins, seven pounds. Anyone else have a great-grandson born on their birthday? Barbara and Gus Gerwe are living in an assisted living facility in San Jose CA. They are chugging along, very much enjoying their times together. — George Heidkamp, 9308 Linden Reserve Drive, Prairie Village KS 66207; 913-206-4128; georgeaj@rcn.com


53 Seventy Years

It’s been 70 years since being sent out into the world’s playground to transfer what we learned in to practice. And Father Ted inaugurated his tenure by awarding our degrees. As for the Reunion gathering, five we were. We were enjoying what camaraderie we could muster and wishing many of the rest of us could have joined us. Ed DeBoer had the record of missing a five year’er once. Brother John Benesh joined us for the first time before returning to his CSC mission activities in Peru. It was good to learn of Ron Wong activities with Notre Dame programs over the years. Dick Schreitmuller kept us up-to-date on the status of the University and the developing fall athletic programs. By the time you read this, you will know much more about the real status. I have received the sad news about the passing of Bill DeCrick from his daughter Elizabeth; John Gelson from his son John; Dick O’Neill from daughter Margie; Jim Miller from son Michael; Al DeCrane from the DeCrane family; and Carl Mauro from daughter Ann M. Mauro-Vetter. May they rest in peace. — Bill Berry, wberry@nd.edu


53JD Class Secretary Bob Berry;

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54 Summer Winds Down

If your school-age grandchildren are like mine, they are looking forward to the return of school. I asked mine why? “We are kind of bored. At school we see our friends and get back into activities.” My eighth-grade grandson runs track. In one race, his foot caught the top of a hurdle. Down he went, hitting his head and an arm on the track. He finished and then ran the 1,600-meter race, finishing second. At dinner his father said, “You don’t look good,” to which Jack replied, “My head and arm hurt.” At urgent care, he learned he had a concussion and broken arm from the fall. Jack then announces he wants to go to West Point. On the college level, Abigail graduated from CUNY as a distinguished student. She has been accepted to Duke for her master’s and doctorate studying primates. They have a five-year program with a year in Madagascar for which she gets paid. I heard from Dick Hill enjoying VA life. He is a member of the Norfolk Club, which has many active and retired military. All is well with him. For me, I have the monthly infusion treatment followed by a shot. PT is twice a week working on my balance. I hope to be back at the hospital volunteering. A football forecast: a 10 and 2 record with another bowl game. God has called home the following classmates: Robert Urbanski, Robert Fontaine, Bill Hamel, Bill Jackomis, Carl Farah, John McGraw, John Skeese and Roland Bleu. Please remember them and their families in your prayers. Go Irish and God bless. — Jack Mertens; 550 Wilmette Ave., Ormond Beach FL 32174; 845-216-7251; jacknd54@gmail.com

55 It’s Back!

Due to a deadline mix-up (mostly my fault), our class column for the summer issue was not printed. Paul Fullmer would surely have whacked me for that. Jerry Prassas took his extended family of 27 to Mexico over Thanksgiving and had turkey tacos. I edged Jerry years ago in the contest for naming the classmate who had the youngest child. I suppose I am still the winner with a Los Angeles lawyer named Joe Connaughton ’08JD who just turned 39. Gavin King, Tulsa’s Finest, called and said he keeps in good health by chasing his seven dogs. Tom Neville telephoned from CA and we talked about January 1956 and the first time either one of us had gone to Rosie’s. That night, Tom and I celebrated his mid-year transfer from William and Mary. Bob McGrath, Joe McGraw, Dick Burke and Charlie Pollow got together in Palm Springs for lunch. Hard to believe that Charlie got his nose out of his chemical engineering textbook long enough to eat. That was a well-worn book on the second floor of Sorin, and Leo Hawk had the same fixation. Larry Buckley telephoned. He had Jerry Hughes as a roommate for all four years. Who knows? That might have been more difficult for Larry then earning a Notre Dame degree. He and his wife, Eileen, have six children. One son and four grandsons are all Notre Dame graduates. I was happy to receive birthday greetings from Don Yeckel, Dick Burke, Dave Scheele and John Hobbs. Bob Russell sent me a note recounting the spring break he and I took to Fort Lauderdale. The thing I best remember about that is Bob’s fall into the hotel swimming pool wearing a full suit, tie and shoes and a Bryn Mawr girl trying to pull him out. Don Yeckel lived next to me in the Sorin basement and he was chairman of the Junior Prom. The whole basement wondered how he had managed to capture the interest of the beauteous Jeannette. They were married 68 years before Jeannette went to heaven last November. They had seven children, all of whom must have heard about Don’s football playing days at Aquinas Institute. A note from Bob McGrath talked about how he was in the kitchen in his socks washing dishes. Two mistakes: 1) washing dishes, and 2) wearing socks instead of rubber boots. He broke his femur. Following are short obituaries. Bob Zale died in December. He is survived by his wife, Elaine, and six children. Don Bucci died in February. Don was a backup QB and thereafter compiled a record of 306 wins, 89 losses and five ties during 34 years as the head football coach at Cardinal Mooney High School in Youngstown OH. Tom James died in February. Tom was a Navy jet aircraft pilot, earned a Ph.D., was president of Benedictine College, was married to Ann and had six children. Ed Toomey died in March. Ed graduated from medical school at Georgetown and was survived by wife Janet and three daughters. John Jahoda died in March. He was a first lieutenant in the Marines and was predeceased by his wife, Katalin, and is survived by four children. Paul Fazzone died in March. Paul was an officer in the Navy and is survived by Sylvia, his wife of 63 years, and two children. Bill Welch died in March. Bill was predeceased by his wife, Anabele, and is survived by six children. Paul Sowa died in March. Paul was predeceased by Theresa, his wife of 50 years, and is survived by three sons. These classmates have also joined Our Lady of the Dome: Leo Callahan, Don Matthews, Frank Zanardi (joint law degree), John Droege, Matt Moran, Ted Bintz and Dick Connelly. May they all rest in peace. Introibo ad altare dei. — John Connaughton; 1516 Marquette Blvd., South Bend IN 46628; 574-289-1445; jcithaca37@yaho.com


56 Greetings to the 56ers

Winston Churchill said, “it’s more important to give to life than to take from life.” Tony Guido died Dec. 15, 2022 in DuBois PA. He attended commerce school and was an attorney for 60 years. He was loved by his family and clients and respected by his wide community. Dave Granger died Feb. 20, 2023 in Saratoga Springs NY. He worked in finance on Wall Street, worked in Europe and was an innkeeper in Vermont. He found great comfort in his Roman Catholic faith. Both Dave and Tony could be seen on page 320 in our ’56 Yearbook. Sidney Wilkin died Dec. 6, 2022 in Rochester NY. He spent 42 years at Eastman Kodak and was our long-time class vice-president and a great help over the years. Jim Breitenwischer called me and sent a copy of the Scholastic from Dec. 5, 1952 with accounts of our football season and a photograph of the freshman football team, (walk-ons), which included Jim, and mentioned Gene Martell, John Kegaly, Bob Lasch, Pat Nakfoor, Ray Lemek, George Nicula, Jim Mense, Gene Kapish, Wayne Edmunds, Jack Dumas, Don Schaefer, John Gaffney, Dick Fitzgerald, Dick Keller, George Wilson, Dan and Dave McNamara, Nick Raich. Just heard about the deaths of Hank Dixon and Bill Squires. More to come. Rockne said, “I don’t want a man to go in there to die gamely – I want a man to go in there fighting to live.” There’s no more interhall football—Rockne is turning over in his grave. Will the undefeated Badin Hall Team of ’55 be forgotten? John Cupper died May 27 in Donora PA. He was a Navy vet, proud of his Slovak heritage, and a devout Catholic. Bill Kearney died Feb. 14 in Iowa City IA. He was a grad of Leo High and a great basketball player at the Rock, who worked at GPC for 30 years and loved golf. Cas Taylor died on April 24 in Cumberland MD. He was the longest-serving speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates and a great Catholic Democrat. Dick Van Mele died on Oct. 8, 2022, in Sebastian FL. He was a lawyer and taught at Ball State, was the former IN toll commissioner, and loved his faith. Hank Dixon died April 19 in Rockford IL. He was a lawyer and tried 267 jury trials, and was a brigadier general in the National Guard and the state attorney for Lee County. Charlie Conway, Frank Conte, John Murray, Paul Noland, Lou Malandra, Joe Kalbas, Dave Collins, Gene O’Connor, John Kegaly, Dick Yeager and everyone else should stay in touch. Go Irish! Ed Cosgrove; 525 Delaware Ave., Buffalo NY 14202; bus 716-854-2211; eccosgrove@cosgrovelawfirm.com


56JD Class SecretaryLauren Starkey ’08;

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57 So Long and Fare Thee Well

Mary and I received a wonderful email from Barbara and Gerry Trafficanda highlighting how they continue to stop and smell the roses in their life. They both are in excellent health, even with Gerry going through two back surgeries and recovering beautifully. This year they visited Bernie Lyon’s widow, Joan, and son John while they were traveling to FL. It’s wonderful to hear how full their life is. The recent passings are as follows: John D. Gibbs Sr. passed away Feb. 12. John participated in ROTC and various sports and clubs during college. One spring, “Lightning Gibbs” stepped in for an injured long jumper and hit his best all-time jump to help ND upset Purdue in the Old Fieldhouse. John served as a lieutenant for the US Army and made his career in the emerging personal computer and data services. He is survived by his wife, Yvonne, of 53 years and their four children and 11 grandchildren. Thomas C. Burlas died on Feb. 23. He is survived by his loving wife of 65 years, Patricia, and three children. After achieving various academic endeavors, Tom began his career as an electrical design engineer at General Electric in New York before moving back to the Greensburg PA area. Paul Leitzinger passed away on Feb. 27. He is survived by his wife, Mary Helen, and four children. John T. Kennedy passed on March 22. Lt. Kennedy was an Army Airborne Ranger. He worked as a chemical engineer with Union Carbide. He held a black belt in karate and was a volunteer EMT with Wilton Ambulance Corp. Surviving is his wife, Jane, and two sons. Dr. Eugene “Gene” J. Loveless passed on Nov. 14, 2022. Gene was the beloved husband to Mary Ellen and loving father to their seven children. Joseph S. Safko MD passed away on March 26. Joe was in the public health services and for more than 30 years was a radiologist and partner with Radiology Associates. He is survived by his wife, Karen, and their five children. William “Bill” Harry Lodge passed away on March 18. He worked as a manufacturer’s representative, a job that moved him and his family from Chicago to NE, IA, WI and CT, where he resided until retirement. He is survived by his blended family of nine children, and wife Barbara. Paul C. Kerwin, USMC (Ret.), passed away on Jan. 23. Paul lived a full and warm life, filled with joy, love and happiness. He proudly served our country as a pilot in the US Marine Corp. He is quoted as saying, “If you’ve seen Flight of the Intruder, I’ve done everything portrayed in that film except crash my plane and lose my bombardier.” Paul is survived by his loving wife, Jean, and daughter Meg. Joseph H. Rohs passed away quietly on April 30 in Vero Beach FL. He is survived by his loving wife, Jeanne, and their combined children. To the classmates of the notorious Class of 1957: it has been a pleasure and an honor to serve as your class secretary for the past 60 years. We find that it has become increasingly more difficult for my daughter Bridget, who has been the secretary to the secretary for the past several years, and me to write this quarterly column. I am grateful for all the correspondence and relaying the joys and sorrows of your lives over the years. I, too, am in the last season. I have run my race. I will receive my victor’s crown, just as you all will, and the Lady of the Dome will greet me. I leave you with the wish that, until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand. And don’t forget, stop and smell the roses, while you still can. — John A. Slevin; 6123 N. Mandalay Dr., Peoria, IL 61614; 309-453-8986; jslev57@gmail.com, cc:bridgettravels@gmail.com


58 Class SecretaryArthur L. Roule Jr.;

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58JD Class SecretaryJohn F. Murray;

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59 Monogram Winners

I received a great note from the Bengal Bouts champion himself, Ed Ricciuti (Killingworth CT): “Still writing, including for Notre Dame Magazine, teaching hapkido and heading a nonprofit martial arts school, training in the Chinese martial arts of H’sing Yi, TaiChi Quan, Black Dragon Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do, taking falls and blows starting to hurt a little more but still going OK, raising pumpkins to sell in fall, biggest issue now is having someone assist carrying stove wood for winter to my splitter so I can process it, and then helping me load, unload and stack. No longer a job for one!” Our ND ’59 student-athletes did not discuss name, image and likeness (NIL). Instead, besides practicing, participating in athletic contests and going to class to earn degrees, our classmates on athletic-grants-in-aid were evenly assigned to residence halls, and faithfully performed assigned duties of picking up mail daily at the ND Post Office (then located next to Walsh Hall) and distributing it in our hall’s mailboxes. They also were required to “man” tables next to the chapel doors, where and when they took morning checks, and occasionally “filled in” for priest-rectors and prefects during evening room checks. “Updates” on these 81 classmates, and others, who were awarded ND monograms (dates of death or current residences in parentheses): Ted Bares (fencing, El Cajon CA), Dick Beschen (football, d. 2017), Bo Broemmel (baseball, d. 2020), Jim Brogan (fencing, d. 2020), Max Brown MD (tennis, d. 2011), Dick Buhrfiend (basketball, d. 2022), Kevin Burke (football, d. 1995), Hector Cabello (tennis, d. 2020), Don Carbone (wrestling, Booneville NY), Dan Clancy (fencing, Westlake OH), Marty Clynes (track, d. 2017), Jim Colosimo (football, d. 2012), Don Costa (football, baseball, Ellwood City PA), Steve Dornbach (track, Minneapolis MN), Adrian Doyle (manager, d. 1994), Gene Duffy (baseball, basketball, d. 1972), Mike Dugan (football, d. 1999), Charlie Duggan (fencing, d. 2007), Al Ecuyer (football, d. 2012), Barclay Ewart (track, d. 2012), Ed Finlay (wrestling, South Orange NJ), Bill Flynn (manager, Fernandina FL), Joe Foreman (track, d. 1999), Charlie Fredrick (football, d. 2019), Jim Garrity (swimming, d. 2020), Sergio Garza (tennis, Mexico City), Frank Geremia (football, d. 2011), Bob Giarratano MD (baseball, Coronado CA), Doug Gonzales (cheerleader, d. 2021), Pat Green (fencing, d. 2011), Mike Haverty (track, Glenview IL), Tommy Hawkins (basketball, d. 2017), Bill Hickman (football, d. 2002), Chet Hobert Jr. (football, Naples FL), Mike Ireland (basketball, d. 2020), Jim Johnson (fencing, St. Charles IL), Jim Just (football, Arlington Heights IL), Dick Katis (swimming, d. 2022), Jim Kennedy (golf, Troy MI), Joe King (football, d. 2015), John Lauerman (fencing, d. 2001), Don Lawrence (football, Leawood KS), Judge John Leahy (football manager, d. 2015), Thomas C. Lee Jr. (fencing, Memphis TN), Joe Leslie (golf, d. 2017), Tom Londrigan Sr. (swimming, Springfield IL), John Madden (honorary, LaGrange IL), Lou Manzo (football, Naples FL), Jim Marshall Jr. (trainers, Roseville MN), Ed May Jr. MD (swimming, Stevens Point WI), Lt. Col. Mike Morando (track, Santa Barbara CA), Klaus Muller-Bergh (fencing, d. 2021), Gary Myers (football, d. 1999), Dick Nagle MD (swimming, El Cerrito CA), Bronko Nagurski (football, d. 2011), Vince Naimoli (honorary, d. 2019), Denny Nead (golf, Milford OH), Bucky O’Connor MD (wrestling, Verona NJ), Norm Odyniec MD (football, Chevy Chase MD), Nick Pietrosante (football, d. 1988), Chuck Puntillo DDS (football, Schererville IN), Jim Rankin (wrestling, Coral Gables FL), Tom Reinhart (basketball, d. 1998), Frank “Buddy” Reynolds (football, d. 2008), Dick Royer (football, North Bend OH), Pete Salsich Jr. (football, track, St. Louis MO), Jimmy Schaaf (football, d. 2022), Hon. Ron Schoenberg (tennis, Los Angeles), David Schwartz (fencing, Pittsburgh), Neil Seaman (football, d. 2017), Dick Selcer (baseball, football, North Bend OH), Pete Sheptak MD (track, Pittsburgh), Dick Shulsen (football, d. 1983), Charlie Stephens MD (tennis, Covington KY), Duane Straight (trainers, d. 2011), Ron Toth (football, Jacksonville FL), Gary Webster (golf, West Palm Beach FL), Bob Wetoska (football, Northfield IL), Bob Williams MD (football, d. 1990) and Don Williams (golf, Indianapolis). — Bob Brennan; 855 Clubhouse Drive, Ballwin MO; 314-807-1011; bobbrennan76@gmail.com