10 Welcome, Baby

Amelia Schwingle welcomed her second child, Theodore David, in July 2022. He joins big sister Eleanor Charlotte, who was born in July 2019. In personal news, I recently started a new job as assistant professor of pediatrics in the Divisions of Hospital Medicine and Biomedical Informatics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. I hope you all have a great end to 2023. Keep the updates coming—send them to NDclass2010@gmail.com. Go Irish! — Matt Molloy; ndclass2010@gmail.com


10MBA Ready for Football

Not much to report this quarter. I trust everyone is working hard to load up our winter update. With it being a slow news quarter, I wish I had something impressive to share personally, although the only thing I got is anticipation for the upcoming tailgating season in my new van. Hope to see you there. Please keep the news coming, if you do not receive my quarterly requests—please email me. Go Irish. — John Gerberich; cell 847-331-4707; jgerberi@alumni.nd.edu


10JD Class SecretaryJennifer (Hernandez) Laffitte;

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11 New Members of the Class of 2045

Okay, okay, I will do oooonneeeee more update before passing this off to the new class secretary. Here we go! Grace (Fidgeon) and Ryo Isshiki would like to share that they welcomed their son, Theodore, in July 2022. He joins brothers Oliver and Arthur. Claire (Streitman) and Mike Rabon welcomed their second child, Lucy, on Feb. 17 of this year. Big brother Tripp and four-legged big sister Maggie are absolutely in love (as are their parents!). Brigid (Mangano) ’11, ’12MA and Andrew Boyle welcomed their third child, Seamus William Boyle, this past April. His big sisters Maeve and Aileen are thrilled to have a little brother. Tessa (Plaschke) and Charles Landis welcomed Daisy Ann Landis to the world in May. The parents thank all their friends for the support during their fertility journey. Daisy can’t wait to meet her ND friends in the Class of 2045! Ashley-Anne (Elias) and Michael Bohnert welcomed their son, Arthur Michael Eli, on May 8. Older siblings Edward and Amelia both adore their new playmate and are eager to be “big helpers.” The Bohnert family currently resides in Pittsburgh, where Michael works as an engineer at the RAND Corporation and Ashley is the marketing manager for an international materials science association. Erica (Severson) and Brian Cook welcomed Caroline Mary Cook to their family on May 15. Older brothers Theodore and Charlie are excited to have a new baby sister to protect and dote over. Congrats to all! Woot woot! And for those who are not having as great of a time, remember that “even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise”—Victor Hugo, Les Misérables. Hurrah! — Kate Clitheroe; class president; class11@nd.edu


11MBA Class SecretaryMimi Wilfong;

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11JD New Chapters

New McWinter on the block. Lloyd James aka Jamie McAlpin blessed his parents Samantha Winter McAlpin and Greg McAlpin ’07 on June 7. He came in during a historic Arizona heat wave and clocked in at 8 pounds, 20.5 inches. Welcome Jamie! Blake Rambo celebrated his 40th birthday with a huge surprise dinner pulled off by his superstar husband (but perpetual student/pauper) Sean Cullen ’08. Lauren Sharkey Byam ’08, ’11JD, husband Jack, Erin Rogozinski Swafford ’08, ’11JD, husband Matt, and Devin Villarosa were there to help celebrate, drink too much wine and sing along to fake Celine Dion. Blake will accept silk ties that go with blue button-down shirts for his birthday. PJ Hines and David Thaxton ’07, ’11JD played golf in Buffalo—but no score was reported. Send me updates! — Lauren Sharkey ’08; shark.byam@gmail.com


12 Class SecretaryTyler Harmsen;



12MBA Class SecretaryJennafer Palumbo;



12JD Updates, Baby

Hello, classmates, and happy new quarter! First and foremost, please accept my deepest apologies for missing the last column. I had a lot going on (explained below) and the deadline snuck right past me. I hope you each managed to find a way through these dark months without the ray of sunshine I’m sure this column represents for you. Anyways, for this week we have a handful of updates, almost all of which (spoiler alert) involve babies! First, Melesa Freerks and husband Nick welcomed their second boy back in June 2022. Baby Lucius joins brother Mikkos and sister Nike to round out the family. Wendy (Tran) Novotne and husband Anthony also welcomed THEIR second boy. Jaxon was born in March, sharing his daddy’s birthday, and was named by his big brother Logan. Drew Stokesbary and wife Ashley, never ones to be outdone, welcomed their FOURTH baby boy in July. Drew was also elected minority leader in the Washington State House in the spring, and joined Chalmers, Adams, Backer & Kaufman as a partner last fall. I tried running the numbers for how Drew has time for all that, and I’ve got nothing. In “babies that are no longer babies” news, Brittany Hunt-Jassey reports that Joey graduated from high school this spring and is about to leave the nest and spread his wings at the U of Kansas in the fall. She is banking on Lawrence KS resident Robert Hutchinson to keep Joey in check over the next four years, a task Brittany describes as “probably a piece of cake.” And last but not least, I, Jimmy Champlin, and my wife, Sarah, had our first baby in July. Charlotte Kate (named for Sarah’s grandmothers, not the Windsors) unexpectedly made her debut three weeks early and, per our birth plan, I called Alvin Adjei to let him know she was on the way. Alvin “couldn’t find a flight that works for his schedule” and missed the birth after he hit traffic halfway between Houston and Atlanta. It’s probably for the best, since Alvin kept insisting he could deliver a baby “no-hands” and was going to prove it. Oh, and I also decided to change jobs a month before having a baby, joining the GA attorney general’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, and Alvin got engaged to his fiancée, Selena, after seeking and receiving my blessing during a recent dinner meeting at the Atlanta airport. That’s all I have for this quarter. If you sent me something and I missed it, please remember that I’m writing this one week into fatherhood—I can’t remember the last time I slept more than an hour and a half at a stretch. Please send me your updates and, assuming I don’t blow another deadline, I’ll print ’em. Thanks! — Jimmy Champlin; james.c.champlin@gmail.com


13 Who’s the Better Sibling Writer Now?

Hello everyone, and thanks for flipping to the class column section. You may have noticed last issue that the column above mine, written by some second-grade hack, was blank. Our mother was terribly embarrassed. He might try to use his newly arrived daughter as an excuse, but I am here to tell you the column was due well before her birth. I only received two updates this go-around. The first is that Brian Pimentel and his wife, Bonnie, had a baby May 8, a week before Mother’s Day. Which is a pretty impressive Mother’s Day gift, if you ask me. He also joins the ranks of Sorin Dads, quickly leap-frogging me as the newest member. The second, less joyful update was being informed that Kevin Tracey passed away in January 2022. My sincerest apologies for the delay in his inclusion. By all accounts he was a splendidly kind individual, and a pretty wicked drummer. Take some time and listen to him on an album he recorded with Kill the Headlights, called The Shack. Those are all the updates I received this time, and my allocated time for socials snooping has drastically decreased since my son became my new manager. Please send me updates, I’d love to hear from you all. — Chris Champlin; nd2013updates@gmail.com


13MBA More Babies

Happy to say we added a couple more people to the Notre Dame family. Rocío and Tomás Ramírez welcomed Isabella into the world. Brother Ignacio was also excited to meet his sister. Tomas lives in Mexico City now and works for Grupo Ruz. Noah Nicolas Zammar was born eight weeks early in March, but he is happy and healthy now according to parents Ashley and Elie Zammar. I know a group met up in June for our 10-year(!) Reunion. I heard they had a great time, but otherwise didn’t get many details. Mark the 15-year one on your calendar now! Please send anything for the next set of notes to me by Oct. 18. — Nick Imgrund; 314-775-7364; daimgrund@yahoo.com


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14 In My Class Notes Era 

It’s me. Hi! As summer’s salt air turns to fall and we, once again, head Back to December, I had a marvelous time reading your updates. Call It What You Want, but this job is absolutely Enchanted. There’s truly nothing I love more than filling up this Blank Space with your stories. I love the little Invisible String that ties me to you through this magazine—I feel like I get to be a part of every Love Story, every victory, and every new adventure. Every new update Hits Different—there are some updates from old friends that I treasure because it gives us a chance to reconnect, and then there are some updates from new friends that are Sweeter than Fiction that allow me to meet someone new. This Is Me Trying to say: Thank you for trusting me with your stories. Thank you for being Fearless enough to put your life in the magazine. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me, through email, Facebook, Instagram, text or however. Each of your stories is Bigger Than the Whole Sky to me; this job is one of the best things that’s ever been Mine. On that note, Dear Reader, it’s time to start sharing! First off, I’d love to congratulate Margaret (Pickard) Gomez, who, along with her husband Dan Gomez, welcomed their first child, Arden Clare, in April. Margaret reports that Arden fills their lives with joy and that Arden especially loves to giggle at funny faces. Welcome to the family, Arden, and we wish you all the Happiness in the world! Next, Mara (Stolee) and David Cable proudly present their daughter Eleva Novena (“Nova”) Cable to the Notre Dame family. Mara and Dav credit Chris Clarke for coming up with Nova’s middle name, and are so excited to begin their life with her. Congratulations to the Cable family, and welcome, Nova! Stay Beautiful, little ones, and congratulations to all new parents out there! Whether or not you were Ready for It, being a new parent will surely have all the adventures, joys, and Gorgeous moments you could imagine! That’s about it from me for now, folks. Dear Reader, until next time, please remember to send me your stories, updates, news and insights. I Know Places you can find me, and please don’t hesitate to Speak Now! Lots of love. — Lizzie (Helpling) Trebbien; 513-470-9723; ehelplin@alumni.nd.edu


14MBA Class Secretary Jessica Bonanno;

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15 Congratulations

Drew Neils, a chemical engineering major from St. Edwards Hall, proposed to Sherry Zhong ’16 at the Chicago Botanic Garden on May 14, 2023. They met while attending the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, from which they graduated in June. — Emily Flores; eflores2@alumni.nd.edu


15MBA Class Secretary Valeriano Lima;



15JD Class SecretaryAlisa Finelli Murphy;



16 Hi Barbies and Kens

Lots to share about the good you’re all doing. Evie Baumann works with Rewiring America as the manager of local engagement. Lauren Crawford, Pauline Hickey and Toni Schreier led their intramural kickball team to a league victory in Boston earlier this summer. Preston Igwe is in the UCLA Psychiatry Residency Training Program and will serve as APA Leadership Fellow for the next year. Steven Salido Fisher earned his MDiv at Harvard in 2021; currently he works for a faith-based environmental nonprofit while also an illustrator and beekeeper. Deacon Brian became Father Brian Florin as he made his final vows to the priesthood this June. My sweet Howard Hall roommate Taylor Kelly ’18M.Ed. works as interim director of ACE Advocates and lives in the cutest South Bend house with Paige Hamilton ’22 M.Ed. and Sarah Witt ’18M.Ed. Along with Rachel Ingal ’21 and Sara Surani, Annie Kuster announced that Nayaraq Stories, their storytelling project with adolescent mothers in the Peruvian Amazon, was selected for another State Department grant. Jack Laughlin works as investment manager at Pangea Mortgage Capital in Chicago. Cara Lucas works as manager for revenue planning and forecasting for Walt Disney Company; Cody Mason also works for Disney as senior manager of ad operations. Kaya Moore joined Startmate in the spring as program and community manager. Derek Price celebrated one year as a senior software engineer at Dreambound. Jacob Schrimpf is on a mission to run a marathon in each state—so far he’s at 14 marathons in 12 states. If you’re in Denver be sure to stop at Adam Soisson’s food truck, Crepes de Soissons. Nicole (Zielinski) Stevens was awarded the 2023 Luminarts Fellowship in Architecture and husband Matt is very proud of her! Ryan Twardzik launched his own furniture design studio in PA called uniform studio, and his Drip Collection was featured in NYCxDESIGN in May. Nora Bradshaw graduated from Texas McCombs School of Business. Toria (Janssen) Elliot graduated from Fordham with her MBA in finance. Jessica (Trinkl) Giles graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School; she, husband Shane and their one-year-old son have moved to Madison WI for Jessica’s three-year residency. Cavan Finigan and Emily (Horton) Wade both graduated from Harvard Business School. Joanna Mulvey is starting this fall at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and will look forward to graduation in 2025. Caroline (Corsones) Rooney graduated with her Ed.D. from Boston U Wheelock College of Education and Human Development. She and husband Jack just bought a house in Sunapee NH. Seamus Ronan graduated from Fordham Law, Francesca Simon from Berkeley Law and Adam Henderson from Yale Law. Adam will work for a year starting in August as judicial law clerk at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. Cheers to our recently engaged couples: Sara Brown and Brendan Gallagher, Hannah Cumberledge and Kenny Sabacinski, Alyssa Fallon and Brad Lenke, Katherine Griffith and John Rumer, Sydni Meunier and Grand Koch ’17, Madi Routier and Adam Henderson, Brittany Sanok and Callen Ravaret, and Jackie Zink and Jake Eisner. Wedding bells are ringing! Congrats to Lindsey Broyles and Steven Mason, Annie Cahill and Nick Hauser, Clare Clouse and Christian Inciong, Claire Curran and Paul Hurley, Annabelle Duncan and Tom Haile, Corinne Eckert and Sebastian Fischer, Annie Ekman and Joe Langley, Katie Elliot and Ryan Culberson, Meghan Fallon and Bob Collins ’17, Dipika Gaur and Jimmy Oh, Dajana Gjoza and Alex Sganga, Emma Herlihy and Jack LeClair, Isabelle Hillberg and Sam Bruns, Abbey Hubregsen and Jake Fennelly, Alexandra Lane and Mike O’Neill Jr. ’15, Danielle Lukish and Nick Lisauskas ’15, Erin Richards and Jack Milliken, Kim Romano and Greg Sauers, Grace Rubinger and Alex Casey, Juliana Salles and Mike Banach, Hannah Skrbis and Kevin Tyransky, Casey Stoffel and James Bowyer, Sarah Wall and Michael Fliotsos, and Christina Wu and Brian Miller. Happy to report sweet parenthood for these classmates: Paige and Keenan Bailey, Sarah (Robison) and Brandon Bowser with baby No. 3, Emma (Fleming) and Patrick Couch, Janie Goodson and Nathan Foje ’15, Kate (Hermeling) and Matt Hutchinson, Sarah (Followill) and Skyler Hughes with a baby girl this fall, Madeline (Lewis) ’17 and Michael Infantine, Rebecca (Almeida) and Carlos Jimenez, Theresa and Jason LeBlanc, Monica (Simon) and Brendan Lesch (Shannon Lesch is proud aunt already to Kingsley Shannon), Angela and Josh O’Brien, Carly (Smith) and Mike Petrucci, Sarah Protos and Austin Taliaferro, Gabbie and Diego Rayas with baby No. 2, Sarah Rohrman and Jonathan Hyak, and Mackenzie (Gray) ’17 and Joe Salvi. Thank you to Gracie Gallagher, Kelly Griffith Bell ’18 M.Ed., Stephanie (Peterson) Mumm and Mary Catherine Walter for their reflections in the FaithND newsletter. This Barbie wants to share your news—email me! — Bridget (Doyle) Hanle; bdoyle@alumni.nd.edu


16MBA More Babies

Lisa and Doug McCallum were surprised by the early arrival of baby boy Broderick Edward, born Feb. 24. Erin and Andy McCourt recently welcomed baby Brooke Elizabeth on June 30, weighing in at 6 pounds and 14 ounces. Emily and Brinker Dailey also added a baby girl to their family with the addition of Skylar London Dailey, born May 24. Big brothers Hudson (4) and Parker (2) and are in love. Congratulations to all our growing families! — Claire Kenney; ckenney2@alumni.nd.edu; Kelly Rubey; kelly.rubey@nd.edu


16JD Class SecretaryMack Watson;



17 A Busy Start

Summer brought many celebrations for the Class of 2017! Congratulations to our classmates on their professional accomplishments: Shannon Gaylord is improving others’ lives as one of the only mental health therapists specialized in functional neurological disorder in her state. Emily Gonzales graduated from the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program. Savannah (Washlesky) Sellner gave back to ND’s Bridge Engineering Course as the final project panel reviewer. Adam Conrath is the enterprise sales director at Persefoni; Andres Giovanni Lincon is a senior associate, development and investment at Trammell Crow Company; Jose Suarez Martinez is an associate partner at McKinsey & Company; Matt Bradley got promoted to strategy senior manager at US Soccer Federation; Brent Halvorson is now a life sciences associate at JPMorgan Chase; Clare Burns was promoted to advisory manager at Deloitte; Neil Jones is now a product manager at Deloitte; Sean Keenan is now senior engineer I at Moderna; Hannah Rees is now assistant vice president, asset manager at BMO; Mary Kate Healey is a graphic designer at Great Lakes Brewing Company; Eric Mitchell is a political campaign client strategist at Strategic Impact; Christina Kappil is MBA interning at Sunstone Therapies; MaryBeth Carson is MBA interning at Goldman Sachs; Matthew Grothaus is a graduate management intern in sales analytics at Toyota; Celanire Flagg is a summer associate at Kirkland and Ellis; Caitlin O’Loughlin is a predoctoral intern in clinical neuropsychology at the Corporal Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center in Philadelphia. Yomara Acevedo graduated from Boston U with an MS in applied data analytics; Ethan Kovar graduated from Columbia Law; Mary (Howard) Nikolai and Allison (Walker) Milo graduated with MBAs from Babson F.W. Olin and Wake Forest Graduate Schools of Business (respectively); Mikki Jaramillo graduated from IUPUI’s Doctor of Dental Surgery program and was the graduate commencement speaker; and Maura E. Dore is now an MD. Some changes are coming for these classmates as they pursue MBAs: Clare (Geraghty) Henne at U of Michigan Ross, Rachel Jonckheere at London Business School, and Sara Carrera at SDA Bocconi School of Management. Congratulations on your engagements! Moira Hamilton and Sebastian Siclait, Kristen Ochs and Davis Corben, Lindsay Neuberger and Phil Cozzi, Elizabeth Frazier and Charles Warner, Annie Oliveri and Jack Klamer, Caroline Cheney and Gregory Smith, Olivia Oldham and Patrick O’Connell, Maura Boston and Jay Carroll ’16, Tiffany Nguyen and Daniel Hulesman, Kelsey Bebout and Ryan Lank, Claire Sinnott and Andrew Kelley, Sarah Haley and Matt Noone, Kassidy Lawrence and Preston Lee, Emma Frost and Stuart Hammond, Lauren Janek and Charlie Shifman, ​​Catherine Levy and Antonio William Scelfo, Claire O’Neill and Jeff Romano, Rina Moore and Joe Berry. We are excited to celebrate your weddings in the future. And speaking of nuptials, congratulations to all those who have tied the knot this summer! Katie Schneider ’20M.Ed. and Jack Assaf, Ally Daly and Ben Gries, Sierra Muir and Marshall Jackson, Amanda Conklin and Luke DeTrempe, Mackenzie Smith and Mark Shealy, Emily Affinito and Ryan Casserly, Michaela Wright and Tim Dow, Caroline Chiaramonte and Davis Blaylock, Monica Thomas ’16SMC and Cornelius McGrath, Erin Soldatis and Rory Coscia, Jamie Grzybowski and Chris Reynolds, Meghan Thompson and Chris Scully, Lauren Jones and Josh Tadevich, Lauren Michels and Charles Kind Jr., Elizabeth Woodard and Cooper Petagna, Chandler Wright and Mitchell Meersman, Allison Tierney and Bailey Sexton, Shabeen Xec and Faisal Shariff, Grace McCarthy and Nicholas Lindstrom, Emily Garden and Frank Smith, Kristen Ringwall and Sean Damico, Abby Smith ’18 and Ben Rosso, and Regina Souder and Peter Arriaza. Finally, we love to see that our ND family is growing. Margaret Quinn welcomed Scout the puppy into her home. Congratulations to those who are expecting: Adrianna (Rominski) and Josh Dulany are expecting their third boy, Karolina (Gogola) and Christopher Hawn ’15 are expecting their second, and the following couples are expecting their first: Courtney (Sampson) and Areyan Stocks ’18, Anne (Gandolfi) and Alex Groesch, and Suzannah Muthoot and Deepak Koshy. Several couples have welcomed babies! Congratulations on your healthy little ones Amelia (Zepernick) and Matthew Phillips, ​Margaret (Carswell) ’17SMC and Mike Pohl. This update was made possible by social media. If you have an accomplishment, announcement, or something else you would like to say please send it to Celanire Flagg at cflagg@alumni.nd.edu. See you at a game this fall! — Celanire Flagg; cflagg@alumni.nd.edu


17MBA Class SecretaryMary Tomasik;



17JD New Job

Vincenzo Leone is now a law enforcement officer with the city of Hillsboro OR Police Department. He was previously working for the Washington County OR District Attorney’s Office. Please send any updates to laurennottoli@gmail.com. Go Irish! — Lauren (Nottoli) Schwabe; laurennottoli@gmail.com


18 Sharing Milestones

We’re still recovering from the reunion in June but here is our Reunion Mount Rushmore: seltzers, pickleball, the Keenan second-floor study room and the limbo. Planning for the 10-year starts now. Congratulations to Regan Edwards and Matt Kobunski, who were engaged in Cleveland in November 2022. Their wedding is set for June 2024 in Saratoga Springs NY. Betting lines currently have “Thunderstruck” as the odds-on favorite for the couple’s first dance song. Grace Hills and Daniel Childers were married on May 6 in Washington DC. Allison Hogan and Tommy Emmet were married at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on April 29. After four years apart, they started medical residency together in Madison WI in July. Pauline Blatt and Noah Sarkey were married at the end of August along the beautiful ME coastline. They’ll be traveling to Japan in October for their honeymoon. Amy Mueller and Scott Williams, who met freshman year, were married on July 8 in San Francisco. Emily Reeve ’18, NDSEED ’17 and Daniel Rish ’14, NDSEED ’12 were married at the Basilica on May 13. Kathrine (Fetizanan) Robertson married Brett Robertson on Nov. 5, 2022, at Our Lady of the Holy Family Parish in Chicago. They are expecting a baby girl in late summer 2023. Patrick Shields married Molly Nitschke ’21MEd at the Basilica on June 24. Annmarie Soller married Mason Spilinek on June 24 in her hometown of Columbus OH. They are grateful for all their ND friends who celebrated them and who kept the dance floor crowded all night. They happily reside in Omaha NE with their dog Castor. Kirstyn Ruiz and Sean Kilmer were married on Aug. 5 at the Basilica. Sophia Lillis and Thomas Yaeger were married on May 13 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Brownsville TX. They celebrated their joyful day surrounded by family and friends, including many Domers from Lewis Hall, Duncan Hall and Navy ROTC. They now reside in Washington DC. Congratulations to our young honorary members of the Class of 2018 and their proud parents! Brennah Toomey and her husband, Jacob, welcomed a baby boy, Thomas Redmond, on April 28. Bridget and Patrick Koehr gave birth to their third boy, Louis, on April 18. Tracey (Schirra) and Brent Marin welcomed Xavier Brent Marin into the world on March 23. Sydney (Sivertson) and Isaac Althoff welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Leah Grace, in November 2022. Isaac continues to work for the Navy and recently hit 500 flight hours. Clare (Scantling) Miller and her husband, Dan Miller ’22MSF, welcomed their son Benedict on June 4. Kacey (Hengesbach) Thelen and her husband Alex’s daughter Isadora Leigh Thelen was born on Feb. 18. Sophia Kiernan Miller and Nathan Miller relocated to Dallas as Sophia begins PM&R residency at UT Southwestern. Anthony Rogari graduated from UC Davis School of Law and will be moving to San Francisco after taking the bar. Maria Vigil-Mallette and Adam Mallette moved to Salt Lake City where they will begin working as a pediatrician and a process engineer, respectively. Beverly McCarthy graduated from the U of Texas at Austin with a Master of Science in civil engineering. Colleen Halpin completed her Master in Education at Creighton U. She is enjoying teaching high school theology in Omaha, her hometown. Nicholas Furnari was recently appointed the Midwest regional director for the Young ND Board and is proud to call South Bend home. He is excited to hear from other young alumni living in the Midwest. Paul Stevenson adopted a baby kitten named Pudding. Follow the Instagram account for her and her sister @moose_and_pudding. Matthew Peters; mgpeters96@gmail.com


18MBA New Roles

It has been an exciting 2023 for Shareen Lee, she and her husband, James, welcomed their second child (Henry) in May. James has also taken on a new role at the Mendoza College of Business. May the happy moments continue! Patrick McHail; pmchail@alumni.nd.edu


19 Continuing to Grow

The Class of 2019 is back with some exciting developments over the past few months as we roll into what promises to be an exciting fall! Members of our Class are taking some thrilling new steps in their personal and professional lives. We are thrilled to let the ND family know that Bianca and Michael Aumann welcomed their first daughter in December 2022. Bianca graduated with an M.S. in mechanical engineering from Stanford U in June 2023 and walked to receive her diploma while holding her daughter. Wedding bells rang for our Class of 2019 alumni this summer, with Mary Kate O’Leary and James Venzor marrying in August. James works for the Cleveland Guardians baseball team as a data analyst and Mary Kate works for Booz Allen as a systems engineer. Lauren Fox married William Kanan in July with multiple Class of 2019 alumni alongside her, including Ally Cochran, Claire Girardot, Maréa Hurson, and Kara Shannon. Rachel Black ’21 was also in the wedding party. The following alumni will be planning their weddings very soon! Margaret Schaffer and John Kochevar announced their engagement this past March. Grace Seibert and Mark Hancher similarly announced their engagement in April, with plans to wed in Madison WI in May 2024. Brooke McGill and Jack Grogan also were engaged in April, and they will be getting married in Santa Barbara CA in the summer of 2024. Olivia Cimo “said yes” to Andrew Deye in May, with their wedding set for October 2024. Chris Brendza proposed to Erica Bosso in January of this year, and the two will wed in Washington DC in the fall of 2024. The Class of 2019 continues to challenge itself professionally. After honing into his passion for sports, music, and community engagement in his four years at ND, Trebor Goodall now works at Overtime, a leading sports media company and operator of next-gen sports leagues, helping build and activate partnerships for the company’s league properties including Overtime Elite, the first US-based pro league for elite high school aged athletes. Trebor also volunteers with the Dropping Dimes Foundation assisting retired athletes from the ABA, is a member of SEEN (Sports and Entertainment Equity Network), co-leads community engagement as a member of Overtime’s DEI board, and continues to develop his interest in cultures around the world via travels to Asia, South America, and Europe. Andrew Skiff has recently accepted a position as director of music and liturgy at St. Anthony de Padua parish in South Bend, effective June 1. Abigail Ferguson joined the Chicago Red Stars, Chicago’s professional women’s soccer team of the National Women’s Soccer League, as the community relations coordinator, helping to build and maintain relationships with local community members through events and activities in order to raise awareness of our club and find ways the club can contribute and give back to its community and fans. Maria Gund was promoted to senior product management consultant at Deloitte Digital. Annie McCarter was promoted to manager of enterprise data and analytics at Protiviti. Maddie Grimes passed her Level II CFA exam. Colleen Fink wrapped up working on the 2023 US Women’s Open—held for the first time ever at the legendary Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach CA—where she was in charge of all 1,400 volunteers at the event. We are always so excited to share the life updates sent to us by our fellow Class of 2019 alumni, so please continue to pass them along to classof2019@alumni.nd.edu. — Michael Conlon, Dan Hopkinson, Jane Driano, and Eddie Griesedieck; notredameclass19@gmail.com


19JD Autumn Celebrations

Happy fall and Go Irish! After almost four years at the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office, Scott Stevenson is now at Wilson Elser. Maggie Adams is now at Axiom in First Insurance Funding. Hollis Bartlett got engaged to Megan Carroll! Their life together in CA looks absolutely dreamy! Keep sharing what you have been up to! — Katherine Miller; miller.a.katherine@gmail.com