60 Be on Time

Colleen and I have been back in our condo for a few months now and are very happy about that. The whole process was very draining, as you might imagine. ’Nuff said! From Charlie Riehm, a note on the passing of Ed Kennedy: “Hard to see one of the best Notre Domers pass on! Ed was loved by all and he’ll live on in all the stories!” From Dan Lyons—a political statement? A note following the announcement of Tom Keegan’s passing: “I’m reminded that politicians are always looking for votes. In 1959, on a ND student trip to Pittsburgh, Tom Keegan and I met in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel on Saturday morning and walked outside to check on the weather before the game. All of a sudden, some state police and Secret Service men exited the hotel surrounding Vice President Richard Nixon, heading to a waiting limo. As he passed us, he made a 90-degree turn and came over to us. He had spotted Tom who was wearing his ND cheerleader outfit and he held out his hand to shake Tom’s (and mine) and wish us good luck at the game.” Congratulations to Ben Finley for carrying on the ND family traditions. “It was an exciting day in May for three Notre Dame graduates: Ben Finley ’60, electrical engineering, son Micah Finley ’23, civil engineering, and son Ben Finley ’92, finance. I am so proud of my legacy family. Help us celebrate!” Recap status from Joe Hilger: “Sue and I do mostly local driving around Newtown Square PA. We live at Dunwoody Village, which has all types of living facilities and provides 100% health care. Sue is involved in the arts programs and I have been active in the wood shop. Our summer home is on Lake Erie at Van Buren Point. Our gang makes sure we are chauffeured there. We usually leave in early June and return middle of September. Who’s over 80? I stopped counting years ago.” An update from Bob Fitzsimons: “You know our classmate and my brother-in-law, Warren Baker, died last October. He was president of Cal Poly for 31 years, and the university organized a wonderful memorial service in the SLO Performing Arts Center that the City and Warren and Cal Poly had collaborated to develop. There were tributes from friends, graduates, faculty, administrators and state officials. Afterwards everyone gathered in the lobby for a reception. Suddenly outside the entrance, the Cal Poly marching band appeared. They played a full rendition of the ‘ND Victory March’ as a final tribute to Warren. It was truly a heart-stirring moment. Carly is well and holding down her beautiful fort in Avila Beach. I am comfortable and well in the Phoenix desert valley in the town of Surprise. I grew up in South Bend and lived on McKinley Ave. adjacent to the Morris Park CC. I wish you the best and also to all my durable and dedicated classmates. I feel closer to Notre Dame than ever through the FaithND website. God be with you all.” It is probably not too early to get a feel for who intends to come to the 64th in the first week of June. A lot of us are just not able to make the trek, but keep in mind, ND has 100-plus golf carts and 25 or 30 seven-passenger vans to haul us around the campus for the weekend. Drop me an email or two with some short stories! Thanks. — Joseph F. Jansen; 9190 Southmont Cove #103, Fort Myers FL 33908; 317-514-4478; jfjansen@aol.com


61 News and Notes

I must first apologize that, by either typo or auto correct, in my last article Mike Sammon was referred to as Mike Summon. Sometimes I wonder if the secretary doesn’t need a secretary! Fortunately, I can rely on my daughter Sara for IT assistance and her typing skills, but that one slipped through the cracks. I can venture a guess, however, that Mike’s request to know where everyone is and what everyone is doing remains steady. Slim pickings on much news of our class these last few months. I received a nice note from Mike Brennan in Coral Gables FL in April thanking me for continuing the News Notes for the Class of ’61—which definitely is not necessary but appreciated. I do enjoy hearing from everyone. I know you all are just like me, and we all go straight to the Class of ’61 News first thing when we receive our Notre Dame Magazine. He reports that he has lived in his same home for 50 years and his kids are all nearby. What a blessing! I received the most precious picture of John Hoey’s 18-month-old grandson sitting in front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which is still undergoing restoration after the devastating fire. I also heard from Ted Dawson with a picture included of the Dolly Duffy ’84 honorary membership award in the ND Class of ’61 Rat Pack Group voted on during their 60th reunion at Butter Field Country Club in Chicago back in September 2021. They mailed Dolly’s award to her office address at Notre Dame in June, and it was reportedly received with great enthusiasm. Please know that I regret ever missing an email or note and not getting you in the ’61 News, but I will continue to work at it. That’s about it for now. I note that Abbie is ready at the front door, with the latch string out, for you to drop by on your way through South TX. Bring rain! We would love to see you. — Joseph P. (“Pat”) Kelly; 2103 N. Wheeler St., Victoria TX 77901; 361-573-9982; jpkellytx@gmail.com


61JD Class Secretary  John N. Moreland;



62 Meet-ups

I was in LA at the end of March and had lunch with Tony Bill. Tony has a film studio—Barnstorm Films—and gave an interesting background on the intricacies that go into making a movie. For most, it is a two-to-three-year project at best with a lot of potential pitfalls. For example, dialogue may look good in the script but does not work when filming, necessitating a rewrite and redoing the scene, thereby driving up production cost. Tony pointed out that while the “producer” of a film may seem to be a prestigious title, that person is responsible for the myriad of details and a 15-hour day is not uncommon. Tony won an Academy Award for The Sting and, after being in over a dozen films, transitioned into directing. While in Seattle, I had a chance to get together and reminisce with Kathy and Bill Donovan. Bill had a career in employer pension and health benefits for two large insurance brokerage firms and retired at the end of 1999. During our two hours, we solved most of the problems in the world! For those who lived in Keenan, Bill never followed up on his “locksmith” hobby. Vince Drnevich, his wife, Roxanne, and John Shanahan got together in Denver recently. John said, “We had only met a few times since graduating, but remained in touch by email.” Vince is still working as an emeritus professor of civil engineering at Purdue. He has also served in key positions for national professional organizations and been recognized for his work and engineering research by being given the status of fellow in those organizations. While studying for his master’s degree at ND, John decided to study for a doctorate in engineering in Germany. So, he wrote his thesis in English and German. John then spent 25 years working in nuclear power and related fields in the USA and Switzerland, and another 27 years dedicated to education about the importance of fossil fuels, advanced nuclear power, their byproducts, and truth in understanding climate change. Jim O’Hanlon moved this past spring from FL back to the New York City area where he grew up and worked most of his career. Taking a break in the drive, he and John Beall had a long lunch in the Richmond area. Since both were history majors, they later toured a settlement founded in 1611 as an alternative to the swampy area around the original settlement at Jamestown, followed by a visit to a Civil War site where the Confederate forces stopped a Union flotilla attempting to get to Richmond. Fred Fitzsimmons said he had a number of health setbacks recently but is now OK. He is an active member of the Off-Campus Writers’ Workshop and has written short stories appearing in anthologies titled Turning Points and Meaningful Conflicts, all available on Amazon. Unfortunately, the number of our classmates who have passed away is growing. Charles Maeder died on Nov. 26, 2015. In 2022, Tom Bonofiglio died on June 22, Warren Marr on Sept. 12 and John Kost on Sept. 16, Al Maniscalco on Oct. 31, and Ted Nylese on Nov. 24. This year, Allen Sell died on Jan. 20, John Kuehne on Feb. 11, James Donahue on March 25, William J. Sullivan on April 4 and Dave Bertrand on April 21. In May, Pete Connolly passed away on the 13th, Hayes Kavanagh on the 22nd, and in June, Max Burnell on the 8th, Bill Busemeyer on the 13th, Dominic Bologna on the 26th and Joe Hilliard on the 30th. — Raymond Raedy; 5310 Rileys Ridge Road, Hillsborough NC 27278; 919-967-8816; nd62secy@medicinemanremedies.com


62JD A Few Updates

Tom Kelly is checking in to say that he and Marianne are enjoying the busy summer season between Chicago and the Northwoods of WI. Tom’s Lewy Body disease and Parkinson’s are well managed by medication and wonderful doctors, and he is doing much better since spring 2022. They are looking forward to a September cruise in the Northeast states, Nova Scotia and the St. Lawrence Seaway and to a few weeks in FL in November. They attended the wedding of their oldest granddaughter, Dr. Kristen Kelly, at the Morton Arboretum in June. If you are in the Chicago area, please give them a call. They would be happy to see you. If you missed the update regarding the passing of George McAndrews in April, here is the funeral home website with the full obituary: www.davenportfamily.com/obituary/George-McAndrews. He led such a full life. His large family and many friends will certainly miss him. Keep in touch. — Christine Stucko; christinestucko@gmail.com


63 Reunion 2023 Remembrances

The 60th anniversary of our graduation from the world’s greatest university was celebrated on June 1–4 on campus. Attending were 88 members of the class along with spouses and significant others. Thursday began with visits to the Class hospitality suite at the Morris Inn. Lou Lucas supplied prodigious amounts of his wine, which was a “fan favorite” (who didn’t expect that); the gold T-shirts were then handed out. On Friday our class sponsored a seminar titled “Notre Dame Our Mother: Supporting Women and Children After Dobbs.” Sheila and Ed Scanlan did a wonderful job coordinating things with the de Nicola Center for the seminar. The highlight of the weekend was our Class Mass on Friday at the Grotto, concelebrated by Father Monk Malloy and Charlie O’Hara; Charlie gave the homily. ND has returned to providing Communion in two species. Scott Maxwell is sure it is purely coincidental that the wine was gone long before the hosts. Ed Scanlan and Ed Luteran set things up, provided programs (with words of the alma mater for those with foggy memories) and ensured there were lectors and Eucharistic ministers available. Friday evening was our Class dinner at the Morris Inn. Class President Scott Maxwell acted as emcee introducing the speaker, a comedian by the name of Monk Malloy. Monk provided several anecdotes of our ND years, all of them humorous and extremely well received. Saturday morning started with a ceremony recognizing veterans of the Vietnam era. Pins were awarded to all who served in the military during this period, and the names of those ND grads who were KIA were read. Rocky Bleier ’68 presented the pins and gave a brief speech. Thereafter, the All-Class Mass was celebrated in the Purcell Pavilion, followed by dinner at the Morris Inn for our class only. Thanks to Ed Delahanty who coordinated the hospitality suite and obtained the after-dinner speaker, Chad Riley, head men’s soccer coach. Following dinner, most classmates went to the hospitality suite to finish off Lou’s fine wines, pick up T-shirts and say goodbyes to their buddies. All in all, it was a great reunion! Kudos to the following who spent many hours working to make the reunion a success: Officers Scott Maxwell, Ed Rutkowski, Jim Eide and John Dougherty; “our man on the ground”—the “go-to guy,” Ed Delahanty; and Alumni Office Coordinator Beth Duran Thomas ’05. Charlie McCullough is a retired Delta Airlines captain who lives near Seattle with his wife of 58 years, Heather. They have three children and four grandchildren. Charlie was from Sherman TX. He was ROTC at ND and began US Air Force pilot training in 1964. He was in Vietnam 1967–68 and awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Becky and Ed Delahanty were married at the Basilica on campus and are celebrating their 60th anniversary. Both grew up in South Bend and met in high school. Ed graduated with a BS in math; Becky earned a BA from the College of St. Catherine, an M.Ed. from St. Thomas and a Ph.D. from Georgia State U. Ed’s career was in human resources consulting, while Becky was focused on education. Both Ed and Becky are currently members of the ND College of Science advisory council. Becky was also on the advisory council of the College of Education at St. Thomas. They both retired in 2000 and now live in Naples FL and Mishawaka IN. They have two children, three grandchildren and a great-granddaughter. Leslie Morelli ’96 reported that her dad, Fred M. Morelli Jr., passed away on Jan. 20 surrounded by his family. He is survived by his devoted wife, Maria, whom he married in the Log Chapel in 1966, and his three children and five grandchildren. While at ND, Fred was captain of the wrestling team, and earned a JD in 1966. Fred proudly served his country in the Army National Guard and practiced law for 56 years up until his passing. He also served as a judge for the 16th Judicial Circuit. He was an avid outdoorsman who loved an adventure— biking across AK to raise money for AIDS research, and hiking up to Machu Picchu, to name a few. He was a skydiving fanatic who made over 1,000 jumps, a base jumper, a bicycling enthusiast, an astronomer, a solar eclipse chaser, a classical music devotee and a knowledge seeker, and he loved to travel. He believed in taking good opportunities, being kind to people and taking care of everyone. He loved hard work and was utterly devoted to the practice of law. He mentored many and will be greatly missed. Lance Ehrke’s daughter, Julie D’Amato, advised that Lance passed away on April 9 in Green Lake WI. Lance earned an executive MBA in 1983 from UM-Milwaukee and held adjunct faculty positions there and at Marquette U. Lance was one of the original entrepreneurs. His nine patents are the forerunners to the RFID technology we use today. Those early years led Lance down a lifetime path of helping people with ideas finding investors. One of his many quotables: “Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.” (Albert Szent-Gyorgyi). When he wasn’t at work or parenting, Lance served on the boards of directors of innumerable nonprofits. He met the love of his life, Susan Lou, in 1958; they were married in 1964, and went on to have five children, plus a bonus child, and ultimately eight grandchildren. The Alumni Office has advised of the passing of the following members of our class: Joseph E. Kelly on Aug. 9, 2022, in Northborough MA, survived by his wife, Beverly; Lawrence R. Hock on Nov. 3 in Lebanon OH, survived by his wife, Sandra; Randolph N. Sanovic on Dec. 6 in Lake Kalena MI, survived by his wife, Margaret; Richard R. Everrode Jr. on Oct. 30 in Manzanita OR, survived by his wife, Colleen; Dennis V. Favero on March 21 in Minden NV, survived by his wife, Christine; and James F. Holmes on March 19 in Metairie LA, survived by his wife, Julie. — John F. Dougherty Jr.; 915 Exeter Crest, Villanova PA 19085; 215-510-0844; johndoc969@gmail.com


63JD Class SecretaryEd Adams;



64 Bits and Pieces . . .

. . . Pretty much describes my challenge as I craft this column. A little bit of news from here. A little bit from there. And too many death notices. Frank Fee shared a time titled We, the Elderly, an interesting look back over the many years we classmates have lived. Reach out to Frank directly for a cc. I was pleased to facilitate the email reunion of third-floor BP roommates Dave Nardone and Ralph Martin, both kind enough to copy me on their follow-up exchange. Two great guys in Portland and Detroit catching up after all these years. My hearts-playing fellow Keenanite, Gene Koster, checked in with grandchildren’s updates and passed along a fantastic description of a former Chicago speakeasy lived in by Paul Basbagill after graduation. Paul is still refereeing high school basketball, volleyball and whatever. Gene also connected with Dr. Joe LaNasa, who still brings the ND crowd in New Orleans together for a monthly lunch. This includes Leon Reymond, Walter Gamard, Lance Babst and Jim O’Brien. Tony Rodriguez checked in from San Juan with proud grandfather news. He and Evelyn, their three kids and their six grandkids are all well. Alison and Tom O’Brien are summering in central CT after bucket list trips to Greece and Wimbledon. I received a note from Jen Lang ’94 reporting that our classmate George Lang lost wife Carol to cancer in April, after previously losing their youngest daughter to cancer in 2014. George still lives in the Twin Cities. From Walter Gamard via Lance Babst comes the sad news that the wife of classmate Fred Frey, Elaine, passed away on July 4. A positive outcome was a very thoughtful email exchange with Lance on the challenges of aging. Sharp guy! Dick Kennedy wrote from Colorado Springs that his brother-in-law and best friend, Ted Topolski of Dallas, had passed away in May. Ted married Dick’s sister Sally in 1968. She predeceased him a year ago. They leave behind three children and seven grandchildren. Ted was a successful senior sales executive in the technology industry, first for IBM in Chicago and then subsequently in TX. He was initially diagnosed with cancer in 1993, then again in 1998, then again in 2015. He survived, treated at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and was highlighted in their magazine in 2016 as a survivor of four cancers. A really tough guy! Dick himself earned his law degree from Northwestern, marrying Lisa in 1975 before moving to Colorado Springs. Their two children are ND grads and live nearby. The family shares a mountain fishing cabin in Divide CO, which is well used. Ed Terry of Madison WI died in May. He and Sue married in 1963 and shared four children until Sue’s untimely death in 1993. Ed forged a notable professional career as a CPA, serving many of WI’s largest businesses in tourism and retail. Four children and six grandchildren survive. Earl “Bud” Berry died in June. After earning his law degree, he moved to Dallas where he specialized in real estate and finance. After retirement, he continued to practice serving clients from his office in East TX. With wife Annie, he created the Edom Bakery and Grill out of their love for food and entertainment. He loved his ranch, fishing, plants and music. Annie, two daughters and two grandsons survive. — Paul R. Charron; 44 Contentment Island Road, Darien CT 06820; 917-860-5385; paul.richard.charron@gmail.com

64JD Class Secretary Richard Balfe Wagner;

1204 Erskine Manor Hill, South Bend IN 46614; 574-299-9888; 760-567-1270


65 Thomas Aquinas and China

Bill Carroll has retired from the U of Oxford where he was the Thomas Aquinas Fellow in Theology and Science at the Aquinas Institute of Blackfriars. While serving in that position he would visit China for three weeks each year from 2013 to 2019, giving lectures and seminars at 13 Chinese universities and organizing two workshops on the thought of Thomas Aquinas for 50 graduate students from all over China. In retirement Bill has been a distinguished visiting professor of philosophy at two major universities in China, continues to publish essays, and will return to China this fall. Between his extended travels, Bill lives in Beacon NY. Last winter Mary Ann and Frank Gaul left the snow of Boston to relax in the sun of Kona HI and met Marianne ’65SMC and Dave Schiavone, who needed a winter break from Oak Park IL. Bobbi and Mike Wilsey live in Kona and hosted the four of them for a day of golf and lunch. Mike Masterson and Frank have been good friends since first grade. Mike has had a successful career as a real estate developer and now splits his time between San Francisco and Hawaii. Every Monday Frank and Howard Voight connect on a family Zoom call. They became relatives in the early ’70s when Howard and Frank married sisters. Howard married Jane Dattilo and Frank married Mary Ann a few months later after Howard set them up as a blind date. Howard enjoyed a productive career as a lawyer in Pittsburgh and now spends winters in Naples FL. This year Howard shot his age on the golf course several times. In April Ed Burke turned 80 and his wife organized a dinner gathering at a North End Boston restaurant. Mary Ann and Frank Gaul represented our class. Ed continues to teach a graduate course part-time at Regis College outside of Boston. Most of his students are training to be nurse practitioners. Ed’s passion is to attend as many concerts as feasible at Symphony Hall and the New England Conservatory. Darien CT is home to Bob Dilenschneider, who remains active with his company, the Dilenschneider Group, which provides strategic advice to Fortune 500 companies and global individuals. His new hardcover book, The Ultimate Guide to Power & Influence, is available at both Barnes & Noble and Amazon. After struggling with Agent Orange cancers for several years, Jim Lewanski died in October 2022. While at ND Jim was in the Army ROTC program and upon graduation attended the Engineer Officer School at Ft. Belvoir VA and was then assigned to Fort Bragg NC before serving in Vietnam, where he supervised the building of roads and pipeline facilities. While there he actively supported a remote Catholic orphanage rescuing babies abandoned by enemy raids. Jim was awarded the South Vietnam Civic Action Medal of Honor First Class and RVN Cross of Gallantry. After his tour of duty Jim settled in San Diego and established a private engineering firm. He is survived by his wife, Mary Ellen, whom he met while at Fort Bragg, and daughter Jeanne Lewanski Langen ’91, son Chris Magill and three grandchildren. John Schneider was his ND roommate and served with him at Fort Belvoir. John and his wife, Marilyn, live in Estero FL, which is also home to Beth and Tom Hawkins. In January Vince Graham died in Wilmette IL. After graduation he earned an MS in electrical engineering. Vince is survived by his wife, Susan. Tom Green died in February in South Bend where he worked for the Federal Aviation Administration. Tom and his wife, Rosemarie, had three children: Erin ’97, Brian ’99 and Kevin ’01. Tom also had an MS in electrical engineering. Jerry Pockar died in March and is survived by his wife, Johanna, in Euclid OH. John McDonald was an attorney at Columbia U and died in March in Germantown NY. He is survived by his wife, Jeanette. Tom Hassell DDS passed away in Austin TX where he had a dental practice. He is survived by his wife, Carol, and a daughter. James P. Harnisch MD; 6759 West Mercer Way; Mercer Island WA 98040; jphnd65@hotmail.com


65JD Class SecretaryHenry Boitel;

324 Brower Ave., Rockville Centre NY 11570; boitel@mindspring.com


66 Irish Echoes

Tremors felt on Aug. 26 emanated from Dublin! A ’66 troupe met in the Auld Sod to toast what we hope was an Irish win over Navy. Among them were Denis O’Toole, Barry Barth, George Jorgensen, George Hayduk and yours truly. My entreaty to the “unheard-froms” garnered response. Tallahassee-based George Palmer noted that our column is just a few pages from the front of the Class Notes section. Us aging? He and Betsy are retired and traveling. GP keeps up with Tom Begley in Tampa Bay, Robert “Corky” Corcoran and Paul Joubert, and is trying to evoke a response from Jude Linehan. Bob Haines of Charleston has legaled since ’79, following stints as an FBI agent in Gary and Toledo. He met Kathy through our recently deceased mate Bill Lasher, which worked, as they have three kids. BH keeps up with Luke McGuinness on Martha’s Vineyard, with whom I was slated for golf in July. Mike Reisert hailed from Melbourne FL, retired after 40-plus years in investment banking and brokerage. He plans to be a substitute teacher and volunteers at the local zoo. Mike welcomes calls at 954-562-1800. We met during our shared football recruiting visit to ND in early ’62. Ted Stanko Jr. is enjoying his “excitement-free” retirement in suburban Detroit. Albert Schneckenbach in Denver served as chief psychologist. and regional administrator for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, working with 15 lockups from CO to the West Coast. His son is a ’92 ND alum. Bill Loftus touted the ND lacrosse wins over UVA and Duke and the national championship. Tim Streb sent a pic of an evening scene in Paris—where he has an apartment—with him relaxing in a local bistro. I met two mates here on the Cape. Mike Keefe was at ND for three years before heading to dental school. He practiced in Brockton MA and retired in Falmouth. As did John Holmgren, who had a successful auto dealership in the Boston burbs before kicking back. George Jorgensen has had an active run. Following stints with the USMC and PWC, he went into construction and real estate development in CT and also did work in TX. Serving the US government, GJ fascinatingly helped 51 families escape Iran during the revolution. Now retired in Dallas, GJ has three children and seven grandkids. In his leisure, he’s developing real estate near Crested Butte. Pat McRedmond and Mike Rush met in Nashville, where Pat resides. Pat’s grandson, Blake Ragsdale, is a major football prospect and on the Irish watch list. Dean Planeaux vibed to Brother Barth re the Dublin sojourn, expressing hopes for enjoyable Guinness toasts. Probably happened! Dan Overholser’s wife, Pat, related his battle with PPA (aphasia) and that he has entered a memory care unit in Myrtle Beach. A great friend, Dan enjoyed a stellar career as a dental faculty member at U of Maryland. Thankfully he’s not in pain. The Pete Duranko fund, begun exclusively through our class and which many of us supported, is a boon to the ND athletic program. John Twohey, Evanston; Tom Bettag, DC area; and Minch Lewis, Syracuse, helped enliven the project, which has funded initiatives addressing head injuries among ND athletes. More than $270,000 has been given. Check out our ’66 website (1966.undclass.org) for more info. Webmaster Jack Gerken keeps us well informed. Join if you haven’t! Unfortunately, Jack’s Carol broke her knee and wrist during a summer escape to Cabo. Hope Carol’s back! Recent departees to their respective heavenly rewards include Tom Pandon (May ’23), Larry Sweeney (May ’23), Bill McGann (May ’23) and Joe Dold (April ’23). No details. We’ve transitioned to 326 as of June 20, about 1/4 of the 1,300-plus mates who started in ’62. Ave Maria! As the country classic reminds, “someday it’ll all make sense!” — Tom Sullivan; 1090 Shore Road, Unit 14, Pocasset MA 02559; cell 773-454-4343; t66sullynd@gmail.com


66JD Double Dose of Bad News

Brett Peterson ’00 recently contacted me about the death of his uncle, Ross Peterson. Ross was a Double Domer who was also a member of the Class of ’64. I inquired about Tom Peterson, another Double Domer ’63, and Brett told me that Tom was his dad and had predeceased Ross. Brett agreed to provide details concerning his father’s passing for the next column. He submitted data from the obituary of Ross, extracts from which follow. Ross W. Peterson passed away in February of this year in Las Vegas, his home for some 40 years. Ross served in the US Army as an officer with the Computer Systems Command at Fort Hood. After serving as general counsel and vice president for Host, he purchased and then operated a fast-food chicken chain called Jim Dandy, with nearly 100 locations throughout the South and Southwest. He enjoyed traveling, typically taking three or four international trips per year, but it was his devotion and generosity to his family that truly stood out. Guys, please send me some good news for a change. — Scott Maxwell; 2781 Siena Lakes Circle, Unit 2444, Naples FL 34109; cell 215-920-0616; ndscotty@gmail.com


67 Page Honored and RIP Richard

As part of Black History Month, USA Today honored Alan Page for his life achievements. Since 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision by the Supreme Court, Alan wanted to become an attorney, even though he had no attorney role model in his immediate family. Alan concluded studying the law would enable him to do something about fairness. Alan has become a fierce advocate for education even after his NFL career and his Minnesota Supreme Court Justice tenure. That remains a focus for him to this day. Bob Schoenherr and Karl Gustke along with their spouses Sam and Melba cruised the Mediterranean in January. Karl won the cruise long putting contest and Bob and Sam caught COVID. Mike Thiel writes that he and life partner Gail are winding down Hideaways International after 40 years in the luxury travel club business. In retirement, Mike has less than the normal retiree appetite for travel and is content to relax on his tidewater farm in Rye NH. Mike sees Bill Giles of Lexington KY at least once per year. Bill is a horse racing aficionado and horse owner. Past class president Pete Munson wanted us to know that Darrell Katsovsich, a former South Bend resident, has compiled history of Notre Dame alums who served in Vietnam and has advocated that Col. Kelly Francis Cook be nominated for the Rev. William Corby, CSC, Award for Distinguished Military Service. Pete accommodated Darrell’s request. Bill Rodgers had a great visit with Tom Rowland and Gary Follmar in Rockford IL. Judy Cayce informed us that her spouse John Cayce passed away Nov. 9, 2022 from MDS with AMLon. John was originally from Charlotte NC. He married Judy right after graduation and joined the Army July 4, 1967. John worked in banking in Atlanta for many years, then worked for UPS heading their venture capital arm until his retirement. We lost Richard Ghio on May 21 from a blood infection that may have been assisted by anti-rejection drugs from a kidney transplant about two years ago. Richard fought the infection for more than five weeks in St. Joseph’s Hospital in Stockton CA, his hometown. After graduation, Richard took a year off to help his father on their walnut and cherry farm just outside Stockton. After the year on the farm, he enrolled at UC Berkeley and earned an MBA in 1970, and then went to work as a CPA for PriceWaterhouse in San Jose. Along the way he met Janet Della Santa and they married in 1970. Not agreeing with corporate life, Richard and Janet returned to Stockton where they have lived ever since. Both took to teaching. Richard taught accounting and business law at San Joaquin Delta College, where he received several teaching awards over the 40 years he was there. Community organizations were a draw to Richard as he served on several boards of directors in and around Stockton. He will be missed. Bob Dowdell is fighting melanoma while going in and out of Mayo Clinic. Bob has had surgery to remove as much as possible, and is now in radiation treatments. Ed Driscoll writes that he would like to hear from more classmates through this Class Notes section, and promises to do more toward that himself. Ed is retired from general contracting business living in Jonesboro TN. He and his wife travel and camp in his fifth wheeler, and they make sure he steers it to FL for about eight weeks each winter. George Goeddeke was invited to Fantasy Camp on campus where adult men ages 25 to 60 pay several thousand dollars to be coached in football by former players like George and part of the existing coaching staff, where they also participate in live scrimmages. Go figure. John Lancaster was honored by the Notre Dame Law Association Board with the Father William Lewers Award for outstanding contributions in the area of civil and human rights or social justice. John served as a second lieutenant in the US Marine Corps where he was severely wounded in combat in an effort to rescue a wounded Marine, for which he received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. Upon graduation from the Notre Dame Law School John spent the next 40 years working on disability policies to improve the life and dignity of those affected. Please write: — Bert R. Bondi; 1891 Curtis St., Unit 1501, Denver CO 80202; bertrbondi@gmail.com


67JD The Circle of Life

Mo Nicholson passed away last November in Sun City AZ. He is survived by his wife, four children and three grandchildren. Mo loved the outdoors and sports and combined the two by refereeing youth football and lacrosse. Just last year he wrote to say that he was recovering from bladder and bone cancer, which had been made more difficult by a recent fall and resulting broken hip. But he added that he was still fighting. Kip Roe’s wife of nearly 59 years, Mary Jo, passed away on May 15 in Fort Myers FL surrounded by her family. Mary Jo suffered a stroke in 2017 and the long-term effects of the stroke finally caught up with her. Kip did have the pleasure of her company for almost six more years after the stroke and the privilege of being her sole 24/7 caretaker for her last two years. Memorial services were held in Fort Myers and their longtime home in Cincinnati. Most of their 16 grandchildren, now living all over the country, were able to attend these services. They were married in August 1964 and lived in University Village at ND. Bob Konopa has decided (after 56 years) that he’s had enough fun and will be retiring later this year. It’s been quite a ride and he’s loved it. They have 12 grandchildren and a great-grandchild on the way. One classmate dies and another witnesses the birth of a great-grandchild; the circle of life. Lynn and Ted Sinars visited Iceland in July. They took an eight-day cruise around the country; its scenery is beautiful. Ted will have knee replacement surgery in August and after a second knee replacement next year, he may get to play golf again. Mike Seng will start his 47th year of teaching Constitutional law. In the fall Mike will be making his 30th study tour to the Czech and Slovak Republics. He invites us to join him. Jim Harrington reports that he has recovered from a bout with RSV. He and Roseanne will celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary in September. Germaine and Jim Mollison will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary in July, without fanfare, just counting their blessings. Pam and Tom Sullivan were on a Rhine river cruise that began in Amsterdam and ended in Lucerne, Switzerland. Sean Keenan had a “flare-up” of COPD that landed him in the hospital for a couple days. He’s looking forward to his kids and grandkids coming to visit. Dick Muenchs’ entire family will be making the trip to MT for granddaughter Carlys’s wedding in the fall. Carol and Jack Couch have just returned from a quick trip to ME to see their daughter and family. Their next adventure is a European cruise this fall including a special tour of the Spanish Riding School. Beth and Frank Verterano are planning a trip to Aspen for a vacation, but then they have to prepare for the football seasons at ND and Penn State. Margaret and Jerry Berthold were in the Columbia River Gorge between OR and WA for their annual extended visit with family. Unfortunately, a wildfire nearby, although no fire danger to them, made it very smoky. Frank Cihlar joined “Bayou Bobby” Barkley for three days of fishing on the Little Bighorn in MT. Nancy and Jim Olson celebrated their first grandchild wedding, in Minneapolis, in June. Flo and Jim Heinhold celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary in August. John Fine’s latest newspaper article can be read at https://www.sun-sentinel.com/2023/07/06/did-you-see-any-sharks-opinion/. — Jim Heinhold; 1200 Carmel Lane, New Bern NC 28562; res 252-638-5913; im4irish@aol.com


68 Reunion Fun with the Guys

About 140 in number, we came to the 55th reunion of the class with exuberance, hairs combed (often in graying beards), and in attire attesting to decades of faithful support of Notre Dame on all fields of competition. We also came in a way reminiscent of long-ago Sunday afternoons in the Ratskellar of LaFortune Student Center: that is, we came without dates, and no buses arriving from Barat and St. Xavier. Sure, some smooth operators such as Class President Tom Weyer (Mary), Rocky Bleier (Jan), Walt Moxham (Jamie), Roger Guerin (Jean), Tom Culcasi (Judy), Michael Minton (Sandy), Mike Karnes (Mary Ellen), Tom Moore (Kathy), Brian Schanning (Susan), Tom Condon (Anne), John Walsh (Dia), Matt Walsh (Joyce), Dan Collins (Nancy), Tom Brislin (Davina), Brien Murphy (Maggie), Tom Schulte (Debi Alameda), (not Neil but) Rich Rogers (Pat), (not Indiana Tom but) Chicago Tom McKenna (Mary Kay), Jim Franczek (Deborah), Ed Wilbraham (Lisa), Myron Cramer (Gloria), Dennis Dorratcague (Patricia) and Richard Pivnicka (Barbara) had dance partners for the Friday night DJ session and the Saturday night party with the band led by Darryl Buchanan. Fred Ferlic, who tapped Darryl for the party, and Gene Cavanaugh, who brought order to Fred’s committee of South Bend reunion planners, had glamorous townies Mary Jane Ferlic and Pat Cavanaugh at their sides. Mary Lou Toolan busted some moves in honor of her husband, our much-missed Dennis Toolan. Even Chris Murphy was stag at the generous Sunday brunch he and Carmi hosted at their home; Carmi was an organizer of another South Bend gathering. As a gift to the class, Skip Strzelecki arranged a video testimonial shown Saturday night. His office is working to make the link available. Following the Friday night dinner at the Walsh Architecture Building, Bob Brady sang and quipped about the decades of our lives. On Saturday afternoon, Rocky Bleier wowed a Washington Hall audience with his theater performance. Saving ourselves for the evening dancing, the Saturday morning remembrance of all Notre Dame service members, the up and down of the classroom venues for a few panel discussions, even a gator pile in the wee hours (after 9 p.m.), we made liberal use of Reunion shuttle services. As an additional safeguard, the University once again offered only a couple of social (or beer) tents rather than the number that once festooned the South and North quads. Though some think the reduction is meant to reduce consumption, the truth is a fear that Jim Schaefer and Class President Tom Weyer could resume climbing our own tent and repeatedly sliding down a channel in the tarp. Denied the opportunity this time, the two may have gone for a climb on the Dome. The Class Mass concelebrated by Father John Pearson, CSC, and Father John Sheehan, SJ, with deacon Bob Smith included somber intonation of 250 deceased classmates, a number since increased with awareness of the Feb. 22 death of John T. Kriese in Seattle. A post at the funeral home’s site captures John’s meaning to his family and his community: “I remember Makaila, my daughter, at two years old, knowing my Uncle John less than a day . . . grabbed a book and made him read to her. Little children see people. She saw what a kind and generous person he was.” Maintaining their parallel universe for most of the reunion, the General Program alumni hunkered down for cerebral fellowship in a home rented for everyone by Rich Havel, the Californian attending his second reunion. Following a Thursday night barbecue at Tom Durkin’s Long Beach IN home, Ned Buchbinder, Tom Fitzharris, Tom Gogan, Jim Schaefer, Paul Higgins, Steve Weeg and Jim Chapman repaired to their Olympian retreat for heated round-the-clock discussions laced with citations from Voltaire, Erasmus and The Observer. During the reunion, questions circulated: What of no-shows Steve McCormick, Dave Vecchia, Joe Blake, John Flemming, Bill Matturro, Pat (Jake) Keenan, Steve Grace, Stan Smazal, Chris Manion, Joe Ferry, etc.? With the vapors of the 55th reunion still in the air, Pat DeMare hosted classmates at his Boonton NJ home June 1. Neil Rogers came from Long Island and later reported: “Bob Santaloci was MC and sommelier, Richard and Pat Rogers from Franklin TN, Mike Carroll from the Boston area. World affairs were discussed briefly as it was hard to get a word in; however, there was ample time to discuss the recent ND 55th reunion events.” Thanks for sending news and photos to: — Tom Figel; 455 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach CA 90802; 312-241-7917; tfigel@reputecture.com


68JD Reunion at ND 

Our thanks are extended to Jim Seckinger, Tim Woods and Tom Curtin for coordinating the Class’s 55th year reunion at Notre Dame on Sep. 29, 30 and Oct. 1, 2023. Since class notes were due prior to this event, we will have an update on the reunion in our next newsletter. Since I have not received any news to share with the Class, the Collins family went on a Disney cruise for a week in June, including four grandchildren (9, 8, 6 and 5). It was a magical trip and all enjoyed. A final plea, please let me hear from you with regard to any of the information that you wish to share with the Class. Best regards. — Dennis G. Collins; 2203 Derby Way, St. Louis MO 63131; bus 314-516-2648; dgc@greensfelder.com


69 Travelogs

Mike Brennan reported: “Peter McInerney, his daughter Mary McInerney ’05, Ebby Moran, Rick Redmond and I attended a Lady Irish basketball game at Northwestern. I saw Steve Hext in Cincinnati. He is retired from law, does volunteer work driving a truck to deliver food to local soup kitchens, and enjoys senior golf. We had visits from Kathy and Dave Yonto from Orrville OH and Kathy and Bob McGrath from Madison WI. Patty and Mike Satarino celebrate their 50th anniversary in July.” April: Mike McCauley reported: The city of Chicago’s Homeless Services Division, led by Deputy Commissioner Maura McCauley ’98, was awarded the 2023 Mayor’s Medal of Honor for helping to secure temporary housing for 2,600-plus newly arrived migrants since September 2022. I saw Albert Alter at the Alumni Association Leadership Conference representing the ND Club of Portland, where he organizes several social service programs. I also saw John Freitas ’67, the brother of Paul Freitas. John Hodel ran into John Sturm at Mass in Chicago while he and Polly visited their son Patrick ’11. After 25 years, I retired from the board of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth TX. May: Linda and Gary Campana, Dave Heskin and Mike Karwoski toured northern Italy on an ND travel program. Jack Girardi, Jack LeFevour, Chris Mardorf, Dave Sim and David Vecchi ’70 attended the internment of Col. Joe Fry, USAF (ret.) at Arlington National Cemetery. Steve Kavalauskas’s 10-year term as the Shorewood (WI) Foundation’s treasurer ended. Linda and Don Jacobson and Cindy and Dan Merritt saw the ND Band perform in concert at an ND Club of Milwaukee function. Tim Gohmann moved to Cape Canaveral FL. Sally and Tom Ladky had lunch with Kathy and John Kenefick in New Buffalo MI. Hub Miller attended the ND graduation of his grandson Ben Miller ’22, son of Tom Miller ’95 and Becca Miller ’95. Dave Heskin and Father John Sheehan, also members of the Class of ’68, attended their 55th reunion. Mike Cerre hosted the Notre Dame Senior Alumni’s Memorial Day program with PJ Kane Connelly Duling ’78 about her husband, Maj. Mark Connelly ’78, who was killed in Operation Desert Storm. June: Tom Fischer attended the posthumous induction of Paul Purcell into the WI Business Hall of Fame. Onward to Victory interviewed Terry Hanratty for a podcast about his playing days and favorite memories. EcoSummit 2023 in Australia virtually awarded Bill Mitsch with the Distinguished Ecologist Award. Karen and Jim Gleason, Diane and Steve Kavalauskas and Sharon and Chuck Nelson vacationed together in Pergine Valdarno, Italy. Linda and Gary Campana celebrated their 50th anniversary. I ended my three-year term on the Notre Dame Senior Alumni board on June 30. July: Karen and Neil Harnisch traveled from their New Zealand home to the Pacific Northwest and Cape Cod to visit his brothers Bill ’62, Jim ’65, Kevin ’74 and other family members. Incumbent MS Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann is running for reelection this year. Steve Demeter wrote he’s been alcohol-free for years, exercises regularly, eats no animal products, has had two stents for arterial blockages and is recovering from an AFib surgery. He wishes good health for all our classmates. CRC Press published Memoirs of an Environment Science Professor by Bill Mitsch. Sharon and Ed Weinlein saw Muggsie and John Shern in Hilton Head SC. Mary and Chuck Perrin’s 1968 song “Babe Can You See” appears in the 2023 movie Jesus Revolution, now on Netflix. In memoriam: Jerome B. “Jody/Jerry” Ball, Sept. 22, 2022; Clarence Doyle, Oct. 15; Stephen “Pat” Chema, March 16; and Howard Earl “Ben” Davis, June 27. Our deepest sympathies to their families and friends. God bless. John Hickey; jphjr47@hotmail.com; notredameclassof1969blog.blogspot.com


69MBA Mini Reunion Planning

I hope everyone enjoyed the hot summer of 2023. Currently getting ready to finalize plans for our annual class mini reunion, scheduled for Sept. 16 weekend, as the Irish play Central Michigan U. We will have our annual dinner at Sunny Italy, which has become an anticipated social feature of the weekend. Peggy and Tom Condon have confirmed their planned attendance, along with Dennis McCarthy, Bob Dowdell, Linda and Joe Cavato, Jerry Claeys and yours truly. More info to follow under separate communication. Pat and Archie Sullivan are now spending summers in the mountains of NC, away from the FL heat! As of this writing, July 4, some good news to report on the health of two classmates: Vince George is holding his own with chemo and radiation treatments, as is Bob Dowdell with numerous surgeries and immunotherapy to treat his melanoma. Keep the prayers coming; they work! Bob is still hitting the links as often as he can and that is a good sign. Please continue to send or call me with your news and anticipated travel plans. The more news I can publish the more interesting these Class Notes can be. — Ken Samara; 3030 McKinney Ave., Apt. 601, Dallas TX 75204; 214-532-2187; kensamara@sbcglobal.net


69JD Smokey Joe

Joe McNeil recalls “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” when he laments about the summer in VT: smoke as thick as pea soup fog and heavy rain. Joe and his wife, Doreen, and son Colin with his wife and two children will escape the weather and go to Ireland for the Navy game and have a pint with Dave Prior. I will catch up with Joe at the Ohio State and USC games. Unfortunately, we lost two more classmates—Hugh (the original “Spook” of the Law School) Mundy and Bob O’Connor. Joe Kennedy will take the train to Chicago and catch up with me and Joe Frantin and attend the Central Michigan game. I talked with Chicago resident George Burgett, who may join us for the game and dinner after the game with Tim McLaughlin. I received a short email from Harry McDonagh who sent his greetings to the class. Please send me any news and let me know how you are doing with your summer reading. Does anyone still have a copy of Jeremy Bentham’s Political Fallacies? — Jim Starshak; 889 Ka’ohe Place, Honolulu HI 96825; res 808-395-0443; cell 808-778-4033; starman@hawaii.rr.com