70 Helping Homeless People 

The highlight of our class news this year is the January publication of Rough Sleepers: Dr. Jim O’Connell’s Urgent Mission to Bring Healing to Homeless People by Tracy Kidder. He rode with Jim on his rounds on the streets of Boston for five years and published a long and fascinating summary in the New York Times Magazine on Jan. 8. Dr. O’Connell, our erstwhile speaker for the reunion in 2020 (canceled by COVID), has practiced medicine among the homeless of Boston since the 1980s. At national meetings in 2011 and 2012 he presented his findings on the causes of death among homeless adults and published them initially in JAMA Internal Medicine. Morbidity rates were 4-to-9-fold higher among homeless than among the general population. From 1988 to 2008, drug overdose and suicide replaced HIV disease as the leading cause of death. Although he’s still working, let’s hope that Jimmy can attend our next reunion. Marc Bayliss of Ashland OR nominated him for the Cavanaugh Award of the Alumni Association. David Fritts called to report that his nephew Brad defeated the mayor of Dixon IL in 2022 to become the youngest (age 23) representative in the state legislature. Dave practices law in Dixon. He had studied Russian at ND and became fluent. He served in the army at Ft. Holabird MD, formerly the home of the Army Intelligence School and Counter Intelligence Records Facility. After his service, the fort closed and Dave worked in Washington until he enrolled at Northwestern Law School. Dave’s roommates at Cavanaugh included Bruce McGuire, who transferred, and Leo Klemm who earned his master’s in secondary school administration from Mount St. Mary’s College in Emmitsburg MD. He coached basketball and won 70% of his games at St. Monica in Santa Monica CA in 1983–95, served as head coach and vice principal at Roncalli HS in Indianapolis in 1995–98, served as head coach and dean of students at Brebeuf Jesuit HS in Indianapolis and then as head basketball coach at South Torrance HS in Torrance CA. Mike McCoy continues his wonderful ministries throughout the country. He conducted five assemblies for students in grades 3–12 in Detroit and Milwaukee in March and plans many more in NY, PA, IL, TX, CA and AZ by next spring. He also attended the Alumni Association Leadership Conference April 19–22. He finds that mental health is the greatest concern in every school he visits, with depression, family problems, poor self-esteem, peer-pressure, stress and social media the problems most commonly mentioned by the students. Mike would welcome contacts with your local schools and alumni clubs. Esther Yeung ’71SMC, ’72MA and Rich Rhode celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day. They married at Sacred Heart Chapel, and then he attended graduate school at Berkeley while she studied and taught. They worked a combined 47 years as military systems engineers in MA, HI and Korea and retired to Kailua HI at age 50 with summers in NH. Pat and I visited FL in January and Puerto Vallarta in March, including St. Patrick’s Day, but saw no classmates there. I’ll report in the next issue on June’s ND reunion. Condolences to the families of David MacLellan who died Dec. 23, 2022 in Brewster MA. He is survived by his wife Simone. James P. O’Brien, passed away Dec. 25, 2022 in Grand Haven MI. He is survived by his wife Ellen. David Trull attended his child’s graduation at UVA in May, perhaps the last of our classmates to have a child graduate from college. He reunited with his old roommate, Dick Roddewig at Port St. Lucie in January. Retired as the president of a hospital in suburban Boston in 2012, he enjoys golf more than ever. — Don Graham; 1901 S. Glenwood, Springfield IL 62704; 217-652-1560; fever1@me.com


70MBA Class SecretaryJohn Carroll;

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70JD Dinner Across the Pond 

Summer has arrived, and for me it brings back childhood memories of endless days swimming, fishing and boating on Long Island Sound with family and friends. I hope you also have fond memories of those summer days long ago. Kathy and Jerry Perry attended last year’s Reunion at ND. Jerry has distinguished himself over the years as a US Marine, successful trial attorney, the holder of a private pilot’s license and devoted father to three grown daughters. One of the tidbits I picked up at the Reunion was that Jerry spends his spare time refereeing high school and Division III women’s college basketball games. Also in attendance at the Reunion were Kathy and Jim Hardgrove. They were married in the summer of ’68 and thereupon journeyed across the Atlantic to spend a memorable year with the London Luckies. Upon graduation, Jim clerked in Chicago for Judge Roger Kiley of the 7th Circuit. Jim considers Judge Kiley to have been a truly great and kindly man who was a wonderful role model and mentor. Upon completion of the clerkship, Jim joined the Windy City firm of Sidley Austin. He would remain with Sidley for 45 years and serve as a litigation attorney handling cases involving mass torts, trade secrets, corporate and antitrust matters. Kathy and Jim have three children: Jenny, Amy and Mike. All three are ND grads. They also have nine grandchildren including one grandson who is currently attending ND. Jim retired in 2017 and he and Kathy returned to England in 2018 for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Law School London Programme. They, along with Nancy and Joe Kane, Barbara and Bill Keck, Marie and Ken Iverson and Dick Blumberg, had a fabulous time attending the various commemorative events including a private dinner in the War Room with Winston Churchill’s granddaughter as their speaker and host. It is with sadness I report that Sterling Spainhour passed away on Oct. 12. Born and raised in NC, Sterling completed his undergraduate work at Hampton U. After law school, he began his career with the legal department of Wachovia Mortgage Company in Winston-Salem. Moving to Charlotte, he served as senior VP and deputy general counsel for Wells Fargo. In retirement Sterling was special counsel to Bank of America, an adjunct professor of law at Wake Forest Law School, a certified arbitrator/mediator and actively involved in numerous community organizations. He is survived by his wife, Beverly, two sons, Sterling Jr. and Brian, and three grandchildren. Please remember Sterling and his family in your prayers. In 1974, Tom DiGrazia and John Foran, with the help of Dean Thomas Schaeffer ’61JD and Professor Thomas Broden ’49JD, successfully argued a case before the 7th Circuit involving incarcerated minors. The court ruled in Nelson v. Heyne that there was a constitutional right to rehabilitation and humane treatment of juveniles imprisoned in state facilities. A few months ago, a letter from Tom and John was published in the New York Times expressing dismay over the ongoing improper treatment of incarcerated youth in certain parts of the country today. Hats off to them both for their dedicated efforts over the years addressing injustice. After living in MN for 50 years, Pamela and Pat McDavitt have moved to OR to be closer to their children and grandchildren on the West Coast. The winner of the ’70JD Photo Quiz was John Tully. He was the first to correctly identify the band members as Granville Cleveland, Jack Slimm and Joe Jankowski. Runners-up were Mike Kelleher and Joe Kane. Until next time, stay well. Go Irish! — John K. Plumb; jkplumb37@gmail.com


71 Spring Activity

Retirement means road trips and Bob Ackerman, Williamsburg VA, hosted a group from Sorin that was not able to attend the 50th. In attendance were Steve Colman, Gene Bailey, Pat Flynn, Bob Latiff, Ralph Martino and Bill Sauer, as well as many spouses. The crowd enjoyed Bob’s hospitality so much, reservations were being made for the same time, same place, next year. The Summer Baseball Bunch, also known by their self-anointed moniker, ND ’71 League of Gentlemen, did not wait for Opening Day. Instead, they accelerated their schedule and went to Phoenix in February for spring training. Tom Mangan, Don Dempsey, Dennis Capella and John Collins were able to see Cleveland as well as the Reds, Cubs and Giants. Dave Krashna’s stepdaughter is a hitting instructor with the Cubs, but attempts to meet up did not pan out. Tours of Frank Lloyd Wright’s studio and the Phoenix Botanical Gardens may have rivaled the games for Don’s high points of the trip, as he is a professional photographer. They enjoyed the beauty of spring training, more games, less commuting and cold beer in a hot desert. Father Doug Smith, CSC, was the faculty host for a Lenten Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. A comfortable group of 14 hit all of the high points over eight days. Participants included Jean and Tom Nasca and Greg Murray. The Spring Game was held in fall conditions, wet, cool and windy, and the attire for the alumni golf outing was equally appropriate. Participants included Bill Barz, Tom Eaton and Bob Neidert. I had the opportunity to attend the preliminary rounds of the Bengal Bouts, which is still going strong for 93 years. It brought back memories of the late great Tom Suddes, who worked inside the ropes for four years and then outside the ropes for decades as a coach and champion of the annual fundraiser for the Holy Cross Missions. Condolences to Ernie Carducci, Columbus, on the passing of his father, Erni, at 104. Tom Poehls passed away in March. A native of Peoria IL who lived in Morrissey, he graduated with a degree in civil engineering. Tom went on to OK for a master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering. He spent his career with an engineering consulting firm building wastewater treatment plants while based in Chicago, VA and finally Indianapolis. John A. Knorr, a native of Pittsburgh, passed away in October. A theology major and resident of Sorin, he returned home to attend Duquesne Law School and practiced in his hometown for his entire career. John combined his love for gardening and golf to chair the greens committee at Oakmont Country Club. Condolences to his family. Also, condolences to the family of Tom Christine, a longtime resident of Dallas–Ft. Worth, who passed away in November. A graduate of Dallas Jesuit, he lived in Grace Hall, majored in communications and earned a master’s degree at the U of Denver. Tom was able to combine his love for sports and communications as a film editor for most of the major broadcasters, and traveled worldwide to cover a broad range of sporting events. Still tailgating in the backyard before each home game, weather permitting. Come on by. Enjoy the summer. — John Snider; 830 N. Saint Peter St., South Bend IN 46617-1936; res 571-217-8961; cell 312-860-1779; jlscpa@yahoo.com


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72 A New RN from Dillon Hall

The freshmen in the fall of 1968 on the third floor of Dillon, facing the South Dining Hall, where Father James Burtchaell, CSC, ’56, then chair of theology, was proctor, included Terry Rose, who obtained his nursing degree in May 2022, the 50th anniversary of our ND graduation. He had worked in the areas of finance, insurance and law (he had been admitted to practice) when he decided not to retire but to begin anew. He took a job as an EMT and started nursing school. His mother, his sister and two daughters (of six children) were all nurses. He currently works in the ER. He writes, “[T]here are few ways to more intimately and positively impact people’s lives” and “The change has given me the opportunity to work with young people, many of whom have made me feel young and have told me that I have inspired them to pursue their studies in healthcare.” Tom Delaney and Scott Carmody were roommates in the same section. Tom joined the Foreign Service and, on retiring, was a writing instructor at MIT. He lives in HI. A long time back, Scott taught school on a NM reservation. Dick Johnson and Randy Istre were roommates. Dick went to SMU law school and practiced law in his hometown of Farmington MN before becoming chief accountant for a national dental laboratory company. Randy went to grad school at the U of Minnesota in computer science and he and his brother-in-law founded InsideEdge, which perfected the superimposed strike zone to frame baseball pitches for TV. Mike George and Jim Sitzmann were roommates. Jim became head of thoracic surgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and then went into private practice. Mike went to Georgetown Law, practiced for a while in DC and then relocated to New York City when he went into investment banking. In 1983, he relocated to San Francisco and became a principal at JPMorgan. All three of his children are near him in Marin County. These six (Tom, Scott, Dick, Randy, Mike and Jim) all moved to Flanner for sophomore year. Phil Closius and I were also roommates in this section. Phil graduated from Columbia Law, practiced law in NY, taught at a few schools and then became dean of U of Toledo College of Law, U of Baltimore School of Law and now Wilmington (Delaware) U School of Law. A junior in Father Burtchaell’s section was Jim O’Donnell MD ’70, doctor to the Boston homeless. The spring issue had a story on “The Lilacs,” the home made of Notre Dame yellow brick just south of campus. When we were students, it was the home of Professor Ed Goerner ’52. Professor Goerner had several government majors to this home for dinner before graduation. These included David Colbert and me. Who else attended? For 17 years, the ND Club of Charlottesville has staffed a water table during the scenic riverway Charlottesville VA Marathon. This year the team was Mike Murphy ’74, John Breen ’84, Frances Thunder ’09, Jake Mooney ’99, Kelly Heiniger Denhard ’18, Greg Pudhorodsky MD ’73, Dan Vasquez ’91 and me. Mike Kadish passed on March 19 in Longboat Key FL. He had come to ND from Catholic Central, Grand Rapids. He was an All-American at ND and played nine seasons with the pros. In 1977 he was named the team MVP of the Buffalo Bills. Our condolences to Diane, his wife of 50 years, and their three sons. He had had Parkinson’s disease for 28 years. Let us pray for each other, living and deceased, to the Mother of Holiness. — Jim Thunder; thundergroup@alumni.nd.edu 


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73 Another Author

This article is being written one month prior to our reunion in early June and will be published one month after our reunion in July. I hope to have a year’s worth of Reunion matters starting in the fall edition. Tom McGannon recently published his first book, A Wish Came True. Tom is teaching tennis in retirement in St. Charles IL. Sorry to report of two recent deaths: Peter Popit passed away in January. He practiced law in Benton IL and lived in West Frankfort IL. His widow, Ellen, is an SMC graduate. In February, Tom Lozano passed away. Tom resided in Hoschton GA and is survived by his widow, Lynn, and children. A special thanks to all of the classmates who served on our reunion committee. Pamela King was a huge help in locating women graduates and helping me do all kinds of miscellaneous tasks and duties. Really appreciate your help, Pamela! In charge of the two class dinners was Cathe Lannon-Barr, who had help from Beth Lombardi Oliva, Alice Meagher and John Hanlon. Great job on the dinners! Thanks to Steve Underhill who was responsible for the Class Masses. Also participating on the committee were Bill Sauerland, Jim Marcusculli and Tyrone Robinson. I had lunch recently in Houston with Jayar Daily. JR is one of the movers and shakers in Houston and is still doing all kinds of deals. You may have seen JR on TV at the Final Four. I also had lunch recently in Burr Ridge IL with Bob “BJ” Bingle. Bob is winding up his stellar legal career in Chicago. His daughter was married the week after our Reunion. As you will recall, Bob was one of our outstanding basketball players and would have contributed heavily on the Austin Carr–led teams had he not gotten injured freshman year. A short column this month as I have been tied up with Reunion matters. I will have plenty to talk about over the next few columns, but please continue to send me news. We would like to do a monthly update on our website and with email notification. — Michael W. Hansen; 3013 Sanctuary Court, Joliet IL 60435; cell 815-212-3661; mikehansen@mikehansenlaw.com


73MBA Happy 50th

We have continued inputs from our classmates for our anniversary year class edition. Gus Browne says he is looking forward to joining in on the events of our 50th on Saturday and Saturday night. He will be accompanied by his partner, Berry Tipple. Maybe this October they will go back to Europe if COVID has further abated. Vincent George says that after graduating in 1973, he worked at PwC in Philadelphia for five years in its tax department. In 1978 he moved to Dallas to run the tax department at Trammell Crow company. He worked there for 20 years holding various financial positions, including three years in the Bay Area as chief financial officer. In 1998 he joined Centex Development Company as a finance specialist. In 2007 he joined Panattoni Development Company as its European director of capital markets, including time living in Paris. He retired at the end of 2012. He met his wife, Cindy, at Trammell Crow, and they were married in 1983. They have a daughter, Erika, who is married with three children in San Antonio, and a son, Matthew, who is married with two children in Chicago. Les Sorg shares that he had a Hungarian aunt, a former international show rider and horse breeder who had an adventurous life in Hungary and then in 1945 fled the Red Army with 67 horses, at the start only a few miles ahead of the Russians. Eventually, she married a US Army captain and settled down in VA with 13 of the surviving horses to continue breeding hunters and jumpers. Researching her life story became his passion for the last 10 years. He has a second home in Hungary and explored all the places of her trek. Bill Weldon tells us that he began his career at First Chicago as an analyst in the trust department. In 1981 he moved to the Boston area working as a pension consultant helping firms structure their pension portfolios and monitoring their investment program. In 1986, he joined a small investment advisory firm as a principal and investment manager. They grew the firm and sold it. He is now enjoying retirement. Gene Schraeder tells us that Ellen and he have three grandkid graduations this May—two college and one high school. He is now 11 days post-op from a right hip replacement as he needs to get healthy. He recently switched from his Wells Fargo Advisors job into an independent channel where he is managing partner of Schraeder, Kabala and Associates. He assists clients with their investment portfolio management. His surgery event has gone better than expected. He is looking forward to the August gathering. John Hoffman writes that Susan and he are looking forward to returning to campus for our Reunion. This is a big summer of “50s celebrations” for them. Fifty years since graduation, 50 years married and 50 years since he began his first Air Force assignment. Some classmates may remember him as one of the youngest, if not the youngest member of our MBA class. About a month after graduation (June 16), Susan and he were married at her home parish in St. Louis. After a one-week honeymoon in Canada, they returned to his parents’ house in PA to await orders to report for active duty in the Air Force. Orders arrived approximately June 24 to report for duty for training at Keesler Air Force Base in MS on July 6, and from there report to Offutt AFB to work with weather satellites. Needless to say it was a wild and crazy 12-day whirlwind to pack their belongings in two states, arrange for the AF movers to get them, and show up on time to begin his service. They are looking forward to reconnecting with classmates and remembering the good moments (and perhaps a few not so good moments) during our MBA journey, and our careers beyond the Dome. I still look forward to the responses from all our classmates over the next two years to capture your legacy message in this Notre Dame Magazine. Please send me your responses and updated email addresses. If you have not written in some time, please share your legacy stories with us. You are always welcome to visit us in So Cal. — Thomas Jindra; tajindra@charter.net


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74 Impressed with Your Submission 

Greetings, dear classmates. Thanks for writing. Although our class president, Jerry Samaniego, is traversing Europe, he still is keeping up with what we will be planning for our (what!!!) 50th reunion for next year, along with all our Class Officers. More on that at the end of this column. I was admonished by the POG gents for a short article earlier this year. I love you POG boys. So, here goes, POGers: They held their yearly revelry golf tournaments on April 17, their 14th in a year at Destin FL. POG is 40 years old. Twenty-one men will accommodate themselves in three large houses to hold them all. Posh, compared to years past. Their own bedrooms, their own bathrooms— “a first.” Three rookies will attend: Bob Benkendorf (Benks), Karl McGarvey—first time, and Ed Garbarino (Greta). Our illustrious class president is returning for another round. Now remember this for our quiz at out reunion: Frank Murnane (heir apparent), Dr. Pat McGrath (Pinko), Bob Hettinger (Maestro Man), Tom Ross (Big T), Tom Torretti (Pipe), Tom Jenkins (Jenks), Bob Camino (Meatball), John Trampe (Trimble), Tad DeOrio (Bear), Jim McCarthy (Phantom), Geoff Ratte, Steve Rodger (Buck), Rick Esposito (Tops) and Jim Whalen (Whales). The fun commenced with barbecue, then onto golf tournaments and a Beach Day with their ART dinner. A wonderful tradition. Whales’s son, Connor, was accepted into the ND Class of 2027. So, you can expect Jim at all the games this fall. Chris (Chief) Devich shares that he loved the BC-ND game last fall—the coldest ND game; four degrees with the wind chill. They hung out at Morris Inn, yet joined the fun at Murnane’s tailgate with some of the POG men the night before. He didn’t miss a chance to go to Corby’s, and along with thousands of others, he is going to Ireland for the ND-Navy game with Tom Freistroffer ’73. Fun! Great news from Frederick Antczak, who writes that he is finally retiring from academia after a 43-year career. He’s been a professor at Iowa, UVA and Cal-Berkeley and spent 16 years as the founding dean of liberal arts and sciences at Grand Valley State U. Professor Antczak is humbled and honored that he was able to be the founder of a college in his hometown. Congratulations! And speaking of professor . . . how about our Hawk? Professor Chris Stevens has been outstanding in his recruiting efforts for Notre Dame. We are so proud of his accomplishments. Our very own Ed Gabarino went to see Jerry and enjoyed walking through Seaport Village. Tom Ross with Jan traveled to Italy this past summer and visited where his dad was stationed in WWII. Tom is still working full-time. He also went to Alaska and the Yukon on a five-night ferry. Some of my dear friends, Carol Long Kaupp, Natalie Dwyer Haller ’74SMC and Diane Gibbons Borzych ’74SMC came in to visit me here in Chicago. It always makes one feel young with a sleepover with friends who make you laugh, reminisce and party in Chicago like we were in our 30s. Jim Hynam pulled together a wonderful Mass at Quigley (St. James) in Chicago for ND senior alumni in April. Although the weather felt like January that day, it was so warm and inviting being with other ND alumni from all classes. OK, last item: The tradition of staying at the Morris Inn for our 50-year reunion is no longer. Hold your breath, we are working on something even more fun . . . just you wait. Cheers and keep writing! — Dede Lohle Simon; 440 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago; dedersimon@gmail.com


74MBA Burnetts on the Go

Nothing to report from former classmates once again. I am not quite sure why I do not receive communications from anyone, because most, if not all, of our fellow 1974 MBAs are retired. I will keep trying. Write if you feel inclined. I, for one, would like to hear from you. In late February, Helen and I escaped the MI winter for a couple of weeks in FL. We stayed in Ft. Lauderdale, an area of FL that we had never visited. We had a fantastic two weeks. The weather was ideal, mid-80s every day with beautiful sunshine. Spending a little time in the warm weather in the dead of winter has a way of rejuvenating that internal energy to get through the last few weeks of cold weather. Our prayers go out to all those living in that area as we have witnessed the flooding and devastation that has recently plagued Ft. Lauderdale. Hopefully, all of our fellow classmates living in the area are safe. Helen and I are planning to visit Nashville in mid-May. We really enjoy the vibrance and Southern hospitality of that area. If any of you are country music fans, Nashville is a must-visit. Even if you are not a lover of country music, Nashville is a great city to explore. There is plenty of history and enjoyable things to do there. I hope this article finds everyone healthy and happy. Enjoy the upcoming spring and summer warmth and sunshine with your friends and families. Drop me a line to let everyone know what you are doing these days. — Jack Burnett; 19248 Glen Eagles Drive, Livonia MI 48152; 734-464-3458; jburnet1@sbcglobal.net

74JD Class Secretary Joe O’Reilly; cell 502-649-6955; joe.oreilly34@icloud.com


75 Zahm Hello

Dr. Michael Champeau of Burlingame CA has just been named president of the 55,000-member American Society of Anesthesiologists. After med school at Yale, he trained at UCLA and then practiced at Stanford in Palo Alto for decades. Michael has been married for 41 years to recently retired pediatrician Patricia Soong MD. They have a Domer son, Andrew ’14, who is a chemical engineer with a recent MBA from the Wharton School at Penn. Michael gives a shout-out to his fellow Zahm alumni. Dan Hesse hosts a podcast on www.thementorsradio.com on “How Values Shape Decisions.” In January he talked with Adm. Mike Mullen, retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, about crisis leadership and decision-making. Dan’s podcast streams worldwide on iHeartRadio and on platforms such as iTunes, Google and Spotify. Most recently (April), he taped a session with Paul Hobbs, our renowned vintner classmate. Trish Moore writes from Marblehead MA that she enjoyed the women’s reunion celebrating 50 years of co-education last June. She saw classmates Becky Griffin Lutkus, Marlene Zloza, Susie Nordstrom Lopez and Ellen Syburg Bartel ’76. Trish enjoys winter skiing in Park City UT and is “enduring” the jokes about turning 70 and setting off smoke alarms with birthday candles. Bill Sohn writes from IL that he has hung up his briefcase and retired from the practice of law after 42 years. He and wife Paula are enjoying retirement! Susan and Gary Milligan completed the six Abbott World Marathon Majors in Tokyo on March 5. The six marathons include Boston, New York, Chicago, London, Berlin and Tokyo. Gary’s average finish for those races was 3 hours and 49 minutes. He has retired from the accounting firm Crowe LLP, where he served as the leader of the firm’s tax practice. He lives in Grand Rapids MI and is a past president of the local ND club. Mike Corey says that after 34 years as a partner in three different executive search firms, he retired on March 31 from AMN, a large healthcare staffing and exec search firm. He stays in touch with former roommates Pete Crotty and Bill Wylie, and has enjoyed annual golf outings with them for 40 years, including this fall’s gathering in Lakewood Ranch FL. Mark your calendar now for Reunion 2025, our 50th class gathering at ND, May 29 to June 1. Let me know if you want to help organize or volunteer in some fashion. Thanks! My wife Linda and I visited Arizona in February, seeing Ed Elliott and Bob Kontz in Tucson and around the desert parks. They are enjoying retirement and the warm climate, for sure. My former roommate and fellow AMST major Brady Hull is just back from New Zealand where he and wife Kelly parachuted from a plane, just for the thrill of it all. Wow! Please continue to send me your news. Thanks! Please note my new email. — Norm Bower; 3946 Fernwood Ave., Davenport IA 52807; 563-349-0469; normbower53@gmail.com


75MBA Class Secretary Jim Ouimet;

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75JD Summer Notes

It has been 44 years since we lost Edward Lark. His life ended on St. Patrick’s Day in 1979 when his car flipped and smashed into a tree. He was just 30 years old. Much later I saw a story in the Indianapolis Recorder which gave me pause; there was a quote from his sister-in-law saying our classmate never expected to live past 30. Ed was a South Bender—a townie—just like me. At Indiana U South Bend, where he served as student body president, his leadership and bright personality were on daily display. He was a jock, and I remember trying to guard him during basketball games in the basement of the ACC (yesterday’s name for the Joyce Center). Even with that gimpy leg of his, I could not keep up with him. His funeral service was at the Greater St. John Missionary Baptist Church in South Bend; I stood outside with so many others, all of us unable to get into the small church. He is buried right across the road from my parents. Ed was a warm and joyful soul, not to be forgotten. Bill Britt joined the law department of Cargill after graduation. He spent the first part of his career practicing law and then moved to the business side of Cargill where he finished as president of one of the company’s business units. Bill retired eight years ago and has done some consulting in recent years. He and Judi have three children and two grandchildren. They split their time between Minneapolis and La Quinta CA. Following graduation, Tom Pollihan clerked in St. Louis followed by a stint in private practice. In 1982, he joined Kellwood Company, eventually becoming its executive vice president, secretary and general counsel. Along the way, he found time to earn an executive master’s at St. Louis U. He was named the Quincy U Alumnus of the Year in 1992, and was welcomed into the Quincy U Sports Hall of Fame in 1988 and the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame in 2014. Tom and Donna have a daughter, Emily, and two granddaughters, Mavis and Wren. It’s hard to believe, but Dennis Owens has been gone for six years. Cathy says she misses Dennis’s love, companionship, knowledge and long-winded stories. I remember the epic stories along with the large personality, deep voice and never-back-down classroom moxie. Dennis and Cathy arrived at NDLS with James “Camp” Campbell, who was already nearing his first birthday; their second, a daughter named Mollie, was born soon after. Cathy reports that Camp is a sales manager with FedEx in Bellevue WA, and Mollie is a social services director for a skilled nursing center in Seattle. Both graduated from Rockhurst U, Dennis’s alma mater. Dennis and Cathy had another girl and boy after law school. Mary Theda, a graduate of Fordham, also has master’s degrees from Edinburgh U and the Naval War College. Sean lives in Kansas City following graduation from Catholic U. On Oct. 14 of last year, Karen and I welcomed Miralee Tudor Giel, newborn daughter of our son and his wife (Jonathan and Julie Giel) in Denver. Just four days later, Charisse Lillie and Tom McGill welcomed Cashel Joseph Higgins, a grandson born to their daughter and her husband (Alison and Kyle); prompted by that arrival, Tom and Charisse sold their home in Philadelphia and moved to the suburbs so they could be closer to the grandchildren and spoil them all the more. Those of us so blessed know this: Grandchildren are our favorite hello and our hardest goodbye. — Frederick Giel; fggiel@gmail.com


76 Seasons of Life

Our Lady’s campus survived another IN winter and is blooming with spring flowers. Today I walked around the lake, lit candles at the Grotto and marveled at the seasons of life just two days after my mother, Edith Muller, passed away at the age of 93. One seasonal Class of ’76 tradition, our March 17 ReZoomion, featured the opportunity to share results of our interest and activity survey, review detailed financial reports, listen to our classmates’ interesting stories and discuss upcoming events. Thanks to Bill Delaney, Mark Nishan, Debi Dell and Steve Klug for hosting. Mike Wade reported from Omaha that he has retired for the third time, as president of a group of medical primary care companies. His first retirement was in 2007 as president and CEO of a life insurance company, and second in 2019 as senior VP and CFO of a medical supplement provider. Augie Grace updated us on NDSA programs. In true Irish spirit, Ed Byrne shared this story: In 1993, Ed ran into former President Gerald Ford with his Secret Service agent in a stairwell in Beaver Creek CO. Surprised that Gerry didn’t remember him, Ed reminded him he had handed the president an ND Ski Team sweater during his 1975 campus visit. Ford then exclaimed, “That St. Patrick’s Day visit to Notre Dame was the most enjoyable day of my presidency!” Ed Brower shared his formula for “semi-retirement”: In January and February, he spends his winter vacation in Rotonda West FL. His summer vacation is in Fort Wayne IN in July and August. The other eight months of the year, he works three days a week as a certified financial planner. In his spare time, he is finishing books, traveling, golfing, biking and visiting ND. Ed’s schedule allows time for class activities such as our fall mini-reunion in September. Thursday, Sept. 21, is an opportunity for Class of ’76 foursomes to play in the NDSA Golf Tournament. Contact John Carrico for additional information. Friday, Sept. 22, features a rooftop reception at the Embassy Suites, and Saturday, Sept. 23, includes the night game against Ohio State, our class tailgate and our annual Butterfly Garden celebration of the lives of our deceased classmates. On Sunday, Sept. 24, we celebrate Mass in the Log Chapel and say goodbye after brunch. We mourn the loss of more classmates. Judge Jon Sieve passed away in January in Cincinnati. His wife, Cheryl, survives. He was a great-uncle of eight and great-great-uncle of two. Steven “Skip” Reynolds of Destin FL, who passed away in July 2022, worked in the computer industry throughout his career. He was passionate about auto racing and bowling, achieving two 300 games in his life. Surviving are his children Shawn, Shannon and Courtney. Rick Moccia passed away last June in Virginia Beach of pancreatic cancer. His children, Jennifer and Jeffrey, and his two grandchildren survive. Rick was a beloved father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend. He served 20 years in the Navy and flew as a commercial airline pilot, retiring from American Airlines in 2019. Robert “Robb” Schleck died in November in Milwaukee. His wife, Diane, and children, John, David and Jennifer, survive. In 2017, Robb retired from A.E. Burdick Elementary School. We offer condolences to Susan Darin Hagan on the loss of her husband, Marty Hagan ’73, in Pittsburgh; to Frank Fransioli on the loss of his sister, Kathy Fransioli Erdelac, in March; and to Orest Stecyk on the loss of his mother, Maria Stecyk, who died in January at the age of 98. — Shelley Muller Simon; 5972 S. Dune Harbor Dr., Portage IN 46368; 573-268-3690; ssimon823@gmail.com


76MBA We Have News

I received notification from Larry Overland or “Larry O(verlan) rides again.” They headed out to Notre Dame/South Bend for this past Fourth of July in the hope to see somebody from the ’76MBA class. Their goal was to sit on the quad and ask, “Where has the time gone?” I’m looking forward to reporting the results. You can reach Larry at 781-821-5939 or loverlan@suffolk.edu. I heard from Mark Oldenburg thanking me for all my years of service and my efforts of keeping our class alive in print. He proclaims he and his wife are both good Catholics and horrible disciples of Zero Population Growth. At this point in time their family consists of 19 members . . . four of their five children are now married, and all have been blessed with children. Additionally, there are four dogs, four cats, two guinea pigs and a gecko. Larry and his wife celebrated 50 years of marriage this past December and they are in good health. Larry retired from IBM after 31 years of love and laughter in 2010 and they have been fortunate to enjoy their children, who live coast to coast, as well as other travels, volunteering and helping our extended family. They are active campers and love doing that all over North America. Their travels took them through ND a year and a half ago after a stint in the UP of Michigan. There was certainly a lot of vitality there . . . which was good to see. Larry can be reached at mgoldenburg@gmail.com. Thank you for sending news. God bless. — Mike Norris; text 248-330-5366; norris1021@comcast.net


76JD Class SecretaryVirgil L. Roth;

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77 One Last Ciao Together

The Class of ’77 shares wonderful memories of our senior-year class trip to sunny LA for the 1976 ND-USC football game weekend. Soon after our 45th Class Reunion last June, plans began for a last “Senior” Class Trip . . . to tour the Vatican and Rome, Aug. 28–Sept. 2, 2023. We thank US Ambassador to the Holy See Joe Donnelly ’77, ’80JD, his wife, Jill Truitt Donnelly ’80JD, Mike Grady, Anthony Travel Tours liaison Stacy Menzie and staff of the Vatican and the US State Department for their invaluable help. Some ’77 classmates plan to enjoy the Notre Dame vs. Navy game weekend in Dublin first. Timothy Powell won a Grammy award for best improvised jazz solo for “Endangered Species,” Wayne Shorter and Leo Genovese, soloist, live at the 2017 Detroit Jazz Festival. Tim writes, “We’ve recorded 37 Grammy-nominated projects since 1987, but none has ever won. Finally, one project has won at the recent Grammy awards show: one for 37 ain’t bad. . .” Tim’s other awards include 2017 Midwest Emmy Award winner for “Outstanding Crafts Achievement Off-Air Audio”; 2023 Grammy nominations for best jazz instrumental album for “Live at the Detroit Jazz Festival,” Wayne Shorter/Terri Lyne Carrington/Esperanza Spalding/Leo Genovese; 37 Grammy-nominated projects; three RIAA Platinum and seven RIAA Gold albums; RIAA Platinum DVD; and two Emmy and Peabody award winners. Rev. Anne Dilenschneider PhD shares that major news media covered her testimony before the SD Senate on anti-transgender legislation and that she has been “accompanying transgender persons since 1992. Currently, I am the only healthcare provider in South Dakota who has learned the specialty credential in transgender healthcare (I was one of the first 87 providers in the world to earn it).” Dave Wallace shares that he was on campus “the week of March 20—guest lecturing for four different classes in Mendoza and hosting a Storytelling Workshop on Tuesday, March 21. It’s always a treat to go back to campus and spend time with the smart students.” John Shaughnessy is author of An Irish Way of Life. Chris De Santis writes that “after speaking at hundreds of firms, companies and associations in the US and abroad on the topic of embracing generational diversity over the past 15 years, I finally had my first book published on the topic titled Why I Find You Irritating: Navigating Generational Friction at Work.” Our hearts are heavy with the loss of our classmate Kevin Shortelle to cancer, and we extend our condolences to his wife, Ann, and their family. Kevin was a dedicated volunteer Chairman of the Class Reunion Mass Committee, and he had a deep devotion to his faith, to Notre Dame, to his family and to his dear friends. Deepest condolences go to John Gallina on the loss of his mother, Camila, age 92, and his sister Patricia after a long illness in the spring. Patricia’s hearse was accompanied by a NJ State Police honor guard as her son is a NJ State Police commander. May all these beloved rest now in God’s loving care. Thank you! — Virginia McGowan Bishop; res 847-291-7510; classof1977@alumni.nd.edu 


77MBA Class SecretaryAlan J. Fisher;



77JD Daycare Dedication

John Borman served as a US Marine in Vietnam’s Quang Tri Province in 1967–68. John later became a devoted and valued member of the D.O.V.E. Fund (Development of Vietnam Endeavors) with a passion for building schools in the region where he had been stationed during the war. John was responsible for the funding of at least 10 projects in Quang Tri, and no one who knew John well would be surprised to see photos of John laughing with the children there. In January, Trieu Thuan Daycare Center was dedicated in John’s honor. The inscription on a plaque at the center states, “This building is dedicated to the memory of John Borman, a compassionate man whose love and commitment helped bring a future of hope and opportunity to the children of Vietnam with love and best wishes for a bright and peaceful future.” John’s sister, Judy Fehn, and brother, Bob Borman, led the effort to fund the daycare center with major donations by family and friends. Judy traveled to Vietnam in January for the dedication. John’s enthusiasm led many Vietnam veterans to return to Vietnam with him on D.O.V.E. Fund trips. (As persuasive as he was, John could not get my husband, Larry, also a Marine who was stationed in Vietnam at the same time as John, to commit to anything more than financial support.) I am gathering new contact information due to the retirement of many classmates, and I will be making some random inquiries, but please send news. — Janey Bennett; 50850 Tarrington Way, Granger IN 46530; 574-298-9251; bus 574-243-4100; jbennett@maylorber.com 


78 Summer Notes

Greetings fellow members of the class with class! I trust that all who attended reunion had a great time and made many happy memories! Plenty of details in our next column. Now that the magical days of summer are behind us, our thoughts turn to football, turkey, and Santa. Enjoy them all! Now to the news. In March, Nace Mullen, Steve “Bones” Conover and Jim “Souls” Coyne marched in the St Patick’s Day parade with the Notre Dame Club of Philadelphia. Bones was surprised to learn that there are more saxophones than stringed instruments in a “String Band!” Speaking of Nace, he continues to do his part to forge improved international relations. In February, he traveled to Dubai and in April to Spain to compete in triathlons. A domestic trek to Dallas was thrown in for good measure, also in April. Greg “Otto” Principato got married last July to Amy Spowart. He will be retiring in September this year as President & CEO of the National Aeronautic Association. Before retiring, he will bestow aviation’s highest achievement award to the Webb Space Telescope Team. After retiring, he will move to Virginia and he looks forward to some more time with his two grandkids and some travel. Jimmy Dunne once again competed in the Pro-Am golf tournament in Pebble Beach CA in February, though the weather was not too “Cali-like.” He was also one of the first to congratulate Master’s winner Jon Rahm upon securing his victory at Augusta. You all saw that on TV, right? Yes, that was our Jimmy Dunne. In November, The PGA TOUR announced that Jimmy, Vice Chairman and Senior Managing Principal of Piper Sandler, had accepted an invitation to join its Board as an Independent Director. Mary White Packer continues to excel in her role of Chair of the Senior Alumni group of the Notre Dame Club of Philadelphia. Several of our classmates were on campus for the 2023 Alumni Association Leadership Conference. Spotted at various conferences, dinners, and of course, in Rohr’s were: Don Smail, Jim Coyne, Mike Mulherin, Maureen and Mike Staub, Pat Scanlon, Mark Merriman, Frank Byrne and Marianne Corr. Also, Don Smail and Jim Coyne were treated to a sumptuous feast at the Corn Dance restaurant by former roomie Dr. Bob “Bobo” March. The food was great, but the company even better, as memories were discussed and friendships invigorated. Meeting in Santa Rosa CA in April for a Kentucky Derby wine tasting were Danny Romano, Eric Schmidt, Joe Carmada and Don Smail. Don Smail and Greg “Sweets” Switaj organized a trip to Dublin for the Navy game. Members of their posse included Larry Morris, Jeff “Carps” Carpenter and Rosemary and Steve Durant. Speaking of Greg Switaj, he, Nace Mullen and Jim “Boobie” Clarke once again enthralled Jim Coyne’s students at Cardinal O’Hara High School in Springfield PA with life lessons and laughter in May. Pete “Hales” Haley waxed eloquently about the transfer portal situation and the NIL policy in a text thread. He always has been insightful! An update on our Class of 1978 scholarship, as we honor the memory of Jimmy Martin: we want to provide future generations with the same opportunity we were all so very lucky to experience. We want to engage the entire class to be a part of it. A matching fund has been established. Keep us in your gifting plans; include The Class of 1978 Scholarship Fund, where possible. Consider supplementing current gifting plans (Sorin Society, football lottery), and life insurance policies. Every gift, in any amount, is important. This is about our Class legacy. The fund has raised in excess of $295,000 to date! This is great news, but it doesn’t mean we stop! While it may be more difficult to contribute at this time, consider any gift that you can.  After all, we are the class with class!  For more information, contact Pat Flynn. Please remember in your prayers, Bill Whiteside, the father of Mike Whiteside. Bill was one of those gentle souls who truly demonstrated the values of God, country, Notre Dame. He will be missed by many. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Contact me! Hit my numbers! — Jim “Souls” Coyne; 1801 Butler Pike, Apt. 20, Conshohocken PA 19428; 267-847-8808; jcoyne@cohs.com


78MBA Sad News All Around

I would say that it’s the time of our lives, but it’s definitely not fun reporting sad news. One of our stellar professors has passed away. Dr. Lee Tavis ’53 died on April 4. In addition to his charge of schooling us in the best of finance theory and practices, Dr. Tavis had interesting connections with Notre Dame. He was a charter member of the Irish Guard! He was also the first C.R. Smith Professor of Finance. From there he earned many accolades, such as Outstanding Teacher (four times!). He also directed the MBA programs in Chile and London, as well as serving as a faculty member for Notre Dame Australia. So much can be said about him, but I will leave it as a most memorable professor for all the good reasons. Our condolences to his family. Rest in peace, Dr. Tavis. The other loss is personal. My husband, Bobby, passed away in December after a quick bout with a very aggressive cancer. It was quite a shock, but I know he is definitely in a better place. I am lucky that I have the support of wonderful family and friends. I go to a job every day that I love. So, I am picking up the pieces and moving forward. That means that I have a new address. Mamie Anthoine Ney; 41 Applewood Lane, Falmouth, ME 04105; res 207-229-0989; bus 207-333-6640 ex 2020; irishwasherwoman@alumni.nd.edu


78JD 45th Anniversary

John Ruhl wrote: “I remember attending our class’s 10th Reunion in June 1988, and having a great time. But in June 2018, when I attended what I thought was going to be our Law School Class’s 40th Reunion, I learned the hard way that I should have checked earlier to find out if the Law School was going to offer any particular program(s) for Law School alumni at the Reunion. The Reunion was enjoyable insofar as it was a wonderful opportunity to walk around the beautiful campus and participate in all the various programs that were offered. But so far as I could tell, the Law School offered no programs specifically for Law School alumni; and, in any event, I encountered no Law School alumni at all during the weekend—let alone any of our classmates. Recently, I have been receiving emails from ND advertising that this year’s Reunion will be held [this summer]. But I’m reluctant to make reservations unless I can be sure that the ND Law School actually will be hosting a reunion for our 1978 Law School Class during that weekend.” After hearing from John, I contacted the alumni office and confirmed that no special events were planned for the JD Class of 1978. Perhaps we need to cajole the Law School into taking a more active role in planning a 50th anniversary reunion. Irma Herrera will be bringing her one-woman show to San Antonio. She wrote: “We have not yet finalized the plans for my St. Mary’s performance but hope to do so soon. Got a nice email from Kevin Short who saw the write-up in Notre Dame Magazine.” On a personal note: I will be a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics this fall, working on a book. I was recently named to St. Mary’s U School of Law’s oldest endowed faculty position. For the next three years I will be the Katherine A. Ryan Distinguished Chair for Global and International Law. Send news and memories, plans and stories to — Vincent R. Johnson; 210-431-2131; vjohnson@stmarytx.edu


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