10 Welcome, Baby

Hayley (Mohr) and Anthony Logan welcomed their second daughter, Alma Frances, in March 2022. Congratulations! Send your updates. Go Irish! — Matt Molloy; ndclass2010@gmail.com


10MBA Thriving

Colleen and Pete Austin welcomed their second daughter, Clare, in August. Their oldest daughter, Maeve, recently turned 3. Pete has been at L’Oreal in New York for seven and a half years now leading the transition of their Business Service Center in FL for the Consumer Products Division. In March, I had the pleasure to meet up with T.O. Seidel and share a pint next to his office in London. He kicked off 2023 by joining Moelis Investment Banking team as an executive director focusing on advising private equity clients and is thrilled to be working for a US company again. In April, I was lucky to bump into Ted Kwartler at the HIMSS North America conference. It was exciting to see him in his element solving the world’s problems one algorithm at a time. The most exciting moment was when we realized that we are both still repping the iPhone 8—the button will be back and you heard it here first. Please keep the news coming; if you do not receive my quarterly requests, please email me. Go Irish. — John Gerberich; cell 847-331-4707; jgerberi@alumni.nd.edu


10JD Class SecretaryJennifer (Hernandez) Laffitte;

10310 Southwest 128th Ave., Miami FL 33186; res 305-322-7154; bus 786-762-3815; jherna11@alumni.nd.edu


11 Time for Summer Fun

First, a big announcement for those who haven’t seen the emails: We will be electing a new Class Officer to fill the open secretary role. Cath, Evan and I are looking forward to having someone new join the crew (and I’m sure y’all are looking forward to having someone else write these updates, right?!). We are also looking for a rotating reunion chair and vice chair to lead up our 15-year Reunion in 2026. Please reach out to the email below for more info. And now back to the action: Heidi (Grossman) and Austin Gilbertson ’19MBA welcomed Brooks Kelley Gilbertson on Nov. 8, 2021. He was baptized in April 2022 with his godparents present—Heidi’s sister, Hayley, and Brian Brooke. He’s now 18 months old and keeps his parents busy doing things he loves: running around, playing hockey, and swimming! Molly (Smith) and Adam Gadzinski ’08 welcomed Luke Francis in June. Luke is adored by his big siblings, Cecilia and Maxwell. They were fortunate to have Father Mark Manion ’86 celebrate his baptism at the Log Chapel this past summer with godparents Meghan ’11SMC and Ross Moore ’10. Looking forward to many more ND memories with the whole family this fall! Erin Hoffer married Nick Vicino (who she met at her first job right after graduation) on Dec. 3 in the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Many fellow alumni made the trek to support them in their long weekend wedding festivities. For the Brown family, Christmas arrived neither early nor late this past year, but right on time, as Jessica and Patrick Brown welcomed baby Finnian. His doting older brother and sisters opened presents Christmas morning, but all agreed the best present arrived later that day! Alexa Doyle married Armando Espinal in February with ceremonies in Costa Rica and Beverly Hills CA. Alexa and Armando met while working together at The Walt Disney Company. Amanda and Adam Doster would like to announce the birth of Declan David Doster on March 25. Adam looks forward to raising Declan to love thee Notre Dame, in spite of his mother’s allegiance to Michigan. Mick Madden is an active pilot in the Air Force currently stationed in Las Vegas and part of a special ops team. He was recently awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross with an added “V” pin for valor. Maj. Mick Madden continues to be an extraordinary example of Notre Dame’s commitment to God and country. Mariah McGrogan has been promoted to partner at Reed Smith LLP in the firm’s Pittsburgh office. Mariah is a litigator in the Labor and Employment Group with extensive experience representing clients in employment-related disputes. Mariah also maintains an active higher education practice, providing advice and counsel on the full range of legal issues impacting colleges and universities. And there you have it. Since this might be my last one, let’s make it good: Sometimes all it takes is a smile or a kind word to brighten someone’s day. But hey, you already knew that, so now it’s time to get to work and make it happen. Hey-o! — Kate Clitheroe; class president; class11@nd.edu


11MBA Class SecretaryMimi Wilfong;

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11JD Class SecretaryLauren Sharkey ’08;



12 New Book, New Baby

Birth announcements: Kristyn and Kent Melchiors welcomed a baby girl, Anna Elizabeth, in July 2022. Her parents say she is a sweet, happy little girl! Congratulations, Kristyn and Kent! Kacie and John Heid welcomed their second daughter, Emma Victoria Heid, on Jan. 17. Big sister Audrey loves “baby sissy” and is adjusting well. Audrey is already a protective older sibling, going so far as to insist on supervising the pediatrician giving Emma her first checkup. Emma was baptized on March 12 at St. Agnes Church in Roeland Park KS; Hilary (Ropp) ’12SMC and Bryan Paas are Emma’s godparents. Congratulations to Emma, her parents, and godparents! Life updates: On March 7, Julia Concro published a short conversational financial guidebook (with She Writes Press) called More Than Cash: What to Do With Your Money Now That You’re Finally Making Some. It is the only consolidated finance guide under 50 pages, and targets high-achieving professionals without a finance background who are accumulating some savings but don’t know what to do with it other than keep it in cash. It was recently listed as the No. 1 in Amazon new releases for personal money management. Congrats, Julia, and be sure to check out her new book! Michael R. Grieco, senior attorney at Chicago-based Romanucci & Blandin LLC, settled a $2.675 million lawsuit in March regarding a student-athlete who suffered traumatic brain injuries due to failure to warn of the defective nature of a sports product. Congrats, Michael! Please continue to send any class updates that you may have to: — Tyler Harmsen; tharmsen@alumni.nd.edu



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13 To New Journeys

Hello all. Let me tell you all, this was a record in terms of updates I received by email instead of having to cyberstalk, which is good because I’m really trying to cut back on my socials. Let’s start off with babies, weddings and engagements. Jessica (Heintz) Silva married John Silva in March in a fun, vibrant wedding. Reid Paape, Mr. Sorin 2012, got married in April to Beth Cratsley with Gabe Delatte and Thomas Falcon in attendance. I heard word that Thomas wore a Dr. Pepper-themed tuxedo. Jacque (Patz) and Leo DiPiero had a daughter, Augusta, in December. Leo first sent me an email stating that Jacque had a baby, then a short time later sent another email to clarify that he also had a baby, and that it was in fact the same child. Nicole (Stenerson) Overland and her husband just welcomed their first child, Marcus, on Jan. 18. She made sure to tell me that he’s not named after the head football coach, unless we go on to win a national championship in which case he totally was. My wife, Ritu, and I welcomed our own little bundle of joy, Kiaan Champlin, just two weeks before the writing of this column. I told him that he’s going to be featured in a magazine, but all he did was look me dead in the eyes and pass gas. Gabe Schepergerdes got engaged to his high school sweetheart and fellow Domer Dr. Ingrid Woelfel while in Manhattan. During this trip they also spent time with Paul DiGaetano Jr. and Teresa Blumenstein. Gabe and Ingrid are planning on marrying in a small ceremony in the Pacific Northwest next year. They currently live in Columbus OH (boo!) where Ingrid is a surgical resident. After an illustrious residency (including a NIH LRP grant, which is an impressive feat) she’s applying for more, pursuing a transplant fellowship. Gabe also tells me that Paul graduated medical school and is currently pursuing medical admin jobs. For some reason Gabe was not as quick to gush over Paul’s accomplishments as he was Ingrid’s. Teresa is a coordinator for the Justice Coalition of Religious and has served in a human rights advocacy role to foreign governments at the UN headquarters in NYC. And despite all her time in NYC she remains an optimist, biking to work to reduce her carbon footprint and recycling all the plastic she comes across. In other professional news, Megan Bone is finishing up a pediatric neurology and neurodevelopmental disabilities residency at UT Southwestern in Dallas and will be moving to Baltimore to start a job as an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins in July. Janelle (Heinle) Hinkle received a big promotion at Regency Construction Services Inc. in Cleveland. Sent by their market specialist Jillian Van Wagnen. It is with a heavy heart that I pass along the news of two of our classmates who have passed away. I was just made aware of Chris Delillo’s passing in December 2021; he was a double Domer, having also received his law degree from ND. He made such an impact with his co-workers that his firm continues to have a memorial page on their website. Brandon Choi, naval engineer and Keenan Hall alum, passed away this past December after a long fight with brain cancer. I had the pleasure of working with Brandon at NDSP. He was truly a genuine, engaging and incredible person to spend time with. I would like to pass along my condolences to the friends and families of Brandon and Chris. I look forward to reconnecting with you at our upcoming reunion (if my newborn permits me to leave the house). — Chris Champlin; nd2013updates@gmail.com


13MBA Nothing Doing

I didn’t get updates from anyone this time around. I guess it’s been a chill few months for everyone. Or I just forgot to ask for any. By the time you read this, many of us will have gotten together for the 10-year(!) reunion. I hope everyone is doing well. Speaking of 10 years, that’s about how long I’ve been doing this. If anyone wants to replace me, I won’t fight it, just let me know. Please send any updates for the next set of notes to me by July 18. — Nick Imgrund; 314-775-7364; daimgrund@yahoo.com


13JD Class SecretaryAlex Blair;



14 Lightning Bugs and Babies 

Hello, and happy summer, everyone! I have to be honest; I love summer. I would so much rather have a hot day than a cold one, so it makes perfect sense that I went to school in South Bend. But seriously, I love the summer—the green grass, the blooming trees, the smell of warm rain on concrete. It’s a beautiful and fresh time, and it reminds us to slow down a little. Stay in the shade an extra moment. Take a bonus sip of lemonade. Stay outside just a little bit longer to watch the sun set. Sometimes, life feels like it is moving too fast, and I feel like we see that in this column more than anywhere else. Your freshman roommate? Married with two kids now. The girl you took to the Keough toga party? A PhD from Georgetown and links on Google Scholar. The friend who worked at South Dining Hall who would give you a heads up whenever there was about to be freshly baked cookies? Still a hero. But even though life is moving fast, I love that summer reminds us to slow down a little. Yes, you have a work deadline tomorrow, but you know what? There are lightning bugs to catch. Sure, you have an extra paper to read and an extra hour to bill, but did you hear the mourning doves in the trees next door? And yeah, you have that networking event to go to and business cards to hand out. But you also have warm grass to recline on, charcoal grills to light up, s’mores to roast, chalk drawings to make on your driveway, sprinklers to run through, and pools to splash in. So, let’s all take a little extra time this summer to be slow. Let’s be still, let’s listen. Let’s close our eyes and feel the sun, take off our shoes and wiggle our toes. Even though we are grown-ups now, let’s still take our summer break. (And wear your sunscreen!!) And now, with that in mind, let’s also take a moment to welcome all the incredibly wonderful news I have to report—and oh, baby, it’s babies!! First, I am thrilled to report that Erin Krumenacker and her husband, Preston Epley, welcomed a baby boy, Remick Thomas Epley, to the world on March 31! He made it just before April Fool’s Day, but it’s no trick to say how much he is loved already. Congratulations, Erin and Preston! Out in Madison WI, Nikki and Justin Sena have welcomed Lorenzo Linus, who is as adorable as he is alliterative. Congratulations to the Sena family, and thank you for sharing! And you definitely aren’t ready for this—Lauren (Thompson) ’11 and Brendan Moran welcomed twins! Baby boy Robert “Rory” Francis and his sister Annemarie Caroline joined the Notre Dame family on March 30! Thank you so much to Joseph Whalen for that joyous update, and congratulations to the Morans! Finally, Ann Marie Kelly had a very big update—not only did she graduate from Sidney Kimmel Medical College in Philadelphia, but she also got married (to the lucky Daniel Courtney) and moved to Dartmouth NH, where Ann Marie will start her residency in orthopedic surgery! What an exciting year for you, Ann Marie, and good luck in residency! I love hearing from you, so keep sending me your updates! Every single one of them is treasured, just like every single one of you. Lots of love. — Lizzie (Helpling) Trebbien; 513-470-9723; ehelplin@alumni.nd.edu


14MBA Class Secretary Jessica Bonanno;

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15 New Beginnings

Alexandra (Stembaugh) and Alan Keck, of Welsh Family Hall and Duncan Hall, happily announce the birth of their daughter, Caroline Juniper Keck, born Jan. 11. Emma Collis and Quinn O’Heeney, together with their son (Theo, 4) and daughter (Evie, 2), welcomed Finnegan O’Heeney into their family on July 12, 2022, in Fort Wayne IN. Cityscape Residential is pleased to announce that Jennifer Sewell has been promoted to vice president. She directs the company’s real estate development responsibilities in IN, including recent properties such as NEXUS, The Otis at Fort Ben and The Steadman. Congratulations, all!— Emily Flores; eflores2@alumni.nd.edu


15MBA Class Secretary Valeriano Lima;



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16 I Once Believed Love Would Be Burning Red

But it’s Golden. Cheers to our lovebirds! Recently engaged couples include: Kendra Anderson and Kevin Muschar, Sam Bryant and Sean Casey, Cliona Byrne and Jeremy Doyle, Carerra Brown and John White, Emily Collins and Hunter Kempf ’17, Annabelle Duncan and Tom Haile, Meg Gegick and Nick Levergood, Lizzie Gibbs and Sean Hynes ’17, Bryn Gorberg and Hunter Monaghan, Mary Haley and Anthony Schurz, Perry Locke and Bobby Valek, Katharine Maheras and Riley Graham, Lizzy Miggins and Barrett King, Cat Perino and Justin Yuen, Anna Rowland and Rich Hidy, Kaitlin Smith and Gregory Normand, Christiana Stephen and Lucas Foertsch, Tina Techar and Andy Reiter, and Samantha Wilt and Greg Hadley. Congrats to these newly wedded couples: Rebecca Almeida and Carlos Jimenez, Julia Bellefeuille and Domenic Canonico, Natalie Boone and Adam Logeman, Maddie Braman and Logan Lally, Emily Claps and Joe Driano, Colleen Fricke and Jack Lahey, Gaby Greig and Mitch Patin, LaRee Golke and John Nagle, Morganne Howell and Pike Goldschmidt, Angelica Inclan and Chris Lynch, Samira Jackson and Sheldon Day, Kaitlin Jacobsen and Matthew Gaske, Claire Jaeger and Aaron Mathias, Carolina Jimenez and Pedro Caballero, Kaya Moore and Declan Riddle, Brigid Mumford and Dan Pelzman, Caroline Newell and David Berlinghof, Lauren Schingel and Brian Davis, and Christine Wu and Drew Vista. All you parents—first-timers or old hat—are doing a great job: Macie and Taylor Billings, Dominique (Nguyen) and Michael Blume ’15, Jessica (Trinkl) and Shane GilesSarah (Pryor) and Justin Hoffman, Katie (McCarty) and Daniel Huggins, Madeline (Lewis) ’17 and Michael Infantine, Monica (Simon) and Brendan Lesch ’14, MK and Michael Lindt, Gabbie and Diego Rayas, Mary and Sam Roden, Brigid (Pikus) and Michael Ropp, Alex (Coticchia) and Patrick Spellacy, Kendra (Harding) and Nick Walter, Savannah Kounelis and Anthony Willaume, and Megan (McCuen) and Matt Witt. Can’t keep up with any of you! Literally. Victor Benavides ran the NY Airlines Half. Caroline Clark ran the LA marathon. Cooper Cohen ran the Horsetooth Half. Greg Hadley ran the Coastal Delaware marathon. Jack Hanle and I ran the Crescent City Classic—FYI, I beat him. Lindsay Karcher, Emily (Horton) Wade and Ellie Welch all ran the NY Marathon. Lizzy and David Katter ran the Newport Marathon, and Caroline (Corsones) Rooney ran the half. Proud of all the med students who matched this year: Michelle Bartlett at Children’s Hospital of Philly in neonatology, Erin Clark at UNC in pediatrics, Meg Gegick at IU as a NICU fellow, Jasmine Moreno at Baylor for a cardiology fellowship, Ania Poteraj at Zucker SOM-Northwell in emergency medicine and Adam Rene Rosenbaum at Boston Children’s for his pediatric hematology/oncology fellowship. Raquel Dominguez and Colin Devine were both named on the Forbes 30 Under 30—huge accomplishments. Raquel is a creative executive at OBB Media working on film, television and podcasts. Colin is the co-founder and chief operating officer of BotBuilt, a robotic technology company aiming to automate the entire process of building a home. Deacon Andrew Fritz became Father Andrew Fritz as he made his final vows to the priesthood this April. Ashley Henry started a new job last winter at the American Chemical Society as a program specialist in the Office of Award Programs. Preston Igwe was elected co-president of the UCLA Psychiatry Residents Council. Josh O’Brien won the Christ the Teacher Award for St. Matthew’s Grade School. Dr. Savannah Roy was published in the European Journal of Cancer. Rob Stanley was elected national chair of the National Science Policy Network. Alex Wilcox started as a sports producer for ABC7 in NY. Thanks to our classmates for their reflections in the FaithND newsletter: Nicolette Bardele, Steven Salido Fisher, Rev. Andrew D. Fritz, CSC, ’21MDiv, Anna Gonzalez, Nicole McAlee ’24MS, Bryan Ricketts, Stephen Scobee and Sarah Witt ’18MEd. As for me, I went to the Taylor Swift concert in Tampa and it was the best night of my life. Email me. — Bridget (Doyle) Hanle; bdoyle3@alumni.nd.edu 


16MBA Another Baby!

Maggie and Sagar Patil welcomed baby Ellora in February. Congratulations to the Patil family! We hope all of our classmates are doing well and look forward to highlighting your life updates! — Claire Kenney; ckenney2@alumni.nd.edu; Kelly Rubey; kelly.rubey@nd.edu


16JD Class SecretaryMack Watson;



17 A Busy Start

2023 is off to a busy start for the members of the Class of 2017! Congratulations to our friends and classmates on their professional accomplishments: Catherine Young is officially a published author! Check out her book, Miracle of Mom, written about her mother to provide “perspective, hope, and perhaps a smile or two (and yes, puns are included)”; John Salazar (@avantfarte for those looking to follow) designed the acting nominee cards used at the Academy Awards Ceremony this year; Glen McClain, the only student at the U of Cincinnati pursuing dual JD/MD degrees, passed the bar exam and was featured in an article by the UC College of Law; Maggie Moran started a new position as associate director of client services solutions at Dotdash Meredith; Nicholas Koshansky started a new position as advisory manager at WilliamsMarston LLC; Whitney Spiegel started a new position as vice president at Hermes GPE; Ilena Berkeley started a new position as marketing director at MOGL, a company founded by fellow classmate Ayden Syal; Olivia August had her master’s research published in JAWWA; John McCready started his MBA at HEC Paris; Lara Perez is now the director of donor services at Holy Wisdom Monastery; Stephanie (Burton) Jordan started a new position as value stream lead at AbbVie; Melaina LaSalle was honored by the Expect Miracles Foundation for her work fundraising to support cancer research; Peter McGrane started as a product manager at WHOOP; Nicholas Pettegrew was promoted to senior manager at Ruggable; Benjamin Shultz is interning with the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia this summer; Lea (Hix) Dimmling started a new PA position at Stanford Children’s Health in orthopedic surgery; John Klamer has been promoted to senior software engineer at Starburst; Shannon (Hodges) Mooney matched at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital; Luke McVeigh matched at U of Michigan Neurosurgery; Lucia Sanchez matched at Jefferson in radiology. We also want to extend congratulations to all of our newly engaged couples: Natalie Noland and Austin Jasper, Sara Iannone and Patrick Tinsley, Emily Olson and Zach McCormick, Christine Zavakos and Cody Perlaky, Maddie Miller and Ray Wang, Jake Grabowski and Hannah Sagel, Grant Koch and Sydni Meuiner ’16, James Sigman and Caroline Larsen, Hunter Kempf and Emily Collins ’16, Maura Boston and Jay Carroll ’16, Francesca Mancuso and Timothy McLaughlin, Maeve Donovon and Roland Perkins ’14, Briana Nguyen and Vishnu Murthy, Christina Kappil and Sean Lindbloom ’12. Wedding bells recently rang for these members of our class: Erin Thomassen and Joseph Goodwin; Helen Hathaway and Steve Hanley in Little Rock in January; Ellen Halverson and Aaron Grzegorzewski; Ally Chang and PJ Endler; Brittany Harrington and Zach Leblanc; Lea (Hix) Dimmling married Alex Dimmling (foreign exchange student at ND ’16) in Germany in 2020 followed by a Catholic ceremony in 2022. Congratulations to these parents welcoming new members of their family: Casey (Gelchion) and Andy Miles welcomed their second child; Molly (Iott) and David Uhlenhake are expecting their first child; Madi and Griffin Hilly are expecting a baby in September. This update was made possible by input from Clare (Geraghty) Henne, Celanire Flagg, Katelyn Wray and social media. These class leaders make time to keep track of all these accomplishments while balancing business school, law school and medical residency, respectively. If you have an accomplishment, announcement or something else you would like to say, please send it to Celanire Flagg at cflagg@alumni.nd.edu. Congratulations to everyone and see you at a game this fall! — Celanire Flagg; cflagg@alumni.nd.edu


17MBA Class SecretaryMary Tomasik;



17JD Class SecretaryLauren (Nottoli) Schwabe;



18 Here Together 

Greetings, Class of 2018. It was wonderful to see so many of you for our five-year Reunion. It has certainly been an eventful five years, both in our personal lives and in the world. Since we left campus on that rainy May graduation day, we’ve seen new buildings crop up on campus, new head coaches, and a complete overhaul of on-campus late-night dining options. We’ve changed cities and taken on new jobs and promotions, earned graduate degrees, gotten married, and some of us have started families. There has been both good and bad, highs and lows, but it felt right to be back together again on campus. As we reflect on our first of hopefully many class reunions together and the past five years, I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Father Hesburgh and one that I like to think best explains what Notre Dame means to all of us: “Let us agree that we shall never forget one another, and whatever happens, remember how good it felt when we all here together, united by a good and decent feeling, which made us better people—better probably than we would otherwise have been.” — Matthew Peters; mgpeters96@gmail.com


18MBA Class Secretary Patrick McHail;



19 Milestones

Greetings and a happy summer season to the Class of 2019! As the sun begins to creep back into our lives and the temperatures start to rise, we wanted to take a moment to share the latest updates and accomplishments of your fellow classmates around the globe. In the professional realm, we applaud Kylie Ruscheinski on her new appointment as the director of Uptown Business Center in Chicago. Her responsibility will be to provide guidance, training and advocacy for entrepreneurs in the northern part of Chicago. We are also thrilled to celebrate Ryan Kolakowski, who recently assumed the role of associate marketing manager for Wilson Sporting Goods in its baseball and softball division. Danny Szydlowski is currently a lake scientist at the U of Wisconsin-Madison pursuing his PhD in freshwater and marine sciences. He is conducting research on the effects of storms on lakes, but his heart remains connected to Notre Dame, as he returns every summer to northern WI to conduct work on lakes owned by the University. As we applaud professional successes, we also embrace the personal milestones of our classmates. We share joy with Daniel Rayl and Maria Schorr ’22 on their engagement in Central Park, New York City, on Feb. 4. Our heartfelt congratulations also go to Maggie Dever and Zach Kousens, on the arrival of their first child, Lucy Kathleen, in September. Additionally, we celebrate the engagement of Peter Seidner to Samantha Henze ’18 and the upcoming wedding of Lauren Fox to Will Kanan on July 1. We extend our best wishes to Courtney Thompson and Andrew MacKinnon on their nuptials on May 18, after their engagement in 2022. Lastly, we are proud of our fellow classmates who journeyed back to campus to partake in the Holy Half Marathon. Maggie Feighery, Hannah Stubbs, Chris Brendza, Michael Conlon, Dan Hopkinson, Michael Gabel and many more enthusiastically took on the challenge of this event and persevered! If you wish to have your accomplishments featured in our next edition, please reach out to us via email at classof2019@alumni.nd.edu, Instagram (@ndclassof2019) or through one of our Class Officers. Let us celebrate your successes together! — Michael Conlon, Dan Hopkinson, Jane Driano, and Eddie Griesedieck; notredameclass19@gmail.com


19JD Class SecretaryKatherine Miller;