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20MBA Ringing in the Summer 

Fernando Quijano Franky recently got engaged to Dr. Madeleine George. The couple currently live together in Durham NC with their cat Judy and are thrilled to start planning their future together. They have decided to tie the knot in early 2024 in Cartagena, Colombia, and cannot wait to celebrate this special day with their loved ones. Please reach out if you have any updates for the next issue! — Audrey Walker; awalke10@alumni.nd.edu


20JD Class Secretary — Elizabeth (Lombard) Eckert;



21 Keeping Busy 

Hey there, Irish! Hope all has been well since we last checked in. Many classmates have been busy in the past several months, so let’s get to it. Noemi Eva Toroczkai is starting up her second year of being a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in South Korea. Christian Oakley enrolled as a medical student at Vanderbilt School of Medicine. Anna Sophia Keller and Alex Arroyo got engaged this year. Jorge Plaza had a very busy couple of months. Jorge got married to his fiancée, who he met while studying abroad in Toledo, Spain, during his junior year at Notre Dame. The wedding was in Miami near their home. In addition to that, Jorge also just sent in his seat deposit to officially become part of the Harvard Law School Class of 2026. Molly Ford and Shae Watkins ’20 are engaged. Abigail Stokes will be starting her master’s at the U of Minnesota this fall as a part of a unique research training program in data science in multi-messenger astrophysics. The program is designed to train graduate students in modern data science techniques using the field of multi-messenger astrophysics as a training ground. This field is where multiple messengers are used to study astrophysical and cosmological events and processes such as light, gravitational waves, neutrino particles, cosmic rays and gamma rays. Good luck, Abigail! Patrick Sansone is going to be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to fundraise for cancer equipment in Tanzania! If you want to help him on his journey, you can donate at this link: https://www.flipcause.com/secure/fundraiser/MTc0NzM5/83150. Brittany Cahill has just moved from IL to CA and has a wonderful new job as controls engineer at Loring Smart Roast, a coffee company. Weston Dell will be working as the assistant dean of the Tampa Bay high school that he currently teaches at, following his graduation from the ACE program this summer. Congrats, Weston! Andrew Lucchesi III moved to Chicago to join the battery startup NanoGraf Corporation as a production engineer. Sara Baynard was commissioned into the US Army in 2021, and recently got engaged earlier this year! Elizabeth Gardey and Nicholas Gadola Holmes are engaged, and did so in a Gothic chapel at the Detroit Institute of Arts in February. Sarah Galbenski and Patrick McCabe got engaged in Washington DC on March 19! They are looking forward to getting married next summer at Notre Dame. Rounding out a flurry of romance this quarter, Carolyn Nilsen and Patrick O’Connor also just got engaged on April 15! Lastly, Elsa Barron and James Luk attended the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons G7 Youth Summit in Hiroshima, Japan, as delegates of the US. Congrats, all, on some amazing life accomplishments and milestones! As always, for those of you reading along, don’t be shy! When we send out our quarterly emails asking for updates, let us know what you’ve been up to. Or, if you’re too eager to wait for that, you can DM us 24/7 on Instagram @class21nd. We look forward to hearing from you and GO IRISH! — Ryan Mullin; rmullin77@gmail.com


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