36 A Tough Bunch

The ranks are getting smaller and those who are left are at least 100. I only hear from Joe Newman, who is 101 and lives in Florida and is quite active. Joe was a day hopper from South Bend. I never knew him then but enjoy hearing from him now. The only news I have to report is I have another grandchild who graduated this May. Her younger brother finished his sophomore year and will spend his summer in Ireland. He and his sister learned to speak Gaelic, so we know they are real Irish. I haven’t been on the campus for some time but I understand from my grandchildren that it has gotten much bigger than when we were there. A note to those in our class who are still alive: please let me hear from you. I don’t think there are many left but we were a tough bunch. I hope to live long enough to write for the next issue after this one. Go Irish. — John Norton; jwn@aol.com

37 Class Secretary — Kathleen Coverick ’08;


38 Letter from Vermont

I was excited to receive a delightful and witty letter from one of you in mid-April, but I’m afraid I need a little bit of help as I could not quite make out the last name. I believe it is signed Richard Poulos, but I may be misreading the last letter or two. The postmark is from White River Junction VT. Richard writes that he was in the Class of ’38 but did not graduate from ND. He served in WWII as many members of the class did. He was last on campus in 1947, and is feeling due for a reunion soon. Richard mentioned he’d like to see Touchdown Jesus and Sorin Hall. I hope to track Richard down by the time this publishes, so I can reply to his letter and find out what he has been up to in the recent years. It is always great to hear from the class members and their families, and I frequently hear that other alumni enjoy reading about the class, so please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. — Meg Julian ’03, ’06JD; 6 Carriage Trail, Princeton NJ 08540; 646-246-5480; megjulian@gmail.com