80 Caring for One Another

Thank you Reunion team. We send a special thank you to the classmates who offered to help others attend Reunion. Confidentiality prevents me from sharing details, but know that we have the most generous classmates. You can still make a contribution to our Class gift and our growing endowment that will allow a few ND students to participate in the International Summer Service Learning Project (ISSLP). An additional modest gift of $25 to $50 helps to our class dues account defrays class mailings, condolences and costs associated with Reunion or other class activities. Please update your contact info at my.nd.edu. As we move to more digital communications, we need your emails. While you’re at it, please join our Class Facebook page. It’s a private group. One must be approved to join, and it is generally limited to classmates and the occasional spouse. Join us at facebook.com/groups/notredame80. Facebook allows more timely conversations and wonderful photos. In addition to a trip to Chicago to cover our mayoral election, Melinda Henneberger traveled to Puerto Rico and caught up with Jorge Peirats. Jorge is a civil litigator. The youngest of Jorge and wife Lizette’s three kids, Gabo, is a sophomore pre-med major at ND. Their son Ignacio is a zoologist and their daughter Sofia is in grad school in Arizona. Carlos Carrero is an urban planner and lives in his hometown near Ponce with his partner, Richard, and his mom, for whom they provide around-the-clock care. Oscar Perez-Zabala sold his distribution company and helps other cyclists train for long-distance races. He and his wife, Citita, have two kids, 10 and 19. Chris Kennedy (the one from Keenan Hall) returned to campus for the first Keenan Re-U. The event was the brainchild of the Alumni Association Board President, Tim O’Neill ’94. About 40 Keenanites attended. Attending from the Class of 1980 were Bryan Carlin, Dan “Too Tall” Fogarty, Doug Kriegshauser, David Vignes, Bob Zehentner and Chris. Rector Father Rich Conyers had a conflict, but Chris didn’t let that foil their plans. He called Father Rich at the reception and patched him in to the group. They watched the first and latest Keenan Reviews and were happy to have the founders share their stories of the Review’s inception. Mark McNally will be starting a new job and moving to Newport RI. If you are going to live in the Tidewater area, I guess you should work for Newport News Shipbuilding. Stephanie Philllips Cullinane became an empty nester this year. Her youngest is a freshman in college, the middle graduated this year and the eldest has already graduated. Rosemary Mills Russell reports that former Farleyites invaded the home of Kurt and Barb (DiGangi) Sisson in Virginia. Attendees included Delis (Morales) Yanker, Jane Knight, Beth (Jones) Raseman, Michele (Kelly) Herring, Jane (Pascuzzo) Michalek, Carol McKenna, MaryJean Schmitt ’81 and Rosemary. Sharon (Henne) Wester and Pia Trigiani ’80 SMC joined in parts of the celebration, including a “grandma-to-be” shower for Jane Michalek. Long walks, special Washington sightseeing and lots of laughter were the highlights of the weekend. Jane adds that Barb holds the number two position in the Army Reserve. She is also the most senior retired duty member. George Rooney wrote from Alaska to say that he will have to miss Reunion as he will be hiking the Camino de Santiago. Our hearts go out to Leo Latz, who lost his dad recently. We also send heart-felt love to Andrea Derent Donovan SMC ’80. Andrea’s husband, Brendan Donovan, succumbed to appendix cancer. Brendan and Andrea met freshman year and were married for 32 years. Brendan was one of 10, five of whom are Domers. We also share special condolences to Brendan’s brother, Brian, who is also a member of our class. — Mary Ellen Woods; mew.1980@alumni.nd.edu; facebook.com/groups/notredame80

80MBA Class Secretary — Doug Cooper;


80JD Four Titans

Eternal rest to four titans of our Law School days: Prof. Charlie Rice, Prof. Bob Rodes, Father Ted Hesburgh and classmate Hal Moore. Charlie Rice was a gem, dedicated, tireless, compassionate and always, always, always advocating for students. He called our house one night to ask us to hire a Notre Dame student as a law clerk. It was very impressive, and, of course, that student was hired because we knew that the “Charlie Rice Stamp of Approval” meant a great deal. The students were first in his life and it showed. God rest you, Prof. Rice. Bob Rodes was a scholar, an intellect, devoted and dedicated. He taught many generations of law students and cared deeply about the Catholic scholar in the world. Eternal rest, Prof. Rhodes. Father Ted Hesburgh was the beacon of Our Lady’s University in the 20th century. The man who could have been anything, because of his many gifts, chose to be a priest and serve. And, serve he did. He served all of us, the University he loved and the world at large. And, here’s a secret: Father Ted was a great tipper. Each time I waited on him at the Morris Inn, he was the same nice person: kind, generous, considerate and a tip of 20 percent. You know a person by how they treat waitresses and staff. Father Ted was the best. Father Ted, we hope you enjoy heaven in seats on the 50-yard line right next to the Blessed Mother. And, finally, our classmate Hal Moore died this spring. What a shock it was to hear of Hal’s death. Hal was a combination of a PhD in philosophy, street smarts and NJ/NY grit. He was intellectually intimidating, especially when he bantered with Charlie Rice, and often hid his heart of gold. His wife, Mary Anne, and his girls were the center of his life and his legal acumen was legion. Hal will never be forgotten because he was such a presence in our law school section. We send our sympathies to the families of Charlie Rice, Bob Rodes, Hal Moore and Father Ted. May their souls and the souls of all the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Please send your news; you are important. Love to all. — Sheila O’Brien; sobrien368@aol.com

81 Class Secretary — Lee Ann McLaughlin;

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81MBA Class Secretary — E.J. Fleming IV;

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81JD Coming and Going

Heidi and Tom Masano ’78 have a daughter, Julia, who graduated from Notre Dame in May with a marketing degree from the Mendoza College of Business. Her parents are anxiously awaiting her acquisition of permanent employment. Judy Ostrander’s automatic email response indicated that she was out of the country and would return to the office on April 20. We hope you had a great trip, Judy. Similarly, Kevin Lilly’s email bounced back with a message that Kevin, former general counsel at SPX, retired on April 3. We hope that you are enjoying your new status, Kevin. Madonna Christensen Muscarello and Bob Allen attended the funeral of our beloved professor, Charlie Rice. Each provided us with their summary of the ceremony, as well as their reflections on what Charlie meant to them. Those thoughts painted a picture of Charlie’s relationship to the students at Notre Dame Law School and the many different ways that he helped many of us. Bob Allen and Jim Blasé sent flowers on behalf of the class. Jim Blasé, Jack Sawyer and Jack Nugent, reflecting on Prof. Rice’s military background, sent expressions of sympathy. Nancy Helling Gargula, Lorie Masters, Claire Corson Skinner and John Fitzpatrick made contributions to St. Joseph Parish in Mishawaka honoring Charlie in the name of our class. In the latest episode of “Where in the World is Bill Fearnow,” Bill reports that he is still in Amsterdam. He is helping a recent PhD recipient at the U of Amsterdam’s law school, a delightful, diminutive, young Chinese woman who reminds him of his “dear, favorite, Prof. Trai Le,” brush up her thesis for publication. He says it is just like re-working the articles Tom Byrne and Chris Koenigs winnowed out of the law review mail bag. Bob Allen will be speaking at the Florida Yacht Brokers Assoc. Yacht Sales Summit in October on the topic “Structuring Ownership of a Yacht for the Non-US Buyer.” Bob is outside general counsel to the association, which is the largest association of yacht brokers in the world. He regularly speaks at its seminars and writes for its publication, Compass. Lorne Liechty reports that he is facing a significant birthday that he doesn’t really want to discuss. To distract himself from the trauma of that event, Lorne decided to try something different. He was due to appear in the Rockwall Community Playhouse (Rockwall County TX) production of The Wizard of Oz during the month of May. His role? Oz, of course. God Bless and Go Irish. — Michael Palumbo; 3799 E. Peachtree Drive, Chandler AZ 85249; res 480-284-4004; bus 602-262-5931; mpalumbo@jsslaw.com

82 Women’s Basketball Fan

Lee Williams, a Dillon Hall alum, made the final nine games of the 2015 women’s basketball season. Lee was an avid fan during his ND days when he and a small group of classmates would dress up to get the crowd going. Back in those days, attendance was about 200 fans; now it is over 9,000. So I guess we owe Lee for ramping up those numbers. He is semi-retired and loves to travel. Lee’s latest plans include a Baltic cruise in July followed by a few days in Paris.
Andrew Kottkamp works for a small law firm in Wenatchee WA. He practices as a land use hearing examiner for several counties and cities in the state, as well as serving clients in estate planning, personal injury and corporate work. His wife is a surgery RN on the open heart team at their local hospital. They have three children, and his eldest, Anna, has been selected 2015 valedictorian for our alma mater. She is a member of the Glynn Family Honors Program and Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society with a 4.0 cumulative GPA over four years. She is also a member of the varsity women’s rowing team. She started her career as a walk-on and went on to earn a full athletic scholarship. After graduation, she plans to pursue a post graduate service with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest in Hood River OR, working at the Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute in educational programming for fifth-graders. Congratulations to the entire family. Kevin Mullane has been elected to the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Kevin is currently the president of Talcott Group, LLC in Madison WI. He focuses in helping philanthropic organizations raise funds. Dan Barron passed away unexpectedly in January. Please keep his wife, Lisa, in your prayers. Joe Regotti, a Dillon Hall alum, passed away on Jan. 3. Joe worked with the Maryknoll Lay Missionaries. We offer our condolences to both families. — Tess and Dave Lewis; 30 Battle Ridge Road, Morris Plains NJ 07950; cell 973-219-4050; bloomie711@gmail.com or dave@lewislegal.com

82MBA Class Secretary — Renee S. Cooper;

630-850-9707; reneemsr@aol.com

82JD Mr. President

Congratulations are in order for Tim Nickels, who will assume the presidency of the NDLA Board of Directors on July 1. Wendy and Tim, Cele (Glacy) and Bruce Baty and Carol and I were on campus in April for the NDLA Board meeting. Tim managed to get a large suite at the Morris Inn for the weekend, which was a great venue for the six of us to enjoy some fine wine and a lot of reminiscing. Carol and I had dinner with Maryann and Tim Abeska while on campus in March. Tim tells me that he, Tim Nickels and Tim Rooney taught the Intensive Trial Ad class at the Law School in January. I am saddened to report that Prof. Charlie Rice passed away in March at age 84. I know that many in our class have fond memories of Charlie and were very close to him. I saw him on campus last fall and he looked just the way he did the first time we saw him in the fall of 1979. We offer our condolences to Kathy Brickley, whose mother passed away in April. — Frank Julian; 7 W. Seventh St., Cincinnati OH, 45202; 513-579-7337; frank.julian@macys.com

83 Summer is Here

Congratulations are in order for several of our classmates. Jean Collier has been named the 2015 recipient of the Alumni Association’s James E. Armstrong Award, which is conferred on a graduate who is a current or former employee of the University and has rendered distinguished service to the Notre Dame family. Jean was recognized for her years of dedicated service to Notre Dame alumni, parents and friends. She has been a tireless volunteer leader, including in her local Notre Dame club, as well as on the Alumni Association’s and the University’s Board of Trustees. Congratulations are also due for Arthur Jackman Jr. on his promotion to the rank of Air Force brigadier general. Brig. Gen. Jackman is the mobilization assistant to the director in the Administrative Law Office of The Judge Advocate General. John Sweeney has been appointed the chair of surgery at Emory U School of Medicine. John is nationally recognized for his leadership in quality and effectiveness research and improved clinical outcomes in surgery. Congratulations Jean, Art and John. Steve Fox and Pierre Miller were able to spend time catching up recently in New Orleans. They spent time reminiscing about the Keenan Review and planning next year’s tailgaters. Paul Comber shared the sad news that Chris Needles’ father passed away. Please keep Chris and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Please also keep Delia Thomas and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Delia’s father, J. Kerry Thomas, passed away on Jan. 18. He taught and did research for over 40 years at Notre Dame. Some of you may have even taken his classes in chemistry. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Russ Wyborski as he recovers from elbow surgery. Eduardo Magallanez shared a piece written by Hannah (Storen Hicks) Storm on the passing of Father Ted Hesburgh on the Class of 1983 Facebook page. It is a very well written and moving tribute and I recommend reading it. Pat Berrigan reported on a group of “Stanford Hall Studs” who have taken reunions to another level. Every other summer for the last 20 years, 12 to 15 families vacation together at various sites in the US. This summer’s reunion is at the Wild Dunes Resort near Charleston SC. Stanford alums whose families often join in these vacations include: Bill Baroody, Pat Berrigan, Pat Kelly, Brian Woods, Greg Miller, John (Ike) Eichenlaub, Steve Ilnitzki, Tom Sennett, Rolly Power, Steve Brown, Dave Milla, Rich Reiger, Mike Mulligan, Mike Landry and Tom McGrath. Join our class Facebook page by searching for “Notre Dame Class of 1983” on Facebook and select “join.” If you have any news you’d like to share with the class, send me a note or email, and I’ll be happy to include it in the next column. — Louis J. (Chip) Denkovic; 520 West 43rd St., No. 32G, New York NY 10036; res 212-564-4264; bus 212-762-6674; ldenkovic@gmail.com

83MBA Good Things Happening

Good news from Jim Hart: Jim has been named president of the Oliver Estate Family Office. He has been a trusted member and financial leader of the organization for 18 years and has deservedly earned the right to run it. Congratulations to Jim. Chas Bourland has been an entrepreneur for many years and his company, American Medical Endoscopy, is a successful medical device business operating in Latin America, Europe and the U.S. He recently made his first acquisition of Trend Solution Components and has refocused it as Strauss Surgical to enter North America. His beautiful daughter, Angelica, is headed off to Emerson College in Boston to study film. From creative entrepreneurs come creative daughters. I am sure that Chas’ wife, Maria, had a lot to do with the beauty and brains part. More news comes from Jay Carter. As previously reported, Jay, Dave Valenti, Mike Burton, Dave Wirl and Al Jonas get together each year for their Motorhome tailgate event. This year their Motorhome XXXIV extravaganza will be at the Navy game. After the game, everyone heads to Jay’s place in Berrien Springs, where he breaks out a keg and brings up more than a few bottles from his infamous wine cellar, and the reminiscing begins. No worries, there is no driving home. Jay has plenty of beds. It looks like Sue and I will be on the road this fall keeping up with the kids; we have four in college. Tom is getting his MBA and playing hockey at Quinnipiac U, Christian is a senior hockey player at Cornell U, Sanne will be attending Montana State U studying environmental science and Nikki will be a freshman at Franklin U in Lugano, Switzerland. Our eldest son, Jack, is an outdoor education fellow at Eagle Rock School in Estes Park CO, and daughter Annika is an equestrian instructor in Oswego IL. We are thrilled and lucky to try to keep up with them all. Write or call folks. I can get you a job, promote your business, pump up your kids and give you a reason to read this fine publication. Actually, I think it best that you write me before I make up something about you. Go ND. — John Hilbrich; 630-677-2725; john.hilbrich@gmail.com

83JD Congratulations

Congratulations to Matt Feeney, who has assumed a partnership with Snell & Wilmer, a full-service business law firm with more than 400 attorneys practicing in nine locations throughout the western United States and Mexico. Matt’s practice is concentrated in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings, SEC reporting and compliance and corporate governance matters. He has been recognized for professional and community service excellence, including Lawyer of the Year, Securities Law/Capital Markets Law (2015), America’s Leading Lawyers for Business and Southwest Super Lawyers. Matt was a founding board member and former chair of St. Joseph the Worker, an organization that provides job development services to the homeless, low-income and other disadvantaged people. He was honored in 2014 by the American Jewish Committee with the Judge Learned Hand Community Service Award for demonstrating sustained contributions to the advancement of equality and democratic principles. Congratulations to Leslie Bender, who was recognized by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) as a 2015-2016 inductee into the NAPW VIP Woman of the Year Circle. Leslie serves as vice president of risk management and general counsel for ARS National Services, Inc., in San Diego. She is a frequent motivational speaker and compliance educator and has been honored for her contributions to the consumer financial and healthcare industries by credit, collections, healthcare and banking associations as well as the US Small Business Administration. Leslie is also a trained mediator who works on corporate, compliance, privacy, transactional, credit and collections matters. Please send me an email with an update on you or a classmate. — Ann E. Merchlewitz; Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, 700 Terrace Heights No. 30, Winona MN 55987; res 507-454-4774; bus 507-457-1587; amerchle@smumn.edu

84 Thanks for the Updates

I continue to be amazed at how giving a class we are. The latest examples of our generosity include Mike Kelly being honored as Holy Trinity High School’s man of the year for his tireless work on behalf of the school’s mission to educate inner-city Chicago children. Another example is Amy and Mark Rolfes, who took time during their brief visit home to give speeches about the Open Arms Orphanage in South Africa. In addition, we are quite an accomplished group. Rear Adm. Mathias W. Winter was sworn in as the chief of naval research at the Office of Naval Research. The ONR leads Navy and Marine research around the world. Scott Malpass, vice president and chief investment officer at ND, was awarded an honorary doctorate from the U of Portland. Paul Ragan proudly announced the publication of his book, Devotion to the Holy Spirit. You can purchase the book through Amazon.com or your local book store (ISBN 978-069-222-1082). Mike Stephan was appointed to the Hesburgh Library Council. Mary Beth Lucian received the ND Cincinnati Club’s 2015 Award of the Year, the club’s highest honor, in recognition of her extraordinary contributions to the community and Notre Dame. Finally, please keep the family and friends of Cathy Pieronek in your prayers. Cathy passed away in April. She devoted many years of her life to ND, serving as the director of alumni relations for the Law School and, most recently, as the assistant dean in the college of engineering. — Martha Avery; mayoravery@aol.com

84MBA Class Secretary — Tom Phillips;

bus 407-629-4420; fax 407-629-4480; mobile 407-580-8757; taprealtor@earthlink.net

84JD Staying in Touch

It was great to hear recently from Barb Grady. Barb reports that she has a family law practice (Dugan & Grady Law Associates) located in Providence, R.I. “I live in Saunderstown RI. I am married with 2 kids—Son Ryan is a junior at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia PA and my daughter Emily is a senior in HS. I am in touch with Macrina Hjerpe who is also in practice here.” Pat Pedro and his wife, Julie, were looking forward to celebrating the wedding of their daughter, Melissa, at the end of May. Recently retired from his distinguished career at Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC, in Syracuse, New York, Pat is facing the challenges of ALS with characteristic grace. Please keep Pat, Julie and their daughters in your prayers. Please send any work or family updates to me. — Matthew J. Dunn, 19834 Timbered Estates Lane, Carlinville, IL 62626; 773-294-6851; mdunn@atg.state.il.us

85 Career News

Derek Weihs is vice president of global sales and marketing for Micron Systems, Inc., a leading software developer. For nearly a decade, Derek spearheaded sales and marketing initiatives which opened doors for new business with major global law firms throughout the United States and worldwide, making the company’s CLE compliance tracking software the leader in the legal industry. His marketing strategies established the first international business for the company, beginning with prestigious law firms in London and later expanding to Australia, Hong Kong and throughout Europe. Derek lives with his wife, Aneta, and their son, Mark, in Westchester County NY. Timothy MB Farrell moved from the “good life” in Hood River OR (windsurfing, mountain biking or snowboarding every day for six years) to Washington DC via Chicago, where he stayed with John Culver ’88JD, and via Bali, where he spent two weeks at surf camp. In DC he is working at temporary document review projects while he seeks permanent legal employment and networks with ND alumni in the area. John Bowie has been promoted to chief operating officer of Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. John joined Arby’s in 2013 after a history of more than 20 years in the restaurant industry. He was previously president of US operations for Church’s Chicken, where he was responsible for all aspects of Church’s domestic business. Additionally, he has held senior operations and marketing roles for Friendly’s Ice Cream Corporation and Wendy’s International, Inc. — Kathleen Doyle Yaninek; yanzlaw@comcast.net

85MBA Rockne Dinner

On May 8, Joe MacDonell and I attended the ND Club of Chicago annual Rockne Dinner. We enjoyed the fellowship, the speakers and the meal. We have attended most of these dinners since Joe moved to the Chicago area from New Jersey. On the ride home, we called Bob Flaig in California. Bob was not focused on attending our 30th Reunion this June. When we gave a brief recap that expected attendees included Eileen O’Brien, Joe for one of the days and me, we could not in good conscience guarantee he would see many classmates. Bob indicated he would plan on attending the Texas and USC games this fall. As the deadline of these notes loomed, Kurt Curnell called, explaining he was considering squeezing in Reunion, in the midst of moving his family across country. Kurt will be a last-minute decision. John Newbanks chaperoned his younger son’s marching band from Charlotte Catholic High School to Ireland, where they won Best International Band in the 45th annual International Band Parade in Limerick and Best Overall Band in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin. John regrets being unable to attend Reunion as it is in the midst of his son’s final exams. The next set of class notes will include a report from Reunion and news from additional classmates. — Dom Yocius; dyocius@ameritech.net

85JD Class Secretary — Kelly Kiernan Largey;


86 Go Mark Go

Next June we will be celebrating our 30th Reunion. Start reaching out to your friends and let’s get everyone back for this one. We had an incredible turnout for the 25th, and we’ll look forward to another great gathering. We’ll be sending out details in the months ahead. He didn’t submit this story, but I am taking the liberty of telling it. Some of you know that Mark Herkert has bravely and successfully battled cancer. I know each day he thanks all those family and friends who supported him, the doctors and nurses who treated and cared for him and of course his wife, Beth. Mark wanted to give back this past spring and chose to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by participating in the Lavaman Triathlon. To his surprise, at an awards dinner the night before the triathlon, he was recognized as the top fundraiser in America for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Lavaman. I am told he wished that all of his 160 donors could have experienced the thrill of him running up to the podium, high five-ing people along the way, to accept this recognition to a standing ovation in front of hundreds of people. He and his team of supporters raised almost $29,000 for blood cancer research. Collectively LLS Lavaman participants raised over $1,000,000. He finished in 2 hours and 54 minutes, which was about 20 minutes faster than he thought was possible. He placed 361st out of about 1100 participants—not bad for having one functioning ACL and a partially torn meniscus. The swim and run were his best events. He was only kicked once in the head during the swim. He knew he was doing well when he started to catch up to swimmers in the wave in front of him (each wave wore different color swim caps). I was told he emerged from the water and looked back on a sea of white caps (his color) and couldn’t believe the first leg ended this way. The momentum carried over to the bike leg, where he averaged 18 mph, a great pace for him. The run was the toughest, as it was hot and the last event. His friends told me that it was there where he thought of his friends and family affected by cancer, saying their names over and over, and it helped him finish strong, especially the last 1.5 miles over broken coral, lava and sand. He is calling his result a group effort. Kudos to you, Mark. You nailed personal goals. You raised a lot of money for an incredible cause, and you inspired others with your own story to raise additional funds. Mark has said before that the power of cancer is that it can sometimes be used in a positive way to make a difference. Take care and God Bless. — John Spatz; 201-264-2458; john.spatz@rbccm.com

86MBA Seeing the World

I just returned from a “chick trip” with friends to Amsterdam. The spring tulip garden outside of Lisse was spectacular, and we had a fantastic time exploring the canals and touring the city. Jamie and Lisa McGuire traveled with their four daughters to Europe in March, making stops in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France. Photos posted to Facebook showed everyone having fun together. What wonderful memories. Kathleen Reidy visited her brother and his family in Marin County for Easter and celebrated her birthday while there. It was the perfect way to welcome spring after a hard Chicago winter. Dan Kerrigan is such a good dad. He took his daughter to a recent Taylor Swift concert. He and his wife, Tuyet, celebrated their 20th anniversary in February. Carolyn (Anderson) Wells keeps fit skiing, golfing and cycling. She is active with a local cycling club, and even spent her spring break training in chilly northern Michigan instead of the sunny South. Dick Connor spent the winter in Florida and attended an April family wedding in Mexico. Jim Conlin and I chatted via Facebook Messenger recently, reminiscing about our glory days at ND: Dr. Chang’s statistics class, roommates and the parties. My husband kept asking what was so funny as I typed away. Good times. I’ll be at the Navy game. Text me if you are going to be there, and we can have an 86MBA tailgate. — Maureen Decker; 21855 Town Gate, Macomb MI 48044; res 586-468-7713; bus 586-741-4305; cell 586-817-1317; maureen.decker@mclaren.org

86JD Class Secretary — Don Passenger;

6th District Court, 180 Ottawa NW, Ste. 8500, Grand Rapids MI 49503; 616-632-5678; dpasseng@iserv.net

87 Second Generation Domers

I’m pleased to report that we have a lot of proud parents as college acceptance letters roll in. Rose and Dan Thompson’s daughter, Maddie, will join big brother Danny in the fall. Danny will be a junior. Also in the entering class of 2018 are: Kathy (Martin) and Scoop O’Neil’s son, Patrick; Ray Kennedy’s daughter, Mara; Jen and Dave Rowland’s twins, Emma and Peter; Mary (Heilmann) Becker’s daughter, Courtney; and Jeanne (Bowman) Szromba’s daughter, Julia. Chris Keller joined Harris Associates, a Chicago asset manager and the advisor to the Oakmark Funds, as chief operating officer. Previously Chris was a managing director at Goldman Sachs Asset Management. There have been some health scares in our class this year. Jackie (Rusek) Zofkie reports that she is now a stage 3 breast cancer survivor. After chemo and surgery, Jackie is working on a holistic treatment plan. If you’d like to follow Jackie’s public journey, go to facebook.com/jackie1journey?fref=nf. Paula McKeever was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and is cancer-free a year after surgery. Paula says she is very thankful for her husband *Dan*’s unwavering support, as well as the good wishes she’s received from their ND circle. Stay well, everyone. — Katherine Bull; 14 E. 41st St., Savannah GA 31401; kmbull47@gmail.com

87MBA Class Secretary — Perry N. Dellelce;

Wildeboer Dellelce LLP, Suite 800, Wildeboer Dellelce Place, 365 Bay St., Toronto, Ontario M5H 2V1; 416-361-5899; fax 416-361-1790; perry@wildlaw.ca

87JD Class Secretary — Tim Borchers;

38 Gannett Court, Wayne NJ 07470; bus 212-404-5507; tim.borchers62@gmail.com

88 Their Days in Court

John “Jack” Blakey was invested as US district court judge for the northern district of Illinois on April 24. Witnesses included classmates Brian Owsley, TJ Hengesbach, Steve Nicgorski, Eddie Bradley and Ted Kommers. Prior to his investiture, Jack was the head of the state’s attorney’s special prosecution bureau. A month earlier and a state to the west, a similar assembly of classmates convened on behalf of Stephen Jackson Jr. Brad Drawer of Los Angeles, Chris Courtois of Chicago and Rev. Kevin Sandberg, CSC, of Notre Dame attended Steve’s March 20 investiture as US magistrate judge for the southern district of Iowa. Steve previously served as judge of the sixth judicial district of Iowa. Father Kevin had the honor of delivering the invocation, and Brad was a surprise guest. Steve’s wife, Maggie ’89, and son Will aided in his robing. Father Kevin directs the Center for Social Concerns’ Common Good Initiative, which this summer is bringing groups of graduate students from an array of ND departments on weeklong immersions, one in Detroit and one in Haiti. Also on campus, Craig Horvath was promoted to regional director of athletics advancement. In this position, he is raising money for the athletics department, specifically in the realm of endowing coaching and player positions for all of our Irish teams. Craig had been serving ND as a leadership fundraiser in the Mid-Atlantic region in the two and a half years leading to this promotion. At the Alumni Association Leadership Conference this spring, I crossed paths with John Monteiro, who obliged my request for an update. After the 25th Reunion, John changed jobs for the first time since graduation. He is now working for Whirlpool in Benton Harbor MI. (Anyone need new appliances?) For the past three years, he has served as a regional director for the NDAA Diversity Council. Efforts of this council include the increased engagement of minority alumni in their local clubs and the recruitment of students from diverse backgrounds. He also strives to volunteer in his community and church as much as he can. Additionally, John shared that Marty Rodgers is now a member of ND’s Board of Trustees (elected in May) and that Marty did an incredible job presenting at Father Ted’s tribute in March. Marty is a managing director in Accenture’s Health & Public Service operating group, executive director of the company’s nonprofit practice and executive leader of its African-American employee resource group. Also in attendance at the NDAA conference was Chris Vasquez. He reported that he is treasurer and football ticket guru of his Notre Dame club in San Diego. Among other things, he stays busy running his two daughters to and from volleyball and track practice. Both girls are huge fans of Nick Sparks and love it when their grandma lets them watch the movie versions of his books. They wanted to know if Dad was going to be hanging with Nick at the conference. Finally, if you haven’t received it already, you will soon be receiving a Class of ’88 email with a survey link. Your inquiring class officers would like to solicit your ideas for expanding the class role beyond the organization of reunions and football minireunions and the conveyance of periodic updates. Not that these aren’t worthwhile pursuits, but we are just wondering if folks are hankering for more. — Laurine Megna; PO Box 18138, Avon CO 81620; 970-390-9742; magnet@vail.net

88MBA Class Secretary — Margaret M. Lyons;

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