10 Time to Celebrate

There are more graduations and new jobs to celebrate this quarter. Sara DeVore graduated from Tufts U in February with a master’s of science in mechanical engineering. Anna Pavlov was due to graduate from medical school at the U of Mississippi Medical Center on May 22. She will be starting her residency in the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the U of North Carolina this summer. Andy Tran accepted a job offer in Lakeland FL with Select Physical Therapy in order to pursue a career in hand therapy. Congratulations on these accomplishments. A personal update: I graduated from Johns Hopkins U School of Medicine in May and will begin my residency in pediatrics at Johns Hopkins Hospital this summer. Are you graduating? Start a new job? Buy a house? Get married? Have a baby? Let us know and keep those updates coming. Our next column will include updates from Reunion. Go Irish. — Matt Molloy; NDClass2010@gmail.com

10MBA Updates

Olga Starikova is pleased to announce that she will be taking on an exciting new role within McDonald’s as the new value marketing manager for the US marketing team. She has been with McDonald’s since her graduation in 2010. She will be based in McDonald’s Home Office in Oak Brook IL. Alan McLaughlin shared some very exciting news. Alan and his wife, Courtney, are expecting their first child in October. They are clearly good at planning with the name of Owen John already picked out. Despite the busy fall on the horizon, Alan promises he will be on campus for the Texas game in September. Alan works for IPC Global Services in Los Angeles.
Evva Comans was excited to share that she would be back on campus for graduation. Her husband, Chris Romick ’12MS, was scheduled to get his PhD in aerospace and mechanical engineering. Congratulations to Chris for successfully defending his dissertation in April. Evva started a new job in the spring; she is a university account executive at Zipcar. With the new job, they also moved into the city of Washington DC from the burbs. Life is good. In other super smart person news, Bill O’Brien will be starting a tenure-track position as a finance professor at the U of Illinois at Chicago this fall. His wife, Laura, along with their two boys, Colin and Owen, are very excited to be moving to Chicago. Bill is excited to get back to his roots and move his family to his hometown. Sean Haggerty has taken the position of director of finance and consumer services with Sage Vertical Gardens, a Chicago-based growth-stage company focused on providing sustainable, green solutions for consumer and commercial markets. As part of the new gig, Sean, his wife and their two children relocated from South Carolina to Chicago. Jonathan Phillips writes that he was recently promoted to mass affluent segment manager at Bank of Oklahoma. He and the family have moved to Tulsa. He and Donnarae have three kids (a girl, who was born at ND, and two boys) and are expecting another baby boy in August. Exciting news on my home front: Patricia and I celebrated Nicholas’ first birthday in April. We were very excited to celebrate and are excited to take him back to campus for another football game in the fall. Also in the spring, I was selected as a Rising Star 35 under 35 by Consulting Magazine. Patricia, Nicholas and I continue to live in the Chicago area. I work for IBM in the strategy and analytics consulting services group. I look forward to seeing many of you on campus this fall for a game or two. Remember to contact me with your promotions, new additions and special updates. Go Irish. — John Gerberich; cell 847-331-4707; jgerberi@alumni.nd.edu

10JD Super Spring

First, big congratulations to Yolanda (Stephens) and Samuel Turner, who were married in September. The happy couple lives in Southgate MI, where Yolanda is a staff attorney for Staffing Solutions LC. Question: Can you believe that Noah is already 6? Another question: How did the people of Michigan survive without a Sonic? The first one opened in Southgate in 2008. His general mood is hungry. Meanwhile, everything is coming up Brock, as Jessica Brock recently purchased a house in South Bend and had her boring, adult-sized bike involuntarily traded in for a kid-sized model by a helpful thief. Danica Skeoch, former owner of the bike, was unavailable for comment. Someone else recently dipped his toes into the murky waters of home-ownership: Larry Luppi in Orange County, not South Bend. Larry was recently on campus for the wedding of his sister. We were “pleased” to see him. Stop using so much water for your lawn, Larry. Don’t you know there’s a shortage? Sheesh. Huge congratulations to Lindsey (Brazys) and Eric Pianowski, who welcomed baby Luke Elliott on Valentine’s Day. The little fellow is sure to keep his parents on their toes. The happy and probably sleep-deprived family lives in Elkhart. Speaking of sleep deprivation, this update is shorter than usual due to the general lack of sleep in the Wine household since the arrival in March of Henry Thomas, better known as Hank. — Susie Wine ’03, ’10JD; 1106 N. St. Joseph St., South Bend IN 46617; 574-514-3746; swine@alumni.nd.edu

11 Updates Galore

Michelle Patzelt was due to graduate from Mayo Medical School in May, and she will begin her residency in anesthesiology at the U of California San Francisco in June. Nina Farivari is graduating from Boston U medical school and will be heading to Vanderbilt for her ophthalmology residency. Dashaun Gasque graduated from Pepperdine U, earning an MA in clinical psychology. David Tyler Adams (aka Ty Adams) was voted “most likely to run for Congress” along with “most fashionable” by his peers at UGA Law School. He is also considered the heavy favorite to win the nomination for 3L president next fall. Mick Madden proposed to Heather Hyland in front of Stonehenge at ND, and they will be married at the Basilica in May 2016. Mick is an Air Force helicopter pilot in Okinawa, Japan, and Heather is in medical school in Wisconsin. Nick Holzemer and Jena Doom got engaged in Minneapolis in September and will be getting married at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis in May 2016. Michael Burke and Kelly Poquiz will be getting married on May 21, 2016, in Chicago. Amy Langnecker got engaged to Eric Hersom (a Villanova graduate) in November 2015. They are planning an October wedding in Philadelphia. Amanda Spiegelberg and Natalie Stitt will be bridesmaids. Brian Hammel proposed to Sara Hurd on campus in the fall, and they are planning a wedding at the Basilica in May 2016. Nola Seta and Derry Herlihy got engaged in Tuscany, Italy in June of 2014. Their wedding was set for May 23 at the Church of Saint Francis Xavier in New York City with a reception to follow at The Plaza Hotel. Nola is graduating from the NYU School of Medicine in May, and, following their honeymoon, the couple will be moving to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where Nola will start her residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Mount Sinai. Jimmy Summers and Melissa Truitt were married on April 25 in the Basilica. The wedding party included Michelle Summers ’16, Nick Summers ’15, Mike Matheson, Ryan Belock, Kipp Mayne, Holly Hinz, Kara Strass and Liz Young. There were many other Domers present, including Jimmy’s mother, Monica Summers ’88. Jimmy and Melissa will be graduating from The U of Toledo College of Medicine in May and moving to Cincinnati to start their residencies in emergency medicine and orthopedic surgery at the U of Cincinnati Medical Center. Anne Flinchbaugh, Andy Stulc, Tom Banasiak, Kathleen Shircliff and Casey Cockerham recently played a game of Uno together in Seattle. Tensions ran high, friendships were tested and colorful language was used. Justin Schneider, with the help of teammate Cristina Gutierrez ’16, won the first place grand prize among 148 companies participating in Notre Dame’s annual McCloskey Business Plan competition. Justin launched the company, Wolf & Shepherd, on Jan. 5 and will be continuing his work full time. Regina McCormack is working in renewable energy sales and marketing at Invenergy LLC in Chicago. Michelle Toscano is excited to announce that she recently started working as a legal writer for Binder & Binder. She also completed the Pembroke College, Cambridge, National Academy of Writing Summer Programme in August 2014 and received a certificate in creative writing. Angela Puente moved to Brisbane, Australia in August 2013 and has been working for an Aerospace Engineering company called GSAero Pty. Ltd. Since moving, she has traveled to the Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia for job duties, which include weighing aircraft. Mary Zahm is employed by General Motors in various positions at the proving grounds in Milford MI, most recently as a calibration specialist. She is excited to be starting a new position with General Motors as a studio design engineer at their design studios in Warren MI this summer. — Evan James; ndclass2011@gmail.com

11MBA News Notes

James Brennan and his wife, Meg, are expecting their first child in October. Chad Elkins started his own CPA tax preparation practice in Chicago. Rob Hoffman recently took a new job as VP of loan valuation at Byline Bank. Nate Burns endorsed Colin Kresse ’10MBA for the skill “data entry” on LinkedIn. Colin expressed his appreciation in a text. Tim Huang had several productive hours in a row. If you would like to see your update here, please reach out. — Chris Orenchuk; chris.orenchuk@gmail.com

11JD Class Secretary — Lauren Sharkey;


12 Class Secretary — Tyler Harmsen;

Napoleon 3400 Dept. 12, Santiago de Chile; tharmsen14@gmail.com

12MBA How Long to Football Season?

Hey Class, there are only 128 days until football season, at least when I submitted this. To all of our classmates who have welcomed babies this past year, make sure to get out the football uniforms and cheerleading outfits. We need all the fans we can get. And while you’re in a buying mood, Eric Sauerhoff and his wife, Stacey, have started a candle company, driven by their desire to find a candle with all natural ingredients. A portion of the sale will go to support various charitable organizations. I plan on buying tons. On the baby front, Shannon and David McCallion welcomed their daughter, Grace Catherine, in February. Antonio Espinosa and Karla Amarillas are expecting their second child. With 128 days to go, it’s a dark time in the Palumbo household. There is no football, no NCAA basketball, the Justified series just ended and I have begun a personal boycott of Shonda Rhimes. Thus, I have started House of Cards. Brian Billick and Aditi Karnik Billick ’11 were right. Stay tuned and a preemptive Go Irish. — Jenna Palumbo; irishmba2012@gmail.com

12JD Exciting Updates

Sabila (Kadiruzzaman) Khan swapped jobs on us, moving into an associate position at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy. Sabila is working in the alternative investments practice in the New York office, which, fun fact, is on Liberty Street. Amanda Dworak is picking up and moving from Houston to San Francisco to join Paul Hastings as a real estate associate. She’s excited about the new job, and also happy to finally be in the same city as her boyfriend after six long years apart while he wrapped up a PhD. She is not excited to have to take another bar exam. I am leaving my position at the DePaul College of Law in July to join the Domestic Violence Legal Clinic as a staff attorney. It’s an exciting move; ask me and I’ll tell you all about it. Philly (Meluch) O’Hare and her husband, Bill, welcomed Edward Jameson O’Hare into the world on April 1, more than three weeks early. Bill reportedly thought Philly was pulling the classic “fake labor” April Fool’s Day prank but pretty quickly realized that this was for real, and they all went to the hospital. Manasi Raveendran met up with Alvin Adjei and hung out at a place called OKRA, according to a photo that was forwarded to me from Facebook. Inquiries as to further details were left unanswered. On May 1, Armando Montesino shaved his head to raise money for childhood cancer research via St. Baldrick’s. His hair was 14 inches long, and he plans on donating it to charity or auctioning it off to the highest bidder, if the price is right. Alvin Adjei spent the past few weeks getting his finances in order to ensure that the bid he puts forward will be accepted. He plans on using Armando’s hair to either clone a copy of Armando, or to have the carbon extracted and manufactured into a diamond pendant so he can “keep Armando close to his heart.” That’s all I have for you guys. Keep sending in those updates, and I’ll do my best to remember to include them. — James Champlin; james.c.champlin@gmail.com

13 Happy Topics

Hello friends, thanks again for all the wonderful updates. Per usual, I’d like to start off with a happy topic: engagements. Allan Joseph, known for being an all-around standup guy, asked his girlfriend Emily Flower, who used to work at the Robinson Center, to marry him. To make it more picturesque, he asked her in the Basilica, and then was surprised by his friends Brian Brinig, Bobby Reichle, Brandon Keelean and Arnav Dutt, who flew in to celebrate with them. There’s a joke in there about a motley crew, but we’ll save it for another day. A very good friend of mine, Anthony Albert, got engaged over New Year’s to Heather Chiarello, making yet another Knott-PW mod quad union. I’m betting the reception will be catered with Grace Hall wraps and that North Dining Hall pasta stir-fry that the non-SDH people seem to enjoy so much. I was just recently in South Dining Hall for a wedding reception, and I maintain my stance that it is the best dining hall on campus, especially when there’s an open bar and no one watching to see if you pocket the silverware. I did miss the fro-yo machine, though. Ragan Todd and Danny Ogg got engaged over Valentine’s Day weekend in Nashville, which has to be a top 25 country song by now, if it’s not already a T-Swift song from one of her early albums. Onto personal and professional developments: Bobby Shields was accepted into George Washington’s master’s in security program. I’m not sure how they fit the entire school into that obelisk, but I do know that their mascot is the wooden denture. Jake Parriott and his wife just welcomed their first child into the world, a beautiful baby boy named Jett Emerson Parriott. That boy is destined to be a rock musician or a really incredible poet, but regardless he’s got two wonderful parents to guide him through. Paul McNamara qualified for the Canadian PGA tour and will be swinging with the pros this season. Joe Wirth, on the other hand, intends to watch the entirety of the PGA tour without ever leaving his living room. Joe will also be moving to Chicago within the next few months, so it’s not a bad time to start investing in local bars. Dominic Lucero might be moving to Sudan to help promote hygiene and eradicate the guinea worm, which is very surprising if you’ve ever lived with or around Dominic. To give a personal update, I received my first ever fan mail from Arthur Kostendt of Cleveland: a postcard with some sound advice on how to appreciate the finer things in Cleveland. I assure that the sentiment was received, and I appreciated the brief moment of feeling like a celebrity. As usual, please keep sending me updates that I can include in the magazine. I love hearing from all of you, and I can say with confidence that our classmates are interested as well. — Chris Champlin;
The Cannery Apartments, Dayton OH 45402; nd2013updates@gmail.com

13MBA Wedding Bells

A lot of good things are happening in people’s personal lives. Polly and Geoff Zoeller welcomed Zofia (Zoey) Antoinette to the world on March 19. Everyone is doing great, including brother Andrew, who is running around like crazy as any 21-month-old would. Claudia and Brian Kelly were married in Chicago in April and will take a two-week honeymoon to Croatia in July. We also had the first wedding (I think) between classmates who met at Notre Dame, when Jenna and John Lytle married in February. There will be at least two more of those, because Jonathan Flately asked Ilze Swanepoel to marry him, and she said yes. A May 2016 wedding is planned in Cape Town. Then, as I was writing this, I learned that Tanaya Karnik became engaged to Dennis Moran in April. Also saying yes was Erin Upton, to Rob Vetere, when he proposed on Feb. 7 on the Brooklyn Bridge. Their wedding is set for Nov. 14. The news isn’t limited to personal stuff though, as I have some professional news as well. Jim Cunningham was named to the Michiana Forty Under 40, which honors “the most talented and dedicated young executives, professionals and leaders who demonstrate career success and community engagement.” And Sean Hallisey was happy to confirm that after dropping out of civilization for a while to study, he passed his CPA exams. I know many more of you have news to share, so feel free to send it to me. It will save me a lot of time from stalking on Facebook or LinkedIn. The next deadline is Aug. 1, but I’ll take info anytime. — Nick Imgrund; 314-775-7364; daimgrund@yahoo.com

13JD LLMs and Swimming Glory

It will have been two years since we graduated from law school and left Notre Dame. All the 1Ls that we ignored during our 3L year are about to take the bar exam. It almost makes you nostalgic for Green Mountain Coffee (I said, “almost”) and a class Facebook page that’s more than a venue for the snarky airing of old grievances. Take a trip down memory lane with the following updates from your (mostly) beloved classmates: Joanne Nachio recently returned from Panama, where she was working for the Panamanian Football Federation under the direction of CONCACAF. I am led to understand football is a synonym for soccer. She graduated from St. John’s U with her LLM in June 2015. Congratulations to Breanna Houghton and Dax Contreras, who are expecting a baby boy. Charles Galvin led the Aqua-Falcons of Bishop Fenwick to the highest finish in school history at the Ohio State High School Swimming Championships in Canton in February. He is looking to parlay the team’s success into a niche swim law practice. Annette Allard graduated from Tulane Law School’s General LLM Program in May 2015 and hopes to pursue a career in public interest law in New Orleans. Cole Felder will wed Emily Martin ’12JD in Orange County CA on Aug. 7. Cole is election and oversight counsel at the US House of Representatives’ Committee on House Administration, which has jurisdiction and oversight over federal elections, the FEC and the Election Assistance Commission. Speaking of weddings, I married Caroline Zogas ’14JD on March 21. Special thanks to Father Dailey, who officiated over a beautiful ceremony. Even though she’s the love of my life, I still think of her as a 2L. Please send me all updates. — Alex Blair; apblair@gmail.com

14 Class Secretary — Michael Nichols;


14 MBA New Class Secretaries

Jessica Bonanno and Krick Cahill have volunteered to serve as class secretaries. Please send them updates for the next issue by Aug. 1. — Jessica Bonanno; jbonanno@alumni.nd.edu; Krick Cahill; KCahill1@alumni.nd.edu

14JD It’s That Time of Year

It’s springtime and as a class, you have taken nature’s mandate very seriously with a marriage and three engagements. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a betting pool on all the baby carriages. (Message me). Congratulations to Caroline Zogas, who along with inventing the Jurpiter*, married the only secretary from ND Law’s class of 2013, Alex Blair ’13JD. May your Midwestern-Texas home bring forth much joy and creative cuisine. Congratulations to Alla Cherkassky on her engagement to Michael Galati. In true ND football fashion, Alla’s engagement took place in the magic of draft day, in a beautiful Chicago garden. Congratulations to one of our favorite law school couples, Kristie Xian and Stephen DeGenaro, on their recent engagement. Steve proposed on their seventh anniversary cooking the same meal he made on their first date. Finally, congratulations to another favorite law school couple, Sarah Reimers and Justin Summers. It’s not a shock at all, and we are happy for you. That’s it. If you have any other updates, send them to me. — Rachel Hanley; rachelrhanley@gmail.com