50 Time to Share

If members of the Class of 1950 or their family and friends have any stories or updates to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I will do my best to emulate Zane Trinkley and keep you up to date on class news. — Jim Coogan ’91; PO Box 10351, Alexandria VA 22310; jcooganv@alumni.nd.edu

51 Praise for Basketball Team

I hope this issue finds everybody in good health and having a good summer. It is the spring of the year when this is written. I want to start by congratulating our basketball coach Mike Brey on a great, great season. The team deserves praise for their courage in going far in the NCAA Tournament. The last game with Kentucky had to be one of the best games we have seen in a long time. Coach Brey and his staff had a wonderful game plan against a team that was one of the best. Congratulations to one of the nicest guys in coaching. Shelba Jean Carroll informed me that her husband, our classmate James Peter Carroll of Peachtree City GA, passed away on March 20. He was 88. Jim’s father, George, graduated in 1915, and his brother, William, graduated in 1945. Thomas Nelson passed away in September 2014 in Boston MA. Tom studied architecture and engineering at Notre Dame, and he made a career building schools, hospitals and office buildings in NY and PA. He developed and patented a new method of modular construction with lightweight concrete. May Tom rest in peace. I had a fun conversation with Father John O’Brien, a priest in De Pere WI. John competed in the Bengal Bouts all four years. He was smooth in the ring. Class President Larry Gallagher reports he is feeling much better. He and wife Del spent the winter in Tucson with their daughter, a physician in that city. I feel it necessary to mention the passing of Father Ted Hesburgh. We were the last graduating class before his promotion. I am certain all of us have a story or two about our relationship that we had with him. My quick story relates to the time when Jane and I went to see him about writing the foreword for our book, The Cemetery Beneath the Golden Dome. He told us he did not believe anybody had ever written a book about Cedar Grove Cemetery. We have been told it was one of the last forewords written by him. We feel very proud of this fact. He is missed. My bio for this issue is about Paschal “Bernie” Baute of Lexington KY. Bernie started at ND in September 1947 along with most of us. Because of unsure future directions, and major family problems, he left after one year. His boyhood was not pleasant. He ran away from home three times before he was 12 years old. After leaving ND, he was in the Army. He became a Benedictine monk, a Catholic priest, and an Army chaplain. He returned to ND where he earned his degree in 1957. One year he won the 147-pound Welterweight Bengal Bouts Championship. He has written 21 books; his latest, called Intimacy, will be out this summer. He married, had three children, and became a grandfather and great grandfather. His memoir is called Resilience. Keep this in mind: Bernie is legally blind. Around Lexington KY, he has a reputation as a storyteller. Each year he speaks to hundreds of school children telling stories. He is an interesting, interesting man. Bill Hagan tells us that he has moved from Ohio to Roswell GA. When I talked with him, he was sitting on an airplane about to leave Atlanta to close on selling his house in Ohio. Most of his family now lives in the Atlanta area. I would like to repeat a request that I made some months back. We are working on a new project in anticipation of doing another book, and I am asking if any of you would let me know if you have a story or an incident we can use concerning a former priest or brother. This request goes to anybody reading this column. I need your help on this one, guys. Don’t forget our Mass Fund. We are getting low on money. Keep well. By the time you read this column, football season will be close. Don’t forget to phone me or write about things that are going on in your lives. All of us are interested in knowing. — Jim Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Pkwy., No. 4, Walnut Creek CA 94595; 925-932-6454; jimjanegillis@aol.com

52 I’m Back

In my absence, I want to thank VP Joe Straub for stepping in for the spring edition. It is not often that one has a deacon and district judge pinch hit for him. I was lucky. Ray Duncan has kept a close association with ND that led to the building of the new dormitory that bears his name and most recently the announcement that he and his wife, Sally, and their family have made a gift for construction of the new west building of the Campus Crossroads Project being built adjacent to the stadium. In recognition of the gift, the University will name the building the Duncan Student Center. Designed to enhance the overall student experience, the nine-story, 400,000-square-foot Duncan Student Center will be a focal point of student life at Notre Dame, offering vastly expanded study, recreational, meeting, career counseling and student activity space to serve the campus community throughout the year, while also accommodating the University’s hospitality needs on football game-day weekends in the fall. Following two years in the Marine Corps, Ray’s successes in various businesses in the West is of epic proportions. From independent oil and gas explorations in Durango CO to the establishment of a ski resort in that locale, his skills have been evident. He has four sons: Michael ’82, David ’88, and twins Kevin and Timothy, who received their degrees closer to home. Al Sullivan of Niceville FL had a career in the food industry which took him from a family business in Connecticut to operations in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia. He and Satu enjoy their location partly because he has a Domer physician, Dr. Paul Pandolfi ’73. Jack Wagner can be counted on to keep me abreast of our track team and Air Force people. He caught up with Margie and Hughes Wilcox in Palm Springs, where they get away from the winter in Omaha. John Fitzgerald has had a varied career leading to having a law practice in Springfield MA with his daughter, Kathleen, as a partner. Early on, he was a Massachusetts state trooper, and he had a long association with the Massachusetts Corrections Assoc., which assists former prisoners. Dr. Dick Gacek spent 60 years practicing otolaryngology (ENT) and it has taken him from Boston at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear for 13 years to 17 years in Syracuse, where he chaired the department. He did a tour of several years in Mobile assisting a son, Marc ’82, who is in the same specialty, before he and Elaine moved back to Worcester. Leon Gardner of Bethpage NY spent a career with Sperry Gyroscope, and in retirement, spends winters in Ocala FL pursuing golf and bridge hobbies. He and Joan have three children and 10 grandchildren. Jim Graham served most of his FBI career in Kansas City raising four children with Marlene. All are educated and employed. After the bureau, he was the director of the KC Crime Commission for l7 years. They reached the point where they sold the family home and moved into a retirement community and highly recommend it. It has freed them up to do some traveling. Keep those emails and letters coming. — Edward F. Foley; 49 Dogwood Dr., Spring Lake Heights NJ 07762; 732-449-0753; tedfoleysr@aol.com

53 Class Email List Hacked

Webmaster Larry Murray reported his computer containing the class email addresses was corrupted. Larry was forced to isolate our addresses from 1,400 email addresses. A real chore, and more so if you are legally blind as is Larry. If you haven’t received an email broadcast recently, send your name and email address to Larry, stjudes1@att.net. The broadcasts have no word limitations, as the column does, affording a publication of full obituaries and news sent by classmates. The Chicago lunch is set for Friday, Oct. 16, prior to the USC game. The new format for the lunch will include spouses and others. Further details will be forthcoming, particularly as to reservations. Classmates who have been honored: Harry Durkin, Covenant House, Ft. Lauderdale; Sheila and Bob Berner, Chicago Theological Seminary; and Bill Maus, Catholic Elementary Education, Ft. Lauderdale. You make us proud. Due to the internet breakdown, I was unable to assemble a luncheon gathering on the West Coast of Florida, all the more reason to attend the Chicago luncheon. Over the course of the winter season, I did see Al Marks, Jim Rogers, Msgr. John Madden, Art Midili and Bill Wuetcher. Bill Maus and I missed seeing Dave McElvain by a week. Tex McMonagle’s youngest son, Col. Robert McMonagle ’85, ’94JD, a Davenport lawyer, is retiring after 30 years in the Marine Corps, active and reserve. Tex and family were planning to go to France to attend the ceremony at Belle Woods at the end of May. Dave O’Leary is in contact with Vic George, Jim Ehinger and Dick McConnell about a lunch in Kalamzoo. The plan is to also include Jerry Hammes and Lee Tavis. Our recent losses: David Scheiber passed away Dec. 18 in Wilmington DE. Dave was a chemical PhD from ND and worked for Dupont his entire career. Hugh Braun died Feb. 18 in Milwaukee. Hugh was a lawyer, earned his degree at Michigan and served in the Air Force Jag. Father Sebastian Mucelli died Feb. 16 in St. Augustine. Seb left us after sophomore year. His priestly career is legendary. Father John Leonard died April 28 in Grand Rapids. Following two years in the Army and marriage, John was assigned to various foreign countries as a foreign service officer. John resigned from the Foreign Service and entered a seminary. After his ordination as a Melkite Greek Catholic priest, he and his wife were assigned to Nazareth and he served 23 years as chaplain for a French order of sisters ministering in French. They returned to Grand Rapids in 1997. May these very accomplished men rest in peace. Dick Nault attended Hugh’s funeral. Dave Scheiber and John Leonard were four-year roommates and were often visited by Seb Mucelli. My ties: Hugh lived across the Hall in B-P. John Leonard and I were in grade school together and hence I visited often with Dave Scheiber. Through Lee Tavis, who spent time with Seb in Florida, I came to know Seb somewhat. Repeat: they were accomplished men all. John Fortino is well and has made his reservations for the lunch. Brendan Cryan likewise is headed to Chicago and in better health with each passing week. The broadcasts are worth your effort so be sure you are on Larry’s mailing list. Classmates have been contributing news which, as mentioned, allows for publication of full obituaries. Send Larry your name and email address and watch for more information on the Oct. 16 lunch. — John T. Mulvihill; 60413 Sumption Trail, South Bend IN 46614; res 574-287-3460; domerhill@aol.com

53JD Class Secretary — Bob Berry;

5806 Spaulding St., Omaha NE 68104; 402-457-4142; Yokeemup@aol.com

54 Each Day Should Be Unwrapped Like a Special Gift

Thank you to Walt Duschka. Thank you for your time and energy in remembering our deceased classmates, in attending funerals far from New Jersey, in writing letters to the surviving spouses, in having prayers said as far away as Fatima in Portugal, in working with the ND Alumni Association to make sure the list of our deceased is current and in following up with the ND financial office regarding our class scholarship. I just received a thank you note from Donald Fillion ’16, an architecture major, who says his ability to attend Notre Dame was made possible as the result of receiving monies from our Class Scholarship Fund. Congratulations to Herman Kriegshauser, a late bloomer, who was just elected to the Rockwood School District Board, which is the third largest in Missouri with a budget of $265 million. It is a AAA rated district with 21,000 students K-12 in 29 buildings: four highs, six middle and 19 elementary schools. I wonder if gifts to Notre Dame are included in their budget numbers. I would appreciate hearing from you about volunteer activities in which you are involved. Also of interest to us are things you may want to share about you or your family, the things you would like to talk about if we were sitting face to face. The Notre Dame football ticket committee has thrown us a curve ball, not only to review the football lottery ordering procedure online but also what game is the Senior Game and the ordering of class of ’54 group tickets. The Senior Game is the Georgia Tech game on Sept. 19, but the only game we can order group class tickets is the Navy game on Oct.10. Both games are day games. Currently Tom Campbell is still planning to have our tailgate gathering and minireunion for both games. His location is across from the South Gate of the stadium, next to the road separating the stadium from the parking area and west of the Porta Potties. We share the location with an Indiana grad and have sandwiches and beverages available. We share in the cost from our class treasury. Last evening Lola and I were visiting with friends and the discussion got around to health: ours, theirs and of course relatives alive and deceased. I would like to encourage you to take time to say prayers for members of our ’54 extended family as well as for you and your immediate family. The following are the latest classmates who are deceased: Bob Wright, Arnold DeMarco and Leroy Bazany. — George Koch; 4758 Curtis Lane, Clarkston MI 48346; 248-623-0973

54JD Thinking of Ed

A sad message: I just learned of the death of Ed Lanshe. Our 1952 class secretary is great with so much news. And he tells us of the Double Domers; there were many in our class. Ed was an IBM executive for 30 years in the New Jersey and New York area. But it is strange I never heard of him since graduation 51 years ago. And it was the Double Domers who had that great reunion a few years ago. Did you know of Ed? Don Ward, let’s hear from you and about all the action in Indianapolis. — Carl Eiberger; 14330 Fairview Lane, Golden CO 80401; 303-278-0707; carleiberger@comcast.net

55 60th Fond Memory

Thanks to all who worked to ensure our 60th Reunion would be a success: communications (Bill Kreps and Bob McGrath), AV/presentation (Carroll Dowden), archives photos (Dave Metz), memory book (Dick Connelly), gifts and displays (Sandra Fullmer), motels (Jim Hesburgh), liturgies (Fathers Joe O’Donnell and Jack Keefe), music (Don Gels, Dave Scheele, Don Cavett, Bob Moore and especially Tom May, who also produced the Mass booklet). We appreciate Father Joe making arrangements for our Mass and brunch at Moreau Seminary, and Father Jack hosting us for a rosary and Mass on Friday at the Fatima Center. We really appreciate the extra effort it took for many who are battling medical problems to attend. It probably will be “The Last Hurrah Reunion” for many of us. The Chicago Club will be honoring Marty Gleason with its Domer of the Year Award for his more than 50 years of service. Dick Callahan has reconnected with the Toronto Club which he helped found in 1982 and served as its first president. Thanks to ’55er support, Leo Callaghan is installing a solar system at the parish in Haiti where he has coordinated volunteer efforts for many years. Larry Buckley’s grandson, Colin Babcock ’14, a former Notre Dame swim captain and ’55 Scholarship winner, set four national masters records when qualifying for the Olympic trials. Our globetrotters, Alma and Frank Tonini spent three weeks in Barbados and celebrated his 81st there. Our two regular Irish visitors, Joe McGlynn and Mike Kelly, will meet up at Mike’s home in Westport, and Joe will proceed to Galway for the Mayor’s Ball while Mike joins the Irish Kelly clan for a big reunion. Lee Crean has planned a trip to Rome, Athens, Istanbul, the Greek Islands and Barcelona. In April, Bob McGrath enjoyed a memorable trip to the Holy Land. After five months in Marathon, George Vosmik cleaned out half the fish in the Keys. While in Dallas for the opening of a Nebraska Furniture Mart store, Emmet Root had breakfast with Teresa as hubby John Rogers had to work. Father Jim Blantz has been doing several mission talk/magic shows a day in LA area Catholic schools. Father Joe O’Donnell is scheduled for hip surgery on June 29. Jac Fitzenz has published his second novel, The Spy from Nowhere. Chuck Doherty is joining an ND cruise to the Arctic Circle. Al Cowles can’t believe he is a great grandfather, nor can Cy Lindemann. We’re all shrinking, but John Lochtefeld says he has five grandchildren who look down at him. Mike Jackman’s grandson, Matt, won the Division 3 California State Basketball championship (Damien High School) and was named coach of the year. Wally Clarke will be a marshal at the US Senior Open this year. As the last living designer of Rookwood Pottery, Bill Glass was invited back to his native Michigan by the Kellogg Institute to discuss the company and its products. Larry Brehl reminds all that you still can direct your ND contributions to the ’55 Scholarship Fund. Denny Conway touched base with Bert Metzger but couldn’t convince him to attend Reunion. After losing his own son at 15, Paul Cardinal had to watch a car run a stop sign and severely injure his grandson, 14, who will be in rehab many months. Tom Magill, who coordinated the Hesburgh Lecture for his ND club in Florida again, ran into a vacationing John Russo at Mass. After visiting Jim Barry in Wisconsin, Dick Mueller continued south to Ashville NC, where he sustained an injury and had to return home. But, he made it to Reunion. Chuck Meyer is completing the fifth year of the RPI Adaptive Shooting Program for disabled veterans and special needs youths. Don Williams checks in from LaVerme CA, where his four years of lifeguarding caught up with him and he had skin cancer/plastic surgery on his right ear. Don’t forget our minireunion lunch Sept. 19 before the Georgia Tech game at the Morris Inn. Family and friends are welcome. Tickets are $25 each. Send check payable to ND Class of ’55 Fund to me at the address below. Memorial Masses have been offered for Mike O’Toole and Bill Clusserath. — Paul Fullmer; 87 Heatherdowns Lane, Galena IL, 61036; 815-777-2008; psfullmer@gmail.com

55JD Class Secretary — John Coyne;


56 Minireunion at Navy Game

Our minireunion date is Oct. 10, the Navy game weekend, according to Class co-president Mark Burns, who is chairing the event. He has reserved 50 tickets for the game for those who did not win in the alumni ticket lottery. The annual Memorial Mass will be at 11 a.m. in the Welsh Family Residence Chapel. Father Tom Chambers, CSC, will be the celebrant. Deacon Jim Revord will assist Frather Tom. Luncheon after Mass is scheduled for noon at the Morris Inn. This venue was a successful experience last year. Father Tom and Jim will be at the luncheon. The chairman of the ND56 Endowed Scholarship Fund, Larry Kennedy, is assisting Mark with the planning. He will present the 2015-2016 Class honorees selected by your officers and previous honorees; the scholarship awardees are selected by the University Financial Aid Dept. Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Francis Barnet of Franklin Lakes NJ died April 14; he was 79. He is survived by his widow, Liz, and their three children, three children from his first marriage and two grandchildren. His residence is 37 Pompton Road, Haledon NJ 07503. Dr. Henry Laing Kirkendall Jr. of Vero Beach FL, formerly Worcester MA and Harwichport MA, died April 14. He was the husband of Maureen for 57 years, the father of four and grandfather of 12. Family residence: 4303 Summer Breeze Terrace, Vero Beach FL 32967. Rev. James T. Burtchaell, CSC, died April 10 at Holy Cross House. He was ordained May 21, 1960. He returned to the University as a theology professor in 1966. Rev. Burtchaell served as Notre Dame’s first provost for seven years beginning in 1970. He was chair of the Theology Dept. from 1968 to 1970. Richard James Berres, 82, of Kenosha WI died March 30 at Hospice Alliance in Pleasant Prairie WI. He proudly served in the Army from 1956 to 1958, assigned as a cryptographer to the Pentagon and SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers-Europe) in Paris, France. He is survived by his wife, Judith, two children, three grandchildren and one step-granddaughter. Joseph E. Kortan, 83, passed away Dec. 6. He was the beloved husband of Diane P. (nee Dill), father of nine and grandfather of six. When he wasn’t driving Ferraris and Lamborghinis around Ohio, Joseph was putting around the world on a 125cc motorcycle for months at a time. Kortan was the owner of the exotic car rental firm, Motor Cars Masculine. Family residence is Diane Kortan, 9515 Cherry Tree, Strongsville OH 44136 9403. Joseph Edward (Markowski) Markson passed away after a battle with cancer at St. Michael’s Hospital, Mississauga, Ontario, on Nov.17. Joe became the first Canadian to receive a full football scholarship to play for Notre Dame and was a proud member of the undefeated 1953 Fighting Irish squad. James F. Schroeder died Sept. 7 in Brandon FL. He is survived by his wife Carmon, five children, 13 grandchildren and three great grandchildren. After graduating from Notre Dame in architecture, Jim became a captain and jet pilot in the Air Force. The Alumni Association sent notice of the death of Thomas Joseph Sheehan in April 2011. No details are available. A Mass has been celebrated on campus by the Holy Cross priests for the deceased classmates of ND56. Full obituaries are on our web page: www.nd56.org/obituary. How about a special thank you for your contribution last year to solidify/fund the Class Mass Fund at Holy Cross Association? It was a noteworthy investment in the future: to the last man. It’s great to hear from the widows of our deceased classmates. Many are delighted to receive our ND56 e-newsletter on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday; if anyone in the ND56 Family (including widows) would like to receive the missive, please email me. I know many ladies really enjoy it and send notes about memories. And there is no charge. ND56 will be sharing stories about our ND years, and a fella we call lovingly our “Ted the Head” or, simply, Father Ted. He was quite a guy and we shared a special bond, being his first class to enter the University under his leadership. There are so many stories. — John F. Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Drive, Palm Desert CA; 760-772-6056; www.nd56.org

56JD Class Secretary — Lauren Sharkey ’08;

1121 W. Webster Ave. Unit 2W, Chicago IL 60614; 703- 927-2089; lksharkey@gmail.com

57 Minireunion: Georgia Tech

Our Class will have its annual minireunion Sept.19 prior to the Georgia Tech game. I hope all of you can attend. Allen J. Riley, a prominent commercial real estate investor, a patron of the arts and benefactor of ND passed away from cancer Feb. 5 in Manhattan. For a time he owned One Times Square and other properties in the United States and Britain. He is survived by his wife, Radwan, who, together with Allen, gave many paintings that remain in the Snite Museum of Art as part of the museum’s Riley Collection. He was responsible for the renovation of the former chemistry building, which is now the University Center for Fine Arts and renamed Riley Hall. His obituary was written by Ken Woodward for The New York Times. William R. “Bill” Schlich passed away on March 12. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Mary Agnes, and is survived by his wife, Nancy, and five children, seven stepchildren and 25 grandchildren. Bill’s obit was sent by his friend and classmate, Dave Beatty. Fred Hottenroth died peacefully on March 14, and is survived by wife Mary Ann. They lived in Palm Desert CA. The news of his passing came via note from Ron Kasaback. Dan Kelly passed the news that Oscar Socia has passed away. Patrick “Pat” Kavanah died March 20 and is survived by his wife of 58 years, Mary, and four children. Pat lived in Monroe NY, where he taught chemistry, retiring in 1995. I just learned by fax that Patrick Lee Snyder, a retired judge from Oconomowoc WI, died April 23, after a short illness. He is survived by his wife, Luly. At his Mass of Christian Burial, the Victory March was sung with gusto during the recessional. Here is some good news for a change. Steve Penny, after five trips to the operating room, is now home for good and looking forward to physical therapy. He thanks members of the class for their prayers, cards and messages. He also thanks God for the support he received and, “For teaching me the power of prayer which I have not acknowledged as well as I should have.” Joan and Bill McGowan have moved to a retirement home. To celebrate the new home, Nan and Jerry Bechert, Marilyn and Jack Reinhold, Toni and Don Stuhldreher and Judy and Bill Newbold went to Indianapolis for a great time and lunch. While you still can, smell the roses, tell someone you love them and Go Irish. — John A. Slevin; 456 Fulton St, Suite 425, Peoria IL 61602; 309-676-8986; fax 309-676-4130; jaslevin@sbcglobal.net

57JD Class Secretary — Thomas S. Calder;

513-271-0560; thomas.calder@dinslaw.com

58 Proud Notre Dame Men

With regret and fond memories, we report the deaths of two classmates. Philip J. Rauen Jr. passed away on April 21 in Overland Park KS. He is survived by his wife, Evelyn; his son, Philip J. Rauen IV ’90, daughter-in-law Joni (Martin) Rauen ’92 and their children, Faith, Daniel and Finn; his daughter, Nancy (Rauen) Duffy, her husband, William, and their children, Isabel and Imogen. After a distinguished career in a variety of executive positions in the consumer electronics industry at Zenith, Phil retired as president of Zenith Distributing Corp. in 1989 due to complications from multiple sclerosis. He was homebound for over two decades but was a proud Notre Dame man and faithful Catholic to the end. His wife, Evelyn, cared for Phil every day during his struggle with MS and is described by daughter-in-law Joni as “as close to an angel on earth as I’ve ever seen.” Phil proudly displayed in his room a framed letter from Father Hesburgh thanking him for a ride he had given Father Ted from Denver to Colorado Springs in 1965 after running into Father Ted while claiming baggage at the airport. Phil was proud to count his son and daughter-in-law as fellow ND alumni. Son Phil adds that “with his (and His) help from above, his grandchildren look forward to carrying on the tradition.” Thomas Garside MD died unexpectedly at home in Bettendorf IA on April 22, following a brief illness. After ND, Tom graduated from St. Louis U Medical School in 1963. He married Judy Westcott in 1960, and they were blessed with three children and nine grandchildren. Tom opened his practice of general psychiatry in 1969 after two years of active duty in the Air Force. Prior to that, he did a three-year psychiatric residency at Northwestern U Hospital in Chicago. In 1980 he was appointed director of the Vera French Community Mental Health Center and continued in that role until 2004. He served as president of the Iowa Psychiatric Society from 1981-1982 and received the American Psychiatric Association Distinguished Life Fellow Award in 2003. He continued to care for patients until 2013. During part-time retirement, Tom divided his time between Iowa and Naples FL. On March 2, he attended the Class of ’58 reunion luncheon in Naples mentioned below. May the Lord bless Philip and Tom with everlasting peace and comfort their loved ones. Pat Doherty reports that the March 2 reunion luncheon was enjoyed by 36 classmates at the Tiburon Golf Club in Naples. This event began several years ago with a small gathering of ’58 classmates who lived or wintered in South Florida, and has grown to 35-40 each year. The group has agreed to schedule it again for March 1, 2016. The arrangements committee consists of Pat Doherty, Jerry Dahle, Bill Rees, Jim Indiveri, Roy Williams, Bill Geary and John Higgins. By the way, during the luncheon Pat Doherty reported that Alumni Association records indicated that in June 1958 our graduating class consisted of 1,249 members, of which 884 (71 percent ), were still living. Praise the Lord! — Arthur L. Roule Jr.; 3725 W. Waverly Road, LaPorte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com

58JD Class Secretary — John F. Murray;

2036 Cheltenham Court, Woodbridge VA 22192; 703-494-2482; jonnel662@verizon.net

59 Helping Others

I am confident that most in our class have reached out to help others in need over the past 50 years or so. One of us has been doing this on a continuous journey ever since we left Notre Dame. He is Chuck Dahm. Chuck was an outstanding basketball player for Fenwick High in Oak Park IL and following Notre Dame was ordained a priest into the Dominican Order. He spent a number of years in Central America, was called the “Pope of Pilsen” as pastor of St. Pius V Parish in a Hispanic section of Chicago and was appointed by the late Cardinal Francis George to be the director of the Archdiocese of Chicago Domestic Violence Outreach. Chuck has preached in more than 50 parishes throughout the archdiocese and ministries to victims of domestic violence have been established in most of these parishes. Chuck was honored for his lifetime achievement at the Fenwick High School Scholarship Dinner on April 24. Thanks, Chuck. God Bless. Another classmate who continues to help others following retirement from his law practice is Warren Grienenberger of North Brook IL. He spends two days a week as a volunteer with the Ignatian Volunteer Corps, a Jesuit-sponsored organization for retired men and women. Warren’s assignment is in the employment division of a community organization in a low-income neighborhood on the north side of Chicago. Thanks, Warren. Another thank you goes to Joe McMann for the work he does with the Handyman Assistance Network for the disabled and elderly in Katy TX. Vince Naimoli reached another milestone down in the Tampa area when he threw out the first ball before the opening game of the Rays season. Vince was the leader in getting a baseball team for Tampa. This is the team’s 20th anniversary. Congratulations, Vince. He and Lenda now plan to relax a bit. Rev. Milam Joseph is back on the right track after a tough illness in 2014. He is still working in the bishop’s office in Dallas and celebrating the Sunday Mass at SMU. John (J.P.) Moran is still litigating for the City and County of Honolulu. He walked the Camino de Santiago, 400 miles, from France to Spain by way of the Pyrenees with his 21-year-old. He also hiked Mt. Fuji. Wow. Following five years in the Marine Corps and graduation from U of Wisconsin Law School, Mike St. Peter practiced law in San Francisco for about 45 years and is now retired there. Harry Leinenweber has completed his 29th year of sitting as a judge in the US District Court in Chicago. Dick Collins has made a number of significant contributions in Arizona. They include serving as president of the Arizona Medical Association, president of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, Scottsdale History Hall of Fame inductee, president of the Catholic Physicians Guild and on-field physician for the Fiesta Bowl for 25 years. Joe DeLuca is still working “medium time” as a primary care physician and medical psychologist in Altamonte Springs FL. He published two books in the area of mental health, Snippets and Inspirational Sentiments. Another, Vignettes of Life, should be published by the end of this year. The class will be having a minireunion the Georgia Tech weekend. Details will follow. Fortunately, we have no deaths to report. About 330 of our classmates have passed away. Please visit websites for FaithND at faith.nd.edu and the senior alumni at ndsenioralumni.org. Peace and good health. — Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302- 429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net

59JD Class Secretary — William J. Harte;