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Unbalanced: The left-in-the-middle

By Carol Schaal '91M.A.

At the family gathering, I’d been quizzing my cousins about best choices in smartphones, laptops and other techno-gadgets. But from the grief-stricken look my cousin Bob gave me, you would’ve thought I’d announced I had cancer.

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Echoes: Sophomore Literary Festival

By Kerry Temple ’74

Here is my Sophomore Literary Festival moment. I am in the old Pay Caf, also known years ago as the Oak Room in the South Dining Hall. I am having coffee with Barry Lopez and Edward Abbey. They are two lions of 20th century American nature writing.

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The fresh appeal of an old art

By Liquid error: internal

If the walls could speak at 76 Via Monterone, a stately three-story building near the center of Rome, what stories they would tell.

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Online pop quiz

By Notre Dame Magazine staff

If you’ve been checking the magazine’s website at least once a week, as a Good Domer should, you know we’ve expanded our reach to an ever-expanding and changing array of informative and entertaining features.

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Life Is a Byway

By Mark Lawton

One evening in October 2008, Rory Fanning ’01 was sitting on top of an Appalachian mountain in Georgia eating a container of ramen noodles he’d just cooked over a fire. A black bear padded up.

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The Symphony of a Lifetime

By Joseph Epstein

I have taken to saying that my wife and I are at the grandparent stage of life. I don’t before now recall using the metaphor “stage” to describe any other segment or portion of my life.

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Sentenced to Life

By Kenneth E. Hartman

Prison is a young man’s world, a world of brute strength and primal, unfocused rage. It is not a place to grow old, although more and more of us are doing just that: growing old in prison.

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Letter from campus: Among the living

By Michael Garvey '74

Mike Garvey at Cedar Grove

Ralph McInerny, whose body we buried there in February, liked to go for walks in Cedar Grove, too. He used to say of the cemetery a few hundred yards south of Notre Dame’s Main Building that when he walked there he felt as if he were attending a posthumous faculty meeting.…

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Haiti: What can we do?

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

Reports filtered back to campus in January and February of alumni who made financial and professional sacrifices to join the relief effort in Haiti after the January 12, 2010 earthquake.

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Enter Notre Dame, patron of the arts

By Jeremy D. Bonfiglio

When Thompson arrived on campus in the summer of 2007, the University made a commitment not only to showcase some of the world’s top performing artists but also to help them cultivate new works to bring to the DPAC’s five stages.

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Deaths in the family

By Notre Dame Magazine staff

This past winter, Notre Dame had to bid farewell to six who helped lead students through that cycle of intellectual and personal growth; six who helped mold the university; six who could call Notre Dame “home.”

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A century of memories

By Angela Sienko

The fact that Dick Savage celebrated his 102nd birthday this past January is in itself remarkable, but his age isn’t what makes Savage so fascinating.

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Gail Walton: Amid the choirs of angels

By Rev. Peter D. Rocca, CSC

Having served as the rector of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the campus of Notre Dame now for almost 13 years, I have had the honor and privilege of knowing and working closely with Dr. Gail Walton, in her capacity as director of music at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. A gifted organist and choral conductor, Gail always strove for musical excellence, whether in her organ playing or in choral conducting.…

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