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A Home-Away for the University's Main Game

By Jason Kelly '95

“Connemara,” Oscar Wilde said, “is a savage beauty.” A wild mountainous protrusion into the Atlantic along the west coast of Ireland, where sheep huddle behind stone walls to escape blowing rain even in summer, the landscape still fits his description.

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Out of the Office: Digging in the Dirt

By Tess Gunty '15

Piles of dirt, deep trenches and uprooted parking lots are common sights on the Notre Dame campus, thanks to frequent construction. But a closer look at the chunks of excavated lawn between Old College and the Log Chapel reveals something surprising.

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What I’m Reading: Catholic Boy Blues, Norbert Krapf

By Kerry Temple ’74

Norbert Krapf’s Catholic Boy Blues contains more than 10 dozen poems. The book is subtitled “A Poet’s Journal of Healing,” and that’s how it reads — shards of experience, signposts along a fitful journey. The poet took to writing the poems as a kind of therapy; he was sexually abused by a Catholic priest as a boy in small-town Indiana.

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Closing time

By Brian Doyle ’78

One of the three old grocery stores in our town is closing slowly. Its demise was announced a month ago, a casualty of corporate chess, and week by week the discounts mount and the shelves grow thin.

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By Alumni Association

Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. ’39, 02/26/2015, Notre Dame, IN
Robert J. Frost, M.D. ’40, 03/13/2015, Michigan City, IN
Joseph A. Matthews ‘40, 01/28/2015, Hempstead, NY
Bernard R. Seguin ’40, 10/17/2014, Moretown, VT
Robert J. Fitzpatrick ’41, 03/01/2015, Tucson, AZ
Joseph W. Gibbons ’43, 02/25/2015, Massapequa Park, NY

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Letter from Campus: The priest at Selma

By Kerry Temple ’74

When the marchers advanced on the courthouse in Selma, Alabama, in March 1965, they were confronted by police and state troopers. They knew that protesters in a previous march had been hammered by law enforcement authorities using billy clubs and tear gas. But this band of activists was intent on a peaceful protest but determined to help Southern blacks gain voting rights still deprived them despite the 1964 U.S. Civil Rights Act. At the head of line was a Holy Cross priest, Notre Dame’s 14th president, Father John J. Cavanaugh, CSC.

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Waiting till the wait is over

By Steve Adams

Sitzfleisch has to do with being still, with waiting. It has to do with being able to maintain one’s focus through discomfort to the other side of discomfort; with learning that this is the work, and if you can do it, something surprising may appear. An animal.

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A view from the stands

By John Wukovits ’67

The complex obstacles behind launching a new enterprise boiled down to a simple formula for Dave Finocchio ’05 — combine vision and passion with hard work. He observed numerous examples of this while growing up in California’s renowned Silicon Valley. “I figured out that I wanted to do something I was passionate about, rather than only looking for the best-paying job,” the San Francisco resident says.

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Finding me

By Dr. Vincent DeGennaro Jr. ’02

Juniors are rare in Italian culture. The first-born male is customarily named after the paternal grandfather, and the second-born male is named after the maternal grandfather. My oldest brother hogged the name of both of our grandfathers, Robert and Edward. Robert, at age 3, successfully lobbied my parents to name their second son Steven, after The Six Million Dollar Man character, Steve Austin. Three years later, my father, Vincent, wanted to give me his name, and my mother acquiesced.

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A cup of quiet

By Katie Palumbo Shinnick ’09

I cannot recall the exact number of times I was prepped on “cultural shock” before I left for a semester in Rome in 2008. I was briefed on social differences, lectured on how to be reverent of a foreign society and reminded that, like Dorothy, I would not be in Kansas anymore. Four months later, however, there were no brochures or cutesy mantras to ease what was much worse: culture shock upon returning to the United States.…

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Young Alumni Essay Contest 2015 rules

By Carol Schaal '91M.A.

Notre Dame Magazine is sponsoring its third annual Young Alumni Essay Contest. The magazine’s editors, who will judge the 2015 contest, are looking for original, previously unpublished, creative nonfiction essays. The editors are seeking evocative first-person works that would appeal to a college-educated audience.

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Building blocks for the unemployed

By Jessica Trobaugh Temple '92

Jennifer Shouse slides a disc sander over a wooden slab, rubbing the surface smooth and flawless. Later, using variant grades of sandpaper, she’ll work out the board’s rough edges by hand. These are new skills for the employee who took a job at South Bend Woodworks late last year.

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Could you find this coin?

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

Each spring, the Morrissey Medallion Hunt dispatches campus scavengers to find a wee wooden wafer tucked away in some hidden-in-plain-sight corner of the University. Could you have found it this year?

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